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Zilis Review: Zilis The Ultra Company

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What is Zilis The Ultra Company? Well, in this unbiased Zilis review you will find out exactly what Zilis is and whether or not it is what you are looking for.

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ZILIS The Ultra Company Review

This CBD MLM company offers you a top-notch service that is suitable for an healthy lifestyle. Zilis (the ultra company) offers their customers and partners something to be happy about apart from quality tinctures. The “ultra” franchise commands a broad reach of oils that can be taken orally and applied on the skin. Completely available in water solutions, this oil contains huge phytonutrients that will chase anxiety, insomnia among others away while boosting your health. With a non-existent psychoactive effect due to huge THC and flavonoids assets, this full spectrum oil is here to stay. Quality tinctures and topical variants are available for grabs online on their website where you can pick from the extraordinary lists of ultra products. There is absolutely nothing to remove from their promise, which they have fulfilled beyond doubts, about an engaging lifestyle and profound health for you.

Zilis Review

Zilis The Ultra Company Product Line

The array of zilis products are full spectrum oil which means that the oil was extracted fully not partially, from the hemp plant. To further assure you of their credibility, the cannabidiol oil was extracted from hemp grown on US soil itself. Generally, zilis tinctures are called “ultra”; they are ultra boosters as well as full endocannabinoid system (ecs) ultra enhancers.

UltraDream: practically hemp free, powered by Mimetix™, enjoy a restful cap, absence of after effects.

UltraEdge: absence of hemp and GMO, Mimetic™ available, sharp mind, increased energy

UltraIce: complements ECS for homeostasis support, encourages body balance, Mimetic™ available, creates healthy weight balance.

UltraBurn: full spectrum oil, weight loss usefulness, hemp free, optimum performance enhancement, Mimetic™ available, high performance lifestyle.

Zilis The Ultra Company
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Zilis CBD Oil

Under the ECS, there are two oils; one is a tincture and the other is a topical. UltraCell oil is full spectrum which means there are no inorganic additives; it also boasts of some of the best formulations that will not result into general weakness or diarrhea. In addition, it is available in three flavours viz berry, natural and lemon in different sizes.

UltraCell Topical on the other hand, is the lotion variant of this hemp oil. As a water solvent, it can be applied on the surface of the skin where necessary. It’s effect is not as strong as the internal dosage, but, with consistent use as recommended by your physician, you truly experience the magic of this oil. Interestingly, this topical variant is 94% bioavailable in 60ml and 7ml sizes.

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Zilis Comp Plan

The company recognised the contributions of the US military with a patriot program targeted at veterans. Patriot ambassador and patriot customer are the features of this patriot program where members enjoy certain opportunities. The patriot ambassador plan offers members a $99 waiver on purchase where they enjoy wholesale purchasing rights. In addition, patriot ambassador beneficiaries enjoy a discount on all Zilis products which they can sell and promote.

Patriot customer plan, is the alternative to the earlier program where the personal use of Zilis Ultra products is encouraged. Here, beneficiaries are allowed to purchase UltraCell products at wholesale prices. They are however, not allowed to purchase other ultra boosters in Zilis product range like the patriot ambassador. 2 UltraCell original and 1 UltraCell topical are the only accessible products in this range.

Zilis The Ultra Company Conclusion

With Zilis products, you say bye bye to dry mouth, diarrhea, decreased blood pressure and changes in appetite that are the after effects of numerous cannabinoid oil out there. With other third-party testing compliance, this oil has proven to be the among the best.

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