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What Is Discover Heal? Should I Get A Time Stamp?

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What Is Discover Heal? That is the question. Should I get a Discover Heal Time Stamp

I wish I had a short answer for you but the truth is, I stumbled upon Discover Heal and was wondering, “What Is Discover Heal?” myself just over a month ago.

I will be completely honest with you. I have a post on my blog about, The Hottest PreLaunch of 2019 or something. Anyways, it is in my Top 10 for most visited posts.

I like to keep my readers happy so every couple of months I find a MLM ‘Pre-Launch” that is happening and grab a referral link.

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That’s exactly how I found Discover Heal and figured out, What is discover Heal?

I didn’t pay too much attention to Discover Heal, but I did do some research on the Founder of Discover Heal, Stephen Munson.

At first, I watched a couple videos and thought, Wow. This guy is way to upbeat for me, lol. But, then..

I found out that he has had his fair share of shit in his life.

It turns out Stephen and I have quite a bit in common. We are both recovering Alcoholic/Addicts.

I joined the Discover Heal Facebook Group and kept on seeing this Happy upbeat guy doing videos and launching a huge business online. The man has literally started a movement!

It got me thinking.

This guy has exactly what I want, maybe he is on to something.

What Is Discover Heal? The Products…

  • Discover Heal Time Stamp….
  • Heal VIP
  • Big Profile Profits
  • I AM Challenge

First of all, it is completely free to get a Discover Heal Time Stamp and I strongly encourage you to do so. You can get your Discover Heal Time stamp here.

With this time stamp, you lock in your position in the powerline, get access to a mini marketing site and have the ability to refer other members to your team.

You also get access to the Heal Facebook Group, plus the option to become a Heal VIP and start unlocking the Discover Heal Comp Plan.

Discover Heal VIP

The cost to become a Discover heal VIP is $49 a month. But once you join the value you will receive is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

You get access to training libraries on the following subjects:

  • VIP Success Series
  • Business Building Training
  • Personal Development w/Jim Rohn
  • Mindset Training
  • Motivational Training

As I mentioned before you also unlock the ability to earn from the Discover Heal Comp Plan which you can check out below

Discover Heal Comp Plan

Big Profile Profits

The cost to own and earn commissions on Big Profile Profits is $99 one time.

What you get with Big Profile Profits:

Video Step 1: “Making the Million Dollar Brand with $1” How to properly brand your profile so people view you as an authority, leader and powerful influencer. Creating a magnetic draw to help you attract like-minded people eager to join your business.

Video Step 2: “FB Content Blueprint” Blueprint to Posting Profitable Content. Four specific types of posts to make to get massive engagement and sales and the one thing to NEVER do on your profile that will destroy your image and chances at success.

Video Step 3: “Attracting Buyers” How to Find People Eager & Ready to Buy. You’ll discover who specifically to add as friends & who not to add as friends and where to find them to get the highest amount of leads and sales for your business.

Video Step 4: “Messenger Method” You’ll have access to a non-sales/non-spammy conversational copy & paste script that works for ANY niche to have the highest likelihood of generating a lead & sale in just 3 short messages.

Video Step 5: “Residual Daily Routine” Game Plan for Massive Facebook Success. You’ll be able to ‘peak over my shoulder’ and get an inside look on exactly what I do in just 1-2 hours per day on Facebook to average 100+ likes per post and 3+ sales per day.

Video Step 6: “Profitable Live Streams” You now have a stage set with eager buyers ready to take action. Live streams are a sure-fire way to grow your business. We will also cover the main mistakes to avoid no matter what.

Video Step 7: “Cash Flow Follow-Up” In a busy world, we might forget to follow-up or perhaps we feel rejected in the beginning and don’t get the courage to send another message. There is a way to follow up that is non-invasive and gives extended value to your offer.

Pick Up Big Profile Profits Here

I Am 21 Day Challenge

Last but not Least we have the I am Challenge. A 21 Day video series that will completely transform your life. The cost to own the I am 21 Day Challenge is $397 one time.

In my opinion that price is an absolute steal as I have seen other life coaches sell their Challenges at 5X to 10X the cost of the I Am Challenge.

The 21 Day “I AM” Challenge is the most important challenge of your life.  “I AM” is the powerful phrase that shapes your life forever.  Saying I AM Tired in the morning insures you are tired.  I AM poor is a good way to create poverty, doubt, and fear in your life.

Stephen teaches us what can happen when we learn the right way to use the phrase I Am. I am Abundance, I am Wealthy, I am Strong.

21 Days of Pure Gold….

Pick Up your I Am 21 Day Challenge Here..

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