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I am a recovering Spambusher. I used to do it all the time. My definition of spambushing someone is when, You ambush strangers online with a hidden agenda hoping to transition the topic to something that would get people interested in your opportunity without caring about knowing the other person. In this blog postI am going to share my journey from a Spammy Sammy to where I am today!

Its funny because I was writing an ad for Facebook and it was loosely based around a hunting theme. While I was brainstorming ideas for my ad I had a bunch of “hunting” words like: stalk, prey and ambush on a piece of paper. Then I had the word spam, now picture a ray of sunlight illuminating a spot on a piece of paper.. well right there in front of me was…

You guessed it.. Spam and Ambush..

Hence.. Spambushing

I thought I was a genius. But apparently some gamers have been using the term for like a decade to describe jumping out from the bushes and killing their victim by repeatedly swinging their weapon.

Anyways I like this version better. Now back to the blog post..

But First….

When was the last time you got Spambushed on Facebook? For awhile it seemed like I was getting a good spambushing nearly everyday. Lately however people have toned it down to maybe one Spambush a week or so. I guess people are finally starting to realize that it doesn’t work.

Check out what a former teammate in my current Network Marketing Company just did to me!! LOL


I answered his question and then he hit me with it!!

Elite Marketing Pro Review

TaaaDahhh… That my friends is Spambushing, he just wanted to “check in” and then he transitioned into his sales pitch. Without really caring how I was making out in my business!

Of course I told him to send over the video and then I blocked him.

He is now promoting Melaleuca because it isn’t a MLM and they have answered the age old question of how average people can succeed online. Good luck with that Scott.

Or How about This One

Attraction Marketing Bootcamp
mlm success

This is not nearly as bad but a guy from my own Team added me as a friend I accepted and then he was about to pitch me the biz.

This guy has went on to become a pretty big Player on our team so all the power to him. But it still kind of erked me.

My Network Marketing Journey

So I used to send at least 5 to 10 copy and paste messages per day just hoping to get a response so I could blast said person with the link to my business but something happened that changed my whole outlook on prospecting.

I couldn’t take the constant rejection.

I know Ray Higdon says go out and get 5 No’s a day and you will be a top earner in your company. But… Each No felt like it was chipping away at my self confidence.

Why was I getting so many No’s??


I may have had an audience but I had absolutely no influence over my audience. I was just some guy trying to spam my way to success.

Then I thought I had the MLM Solution…

I know we have all heard the term, lead with value. Well that is what I thought I was doing. I started a blog and wrote Search Engine Optimized posts around keywords that I knew people were searching for.

But every post was still just a giant billboard for my Network Marketing Company. I would compare my company to another company and call it an unbiased review. I would write a Top 5 or Top 10 style blog post and make sure my company was #1 in every one like this one right here.

And it worked.

Leads started to trickle in, then something amazing happened!

People started to join my team.

I thought I had finally cracked the code to succeeding with Network Marketing.

Fast forward a year and 33 personal recruits later. I still hadn’t even broken the 5K rank in my company and I was lucky to make enough money to cover my monthly auto-ship.

What the heck was I doing wrong..

How to Guarantee Duplication in your MLM Business.

So if you haven’t guessed, my team was not duplicating. Out of 33 Personal Referrals 1 person actually referred other people. Everyone else did nothing.

I gave away leads from my blog which got people some referrals but when those recruits fizzled out so too did my Team.

I was ATTRACTING the wrong kind of people to my business.

If you want to guarantee duplication in your MLM business you need to attract the right people to YOU!

Instead of offering free traffic or some new marketing gimmick I needed to find out how I could start to attract the right kind of people to me and my business.

That’s when I clicked an ad on Facebook and was taken to a page where I could sign up for a 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

You know that Deer in the headlights moment when you thought you were doing everything right and then realize you had basically done everything wrong.

Well that was me after going through that bootcamp.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all for not. I still blog because I enjoy it, I am still rocking out on YouTube cause its fun. But I am done with Spambushing strangers on Facebook, and being a walking talking Billboard for my Network Marketing company.

I now have my own Facebook page where I brand myself and lead 100% with value and attempt to go Live at least once a week. I also have people reaching out to me and asking me to join my team.

Heck, I signed up two new affiliate this weekend who are experienced Network Marketers looking to actually build a business.

Please if you do nothing else go ahead and follow my page here I could really use some love over there.

Last but not least, check out the 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp and save yourself from making the same mistakes I have made.

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