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I don’t remember a time in my adult life that I wouldn’t have loved to have a home-based electronic business. You know the dream…raking in an income from the spare bedroom! I only had one problem. I was born 40 years too soon!

When I retired from my teaching career, I at last had the time and energy to get into the elusive online business. But I didn’t have the knowledge to “do” it. I could email, copy and paste, and search the web for information. Ah, I needed training! But even when I found online instruction it was expensive, questionable, and not very practical. What training I found was loaded with unknown terms and phrases which made it became apparent to me very quickly that it may as well have been in Greek! How could I attract customers to my product when I didn’t have essential marketing skills? Just to get started I thought I needed to know how to:

  • Build a web page
  • Create a capture page
  • Build funnels
  • Create email campaigns
  • Write ads for craigslist
  • Find keywords for my target market
  • Start a blog
  • Write posts for blogs
  • Shoot videos

OK, I’ll admit that I was in deep trouble. I didn’t have any knowledge of how to do any of this!

Technology, such as the world wide web, computers, internet, hard drives, servers, cell phones, and social media were figments of the imagination in my day. The university I graduated from 45 years ago had one computer that filled a whole room in the Engineering building. And I never even saw it! I had to go to the library to do research to write term papers. Imagine doing that in today’s world. Not a chance!

While technology was being born and perfected I was teaching students in remote areas that were lucky if they had a couple of computers stuck at the back of a classroom for fun and entertainment on rainy days and an occasional lesson on very practical skills like making lists, art projects, or writing book reviews. If any of you are acquainted with the duties of a multi-grade classroom teacher, you know there is no time for much else in life besides school.

To say the least, I knew nothing about technology or how to begin an online business when I retired. But hope is eternal and the dream of supplemental earnings to remodel my home to suit my retirement needs and wants, gardening projects, and travel just cannot be given up!Yes, I’m on a mission…to learn more and more about internet marketing. As I’m learning I’ve chosen to work with a company that is doing most of the work for me. The trending products are what every household uses. And those of us (retired people) with a few extra aches and pains enjoy one product in particular. The company gave me a landing page, a capture page, and they even send me contacts who are looking for a business, all for free. You don’t have to be 70 years old and know nothing about technology to do well with this business. Just saying…(you’ve heard it before) if I can do it, anyonecan do it. LITERALLY. Are you looking for an online business, like I was?

Connect with me here and take a look at what I’m doing.

See you there.

CJ Tall, Retired Elementary Teacher


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