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The Top 5 CBD MLM Companies from High to Low

CBD MLM Companies, CBD Oil, MLM Companies
top 5 cbd mlm companies

top 5 cbd mlm companiesTop 5 CBD MLM Companies

MLM (multi-level marketing) companies are businesses that hire an independent workforce to sell their products and/or services while earning a commission determined by a binary compensation model. It’s a great way to earn income while maintaining an independent lifestyle and essentially be your own boss. MLM companies distribute all kinds of goods and services, from cosmetics to cheaper utility services to kitchen supplies, health supplements, and more.

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Within the last year, CBD oil has become a product that is high in demand due to its all-natural ability to treat and manage many conditions and ailments, such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, inflammation, cancer, and more. Current research on its therapeutic properties is limited but promising, leaving experts to believe that the value of the CBD industry may surpass $10 billion within the next couple of years, making CBD oil distribution a promising opportunity.

There are many CBD MLM companies in existence that you can join, but it is important to ensure that you choose a company that is reputable, offers high-quality product, and is positioned to grow and continue to be successful.

#1: My Daily Choice/HempWorx

This was originally my #2 company when it comes to the top 5 CBD MLM Companies but now that Chris Record and Peter Sorenson have thrown their rings in the hat and put out the Power Team marketing system. HempWorx has bumped Kannaway out of the top spot.  Also the prices are lower and the quality of product are comparable.

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My Daily Choice is a CBD MLM company that promotes smart decisions and choices through the use of CBD-infused products. One aspect that makes My Daily Choice stand out from the spotlight is the use of cloud-based technology, which helps keep business costs low, offers more flexible support, and places the potential for more commission to its independent sellers. My Daily Choice provides consumers with full-spectrum CBD oil (available in natural or peppermint flavor), topical creams, CBD oil for dogs, and CBD-infused dog treats for furry customers.

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#2: Kannaway

Kannaway is certainly the top rising CBD MLM company to date. Kannaway caters to consumers all over the world and has an expansive family of ambassadors who represent their product and make it possible for consumers to buy. Their philosophy is to empower individuals and families to experience the benefits of CBD and essentially use them to change their lives. Kannaway’s products use CBD extracted from pesticide- and chemical-free hemp plants found in Northern Europe. All oil undergoes a strict lab testing process to ensure that Kannaway provides the safest and highest quality of products. All Kannaway products are made with pure CBD hemp oil as well as an incredible blend of other vital herbs, including an exclusive blend once limited to East Asian royalty. Kannaway refers to their team as brand ambassadors, encouraging each one to set goals, succeed, and achieve financial freedom. Kannaway offers some of the best products on the market, including premium hemp oil supplements, pure CBD, herbal formulas, and salve.


#3: Nutritional High

Nutritional High is a MLM CBD company largely based out of Colorado and California, where their state-of-the-art production facilities are located. Fli™ is the spotlight CBD product of Nutritional High, formed through modern scientific techniques and cold extraction processes. Some of the products offered by Nutritional High include oils, vapes, edibles, extracts and more. Many of their products are unique in nature, such as their CBD-infused syringes, chocolates, chocolate shots, and “space joints” (pre-rolled joints infused with CBD as well as 40% THC), with more innovative offerings scheduled to debut.

#4: CBD Pure

CBD Pure is the fourth top CBD MLM company, producing CBD-infused hemp oil extract and soft gel capsules derived from high-quality, organic hemp plants. Members of CBD Pure’s affiliate program benefit from 40% commission on all sales, with payments made monthly. Their program is designed for distributors to run advertisements on their personal websites. When a consumer clicks on the ad and purchases a product from CBD pure, the distributor gets credit for that sale. One unique aspect of CBD Pure is that the company is constantly looking for ways to improve their product to drive sales and generate more commission opportunities for its distributors.

#5: Changing the Future Outcome

Changing the Future Outcome is the fifth top CBD MLM company, whose mission is to help you “change the future outcome of your life.” Sourcing CBD from Industrial Hemp, Changing the Future Outcome offers consumers high-quality unique CBD-infused products such as wrinkle creams, topical pain creams, roll-on ointment, sprays, and traditional oil, as well as CBD-based pet products.  This company offers its members free enrollment, plus a 20% bonus on all purchases made through a referral, making it one of the best opportunities to earn passive income.

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Becoming a member or distributor for a CBD MLM company is a great opportunity to build your own business, grow as an entrepreneur, and potentially earn more money than you could imagine having, especially when you’re an avid advocate of CBD oil yourself. The more passionate you are about the product you’re selling, the more success you are likely to achieve. CBD, especially HempWorx CBD oil, is becoming a hot commodity and there are many great CBD MLM companies to help you get started, with HempWorx being the best. For the best chances of success, ensure that you are passionate and committed to your business every day!

