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What is Innov8tive Nutrition? Innov8tive Review.

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Essentially Innov8tive Nutrition is a Health and Wellness multi level marketing company. Now this is an unbiased review of the products and comp plan however in light of some recent news you may want to steer clear of this company. Be sure to read my conclusion to find out why!!

Their LinkedIn profile states that Innov8tive Nutrition is a leading provider of dynamic nutritional supplements. … The company’s two-fold mission is to provide superior nutritional supplements for the entire family, while providing the opportunity to build a lucrative business that could lead to financial freedom.

Inno8tive Nutritions’ CEO Heidi Whitehair says ” The magic of innov8tive Nutrition is our amazing products with the opportunity to be in charge of your family’s financial forever “

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This is a high-potency oil that is free from psychoactive effects. You also enjoy spectacular MCG additives like lavender, eucalyptus oil and coconut oil. It gets interesting when you can choose from a big array of tinctures and topical products.

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Products available include hemp oil drops; hemp balm; biotics; invigor8; innov8 complete, innov8tive greens and ignite; sh8ke it up; sweet dreams; and success spray.

What is Innov8tive Nutrition?


You are either a promoter or customer under the Innov8tive Nutrition comp plan. Anyone can become a customer when you purchase a product but you are rewarded for consistent patronage where you are regarded asa smartship customer. Smartship customers achieve this status through recurring orders that attracts 10% discount; all innov8tive products have a 30-day money back guarantee. On the other hand, to earn promoter rights, you part with $49.95 where you are known as innovative nutrition promoter.

Profits are divided into three viz personal, retail and wholesale. Starting with the first, personal profits are designed for beneficiaries to earn as much as they spend. Two players are in this group which are profit level builder and a promoter. From a $500 purchase of any product, a promoter earns 20% profit while the level builder takes 40% of any personal purchase of a product costing $2000. Also, promoters earn a 5% increase on products purchased that is above $500.

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For retail estimates, A profit level qualified builder earns 40% on every retail customer sales while a promoter earns profits on all retail customer sales where the value of retail product depends on its profit level. Wholesale profits are calculated using down line estimates. Down line promoters create a chain of customers and builders alike for existing and new participants where profits are earned by both builders and promoters.

A profit level qualified builder or promoter takes the chunk from the difference between the profit level of their down line promoters and their personal profit benchmark. For example, promoter Robinson has a 0.25 profit record and builder Alphonso is at 0.40 profit level, Alphonso earns 15% on the product order of Robinson. Furthermore, down lines are designed to work on ranks and badges ensuring accurate distribution of royalties across all levels.

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Starting with the first rank, a qualified builder has a total team capacity including customers, promoters and builders; a personal volume including customers equal to a value of $100. In addition, 2 active customers are required on your down line to receive the same benefits you enjoy as a builder. A profit level qualified builder has a personal volume totalling $2000 that includes your personal volume, customers and promoters for a period of 12 months. You need to focus on increasing down line numbers so that you do not revert back to a previous rank by default.

An Active builder is a profit level builder with a personal-volume value of $100. To reach elite status, you have to scale through the active builder rank. Elite builder earns down line commission when total-team values amassed $4000 or more and individual volume stands at $150. You will duplicate the same benefits on your personal team where active builders with $100 individual volume in separate levels receives this elite builder benefits.

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To become a qualified executive builder that earns down line benefits, you are required to have a team value whose participants create  $15,000 value and personal volume does not exceed $200. On your own down line, 6 active personal customers will also enjoy these benefits. You also earn from active builders from level 1-5, existing in 3 different hierarchy of sponsorship.

Furthermore, an executive builder climbs the ladder to become a senior executive leader when team volumes breaks $40,000 barrier and personal volume stands at $250. In your down line, a minimum of 6 active players or customers receive senior-executive leader entitlement. Note that 3 qualified elite builders in different lines of sponsorship on your down line from level1-6 contribute percentages to your commission potentials.

Finally, the top dog or 1% position is the presidential leader  with a total team volume of customers and builders, breaking $100,000 frontiers of weekly/monthly turnover. Personal volumes does not go below $300 per time to avoid a break in cycle. About 10 or more active customers on your down line in this category receive presidential entitlements while 8 levels of 3 executive builders in different sponsorship capacities contributes to your personal earning potential.


Honestly, Innov8tive Nutrition would not be high on my list of MLM companies to join as they recently joined with Wakaya.

In my experience, when two MLM companies become one it generally means that one of the companies is in trouble and rarely have I seen it work out well for the distributors.

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6 thoughts on “What is Innov8tive Nutrition? Innov8tive Review.

  • your a dork these are my ppl. they are doing fine and dandy. cbd and sleep patch and nutrition patch . wakaya had a weather problem in fiji probably why they may have had a problem of the fiji ginger pink ginger? i don’t knowi like the water still a problem but now with innov8tive and the re-start 3-16 2020. all good times get your ppl in at the highest level to be successful .i f you sign up .the 49. 00 some can some can’t so what next….but at the 504.64 level .. making new hundred and thousand and multi millionaires. yes this is the one even your dumb ass should jump into. , ok blah blah blah man .. this is not a insult page or false witness don’t tell lies about the good folks here in this one. they are my people look up Dave and BArb and Sarah and Jeremy and many other success stories can albe if you follow us leaders ..clown boy ..get in or be dumb. its up to you dork.

    1. I’ve got an idea Victor, why don’t you go out and make your own blog! Spend hundreds of hours writing and tweaking it and then you can write whatever the hell you want about Innov8tive. Go spam someone elses blog with your shitty comments! Delete/Block

    1. I was with wealthy Affiliate for about a year and I learned much of what I know about blogging and google from them, I do not think they have the best affiliate program but I definitely wouldn’t call them a scam.

  • My girlfriend bought into this business. She asked me to tag along to a meeting I was the only one there who felt this company was in my opinion a Ponzi scheme. I still feel that way. First I must buy into it with product. Then meetings which a choreographed tons of success stories of husband and wife teams. It was apparent they knew their audience included men beforehand. Tons of pie in the sky stories of 10k bonus checks. My girlfriend still bought in invested 1k into this fiasco. The biggest obstacle she had was taking would be customers into buying patches for 1.66 a patch heck she asked my sister and she laughed it off. It was sad trying to talk ordinary people into these prices. It sounds so real the few people who did order got professional looking packaging problem was getting them to buy the patches. People save yourself if your one of the few people with sales skills to this magnitude maybe a precious few make it to the top but ordinary people are going to find it tough if not impossible. So is it a Ponzi scheme yes and no but id say choose another route to get wealthy. Personally I think most of the rich people were in the founders group Innov8tive is the Mary Kay and Amway of the patch vitamin world

  • I really don’t care about making big money…or getting people to join….I would seriously like a real quality product like they offer that really works and not a MLM

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