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What is the best Network Marketing Tool?

What is the best Network Marketing Tool?So, if you are reading this you have probably ​joined a Network Marketing Company and you are either struggling to make the money that was promised to you or you simply just do not know where to start. In this article I am going to go over, what is the best Network Marketing Tool you can use to build your business.

I am going to be blunt here, while network marketing is a simple business, it is by no means easy. It requires work and a lot of it. There is no easy button when it comes to network marketing but there are some tools that will help you build your business.

If you are anything like me, you probably are not going to approach every person you see in the line up at Tim Hortons. Even though belly to belly is probably the best way to build a network marketing business, many people lack the coinfidence required to build a business the old fashioned way.

So where do we go? The answer is pretty obvious! Online!

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What is the best network marketing tool for building a MLM business online?

​The number one tool available to everyone is Social Media, however you can buy a hundred courses about marketing using social media and still never get it right. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In are all great places to connect with other like minded individuals but these same people are being constantly bombarded with sales pitches and business opportunities so why should they listen to you.

You need to be able to prove to them that not only are you serious but you are also a professional. Thats why I am a firm believer that the answer to, what is the best network marketing tool? is a good old fashioned Blog.

The days of sending people to a link and having them instantly join your business are gone but by no means is Network Marketing dead. Whether you have made $1 in your business or $100K I feel that a blog is the best way to prove to people that you are serious about your business. You can also come accross as an expert if you learn how to use your blog properly.

Create your very own blog here

Rather than send people to a capture page immediately you want to first of all provide some value.   A blog can help you provide value, host videos or trainings and even pique peoples curiosity about what it is you actually do.

**Example** you came to this website  looking for what is the best network marketing tool but by now you are probably wondering what network marketing company I am with…..  I am not going to tell you!!! lol

Once you have your blog set up then you can create signup forms, put banners up, generate multiple sources of income the right way and truly become an expert in your field by actually doing the research needed to become a professional.

This is My Absolute Favourite Network Marketing Company

What is the best network marketing tool… ***continued***

what is the best network marketing tool?​I hate to break it to you but, not every person who visits your blog is going to join your business. The best part about a blog is that you can make money from the people who do not join your business by placing ads on your website through a cost per click ad management company like Media Vine. Or you can send people to affiliate links such as amazon or ebay etc.

You are not just limited to promoting your network marketing company you can also earn multiple streams of income the right way without spamming or being an in your face type marketer.

I would not recommend going out and trying to start a blog from scratch on your own, there is a pretty steep learning curve to climb. I personally learned how to create a blog by following the training at The Wealthy Affiliate​ they really do give you step by step instructions on how to create your very own blog and how to use said blog to make money. Otherwise they would have had to name their company The Broke Affiliate.

The last thing I have to say about blogging and why it answers what is the best network marketing tool is that it is not a get rich quick, push button, cash spitting ATM machine. You will have to get to work. The beautiful thing is that you do the work once and you can be rewarded for that work for years to come. It could take 3 months to make your first dime but by consistently putting out keyword rich content, Google will fall in love with your website and start to show it to more and more people.

More and more people means more and more money and more and more eyes on you and your network marketing business. Wealthy affiliate does an excellent job of keeping you motivated! The community at wealthy affiliate is eager to see you succeed and will bend over backwards to help you get there.

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