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Top 5 CBD MLM Companies
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30 thoughts on “The Top 5 CBD MLM Companies from High to Low

  • Great find about CBD oil mlm companies especially cbd it’s the new trend right now, for myself i am associated with CTFO Changing the Future Outcome , great company great products

    1. Im also with CTFO, but they have messed up their websites big time. I’m not getting paid. Got my fingers crossed, but am checking out Hempworx.

    2. CTFO had a great thing going; then they messed it up with launching new websites before they were ready. My team is still not showing, and I got paid for one month, and had the same downline purchases by team that I never got paid for. I keep hoping, but as of today 2|11\19, things look kinda bleak. I am looking for a new company.

      1. I am going to have to remove them from my list, I have had several leaders in the company reach out to me about another option because of the issues. We would be happy to have you on our team! I will send you an email.

        1. I have been with CTFO and loved it until the new website and back office lauched…or at least tried to. Unfortunately I think this will be their undoing. Too bad, great products. I lost my entire downline because nothing works and no ones getting paid. I already joined Hempworx and just got my first bottle of 500mg Full Spectrum oil non THC. I don’t think their 50mg pain cream is going to come close to CTFO’s 500mg pain cream. I’ve used 125 and 300mg previously and there is nothing better than CTFO’s 500mg. Just being honest here. But, I’ve heard good things about Hempworx so here I go!

          1. It’s unfortunate about the situation with CTFO, I really should remove it from my list!…. HempWorx is pretty awesome! Do you have access to the 90 Day CBD Challenge Marketing System? Big Updates are rolling out on March 1st!

          2. Wow that’s terrible I have heard that from so many people the company I am with I have made in my first three months several thousand dollars every single month now in the beginning of my fourth month weekly I am collecting at least $1000 and at the end of every month the company pays you bonuses higher than any other company last month my second month I made $3900 . I suffer from depression and Zaidi pain from sports and broken bones and a terrible accident and I have taken oil from a ton of different companies and it never did anything until I started taking the product I am on now I am definitely convinced that it comes down to the oil emulsification if it does not bind to the receptors it will not turn on your Endo cannabinol aid system and regulate your body

  • Can Hempworx products ship to Canada?
    I just joined CTFO a week ago and built a team of 3, had a bunch of customers order and then we got an email Wednesday that they are not allowing any CBD products to Canada right now.

    1. The easy answer is No! In truth any company that ships CBD to Canada is breaking the law. With that being said, I live in Canada and wanted to get in on the “Green Rush” so I joined HempWorx because they have other products that they can ship to Canada so we can participate in the comp plan and promote the CBD opportunity. Be careful with CTFO I have been hearing alot of people are not getting paid!

    1. Honestly, I am just starting to look into it and possibly review it. With that being said, I do know one person who is promoting it and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

    1. Ok so, Hempworx ships to all states in the US, Puerto Rico, and all countries in the EU (European Union). However, HempWorx is part of MyDailyChoice and MDC ships to 150 countries. Essentially you can live in any one of the 150 Countries and still promote HempWorx to the countries they ship CBD to while promoting the MDC products to any of the other countries. Its probably the best case scenario when you live in a country that does not allow the sale of CBD products. Hope this helps!

    1. Oh yeah,Kannaway is #2 on my list. How could you leave off Kannaway? It would be number one on my list but it’s really pricey and they have a serious lack of a marketing system!

    1. I am not going to lie, I have not heard of Joiya. Maybe someone else could enlighten us. I did go through their website quickly and found no documentation on their comp plan which is odd except to say that they pay 10 ways. Also they have a pretty basic contact page which worries me a little.. Hopefully just growing pains!!

  • Hempworx was listed in a class action lawsuit because the majority of their reps were paid LESS than $100 a YEAR.
    They claim they are part of the “Hemp Authority”. That’s a pay to play organization. Any company can pay a bunch of money – then they can say they are part of it.
    Hempworx was also sent a WARNING letter from the FDA. If you want to find THE BEST CBD COMPANY – then do your research!! Of course, the author of this article is now a Hempworx rep….maybe that’s why it’s listed as #1?!?

    1. Hi Lynne, Thank you so much for commenting on my post. This post was written by myself and it is my opinion which I am entitled to, you are also entitled to your opinion and I respect it.

      Fact 73% of all people who join a network marketing company make less than $100 in fact 47% of those people actually lose money.

      Fact HempWorx/MyDailyChoice was voted the Fastest Growing Direct Sales Company in the world in 2018 and #2 in 2019. If I wanted to join the 7th Fastest growing MLM company that has CBD I would have joined TLC or Kannaway at #17.

      Anyways, feel free to respond to my comment… Google loves comments even if they are bad ones!

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