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Struggle to Recruit Reps in Your Business?

YouTube Recruiting On Demand

Welcome to YouTube Recruiting On Demand!  Follow along with the Video  and refer to the Steps To “Steal” Videos Below.

Steps To Steal Videos

  1. Find a Video to “Steal”  (Right Click, select copy video url)
  2. Paste Url over at Kapwing (Create Free Account to get rid of watermark)
  3. While Video is being Trimmed  Think of an awesome title
  4. Head over to RapidTags  Enter in your awesome Title to generate tags
  5. Video should be trimmed by now (Download to your Computer)
  6. Find the Video on your computer Rename it using your Awesome Title
  7. Upload Video to Youtube
  8. Head back over to Rapidtags and Copy Tags
  9. Paste Tags in the Tag section and at bottom of Description
  10. Optimize description and Add your link
  11. Customize the Thumbnail Image
  12. Publish Your Video
  13. Congrats, Now Find More Videos Rinse and Repeat!
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