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What the Heck Happened to Uforia Science??


Uforia Science is a network marketing company that launched back in 2018 and while you can still sign up today, something is up! Read on to find out what the heck happened to Uforia Science.

I have actively been searching for a new network marketing company to join and based on several factors I had narrowed it down to two options. After a lot of research I found out that the one company I was going to join had a product just chalked full of stimulants. So my list was down to 1, Uforia Science.

I just loved the concept.

  • Sign Up with Uforia Science
  • Get you DNA kit and your Pre-trition
  • Perform your DNA SWab and mail it in
  • Have the Utritionator put together your unique personalized nutrition supplement based on your DNA test results
  • Pure Genius…
Uforia Science Utritionator
The One of A Kind Uforia Science Utritionator

I was ready to join, but something seemed off, I started to hear about a merger and the name 1U DNA or One You DNA kept on coming up.

Great! Whenever I hear about mergers in Network Marketing it generally means that one or both companies are in trouble. Not to mention when you hear about a company changing their name, it generally means they are going bust and no one is getting paid….

More research…

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What is going on with Uforia Science?

Uforia Science did not go bankrupt, they are still paying affiliates and no they are not being sued or being taken over.

Uforia Science is merging with Ma Vie to create OneYou DNA or 1U DNA and together they are going to completely dominate the DNA Nutrition and Lifestlyle Industry.

What is OneYou DNA?

OneYou DNA is the merger of two DNA industry heavyweights, ÜFORIA Science and MaVie.

MaVie is a pioneering consumer genomics company that has created a unique artificial intelligence with proprietary technology that offers dynamic-DNA skincare, nutrition, fitness, personality and inborn talent reports, in addition to personalized DNA meal plans, fitness routines and skincare products. (not gonna lie I copy and pasted that lol)

ÜFORIA Sciences is the leading supplier of DNA personalized nutrition and supplements and has the ability to produce nearly 400 million unique formulas built from exclusive and proprietary software and technology.

Translation… Both companies use technology to create products that are based around peoples DNA, Uforia does the nutritional supplements and MaVie does skin care and meal plans etc.

In addition to these two powerhouse products 1U DNA will also be offering the One You DNA Lifestyle membership which will get you unlimited access to a full suite of digital products like:

  • DNA Meal Plans
  • Fitness Plans
  • Travel Deals
  • Online Shopping
  • Eric Worres Training
  • Personal development with U of You
  • 1U TV

How to Join the OneYou DNA PreLaunch.

Ok, so 1U DNA is set to officially launch in Las Vegas in August of this year but you can still get in on the OneYou DNA pre-launch right now by signing up with one of the Uforia Science packages.

In the United States you can get started with either a 5, 15, or 25 QuiKit pack a 3, 5 or 10 Deluxe kit pack.

In Canada you can get started with the purchase of a 3 Pack either the QuiKit or the Deluxe Kit, both kits come with:

  •  kit includes PreTrition ( veggie caps) featuring a robust combination of quality ingredients including AC-11, Prebiotics, Frankincense, and Astaxanthin. Save 25% (30 or 180 Caps)
  • Each kit also contains 2 medical grade DNA swabs, 2 medical grade DNA solution vials and a pre-paid return envelope to send your samples to our HIPAA/CLIA certified lab. Once you receive your kit, visit to register and pay for your one-time lab fee. For a limited time receive a $100 discount coupon toward your lab fee and pay only $99.95. This coupon is included in each kit.
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uforia science

You can check out the full OneYou DNA pre launch opportunity presentation below to see for yourself what the heck is happening with Uforia Science.

1 thought on “What the Heck Happened to Uforia Science??

  • Hi Jay,
    I was on the ground level when the company ended up merging with Uforia in 2020. This company launched just weeks before the pandemic hit and ended up merging with Uforia less than a year late. The products were costly, so I can imagine the expense might be tough for a lot of people. Thank you for your article.

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