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Making money online in 2020 is never going to happen for you unless you figure out how to do this.

It’s not some new App or advertising method, its not some new social media platform or the next new shiny object.

It’s a lot deeper than that. It’s a lot harder than that and most people will actually never do it.

I can only speak from my personal experience, so I guess I should start by sharing a little bit of My Story.

My Story

My name is Jason and I am an Addict and an Alcoholic.

How many times have I said that in church basements and other shared spaces that are home to countless AA and NA meetings?

I have been sober since May 26th 2010 and clean since June First of 2012 and while I will give some credit to AA, NA and the Treatment center I attended. It has not been all Rainbows and Butterflies.

You are probably wondering how any of this has anything to do with making money online in 2020 but, just bear with me.

I am not one of those homeless addicts that went from sleeping on park benches to making $100,000 a month. I have never built a downline of 1000 people let alone 10,000. I did’t go from an outhouse to a penthouse or a Caravan to a Cadillac.

I am not an ex professional athlete, or some charismatic gentleman with the voice of an Angel . I have never spoke on a stage or even walked across the stage to get an award at a MLM convention.

I am not a six figure earner…

But I will be…..

The Journey

I started on my journey to making money online way back in 2010, shortly after I got sober.

I was strolling through Chapters sipping on a Caramel Machiatto when I stumbled onto the book, How to Make Money Online for Dummies.

That’s when the seed was planted. That’s when my dream of becoming a Jett Setting Entrepreneur began.

Back in 2015 I had my first glimpse of success, but it was short lived. I made just over a thousand bucks and then chased that dream for the next 3 years spending 5 or 10 times the amount I had made.

In 2019 I found a network marketing company that I absolutely love and after three months of nothing I started to recruit people.

21 people over the next 9 months. I was making money. Not a lot, but I was making money.

But then something happened, people started quitting, others stayed in but stopped doing anything. Some of them let their auto-ship slide others dropped to the lowest rank.

Was I to blame? What was I missing?

That’s when I figured out the one thing that was holding me back from making money online.

I started to Heal.

Even though I had been clean and sober for quite sometime, I had never fully forgiven myself for the hurt and pain I had caused others.

And I had never forgiven the people that had hurt me so many years ago that started me on my total and complete downward spiral. But….

I found a Community, where it is ok to be Vulnerable. This is a community of Entrepreneurs that have been in the same boat as me. From all walks of life, some are in recovery, some were in abusive relationships, some have serious physical ailments.

We are all in the same place for the same reason though, to Heal and to make money online in 2020.

You can check out that community right here!

For years I have heard that I need to work on my mindset.

I read all the books (or at least skimmed through them). I have paid thousands of dollars for courses, attended seminars where they pitch ridiculously high priced upsells.

I have heard Les Brown speak on stage and listened to Bob Proctor teach us about the Law of Attraction.

Sure it all helped, but when I found Heal back in October 2019, something changed.

Heal was in pre-launch when I joined but I instantly resonated with Stephen Munson. So when they finally launched I went VIP and All In shortly after.

By the way if you want more information about Heal and the business opportunity you can read my full Heal Review right here.

The Turn Around

Shortly after I joined Heal I decided to supplement my network marketing business with the Heal Business Opportunity and as a result of that……

make money online 2020

I had the best month I had ever had online in December of 2019. As of right now here in January of 2020 I am on pace to break that personal record in both my Heal Business and my Network Marketing Business.

It wasn’t until I began the process of Healing inside that I could actually get in the right mindset to not only have success but maintain it.

You see, I never felt worthy of success, I have never been good enough and I still considered myself a Liar and a Cheat.

Even though I had everything else I wanted in life like my wonderful wife, my two beautiful daughters and my dog. Success still eluded me.

I know I hurt a lot of people while I was drinking and using but I have made amends with those that I can. But….

It wasn’t until I was watching one of the videos in the I AM 21 Day Challenge that Heal offers that the realization hit me. The problem was that I had never loved myself enough to give myself permission to be successful and I would Never Make Money Online unless I forgave myself and those that hurt me.

I stole from my family…. Lied to get money for drugs.

I quit college because I got drunk one night took a swing at one of my friends and then when I came to, I was alone, downtown Toronto with a hospital band on my wrist because my best friends had kicked the shit out of me. I quit school the next day and moved home.

I grew up in a family that was far from perfect, with relatives that we should never have been left alone with.

I’ve spent nights in jail.

While I have never tried to kill myself I almost did just that on several occasions.

One such occasion, I was already drunk and I took a bunch of my dads sleeping pills because my sister would not drive me to get my drug of choice. I was close to 30 at the time.

I have been through detox from opiates at least 5 times even though every time I swore it would be the last.

I have woken up in my own piss and puke more times than I can count.

Its a miracle I am still alive.

But I am, I am here. I am alive.

Here and now I declare that I forgive those that have hurt me, but most of all I forgive myself.

I have begun my transformation to that successful Jett Setting Entrepreneur, I have begun to Heal.

Mark My Words

If you want to make money online here in 2020 before you go and try to work are your mindset , you gottta dive deeper. You gotta heal from the inside out.

Get right in your Heart and then get right in your head then rest will follow.

If you are insecure and lack self confidence like me, odds are it has nothing to do with your mindset. No one wants to be like this, it is because of something that happened to us or because of us.

And the only way to get over something like that is to begin to heal, be able to forgive ourselves and finally be able to love ourselves.

If You Want To Make Money Online in 2020…. Start Here

I know this is probably not the article you thought you were going to read but the truth is, something…. God or The Universe or whatever you want to call it, put it on my heart to write this post today.

The bottom line is that there is someone out there that needs to read this right now. Someone who is struggling: physically, emotionally or financially.

Someone who knows that they want more, can be more and deserves more, but just can’t quite get there.

Someone who is about to quit and give up on their dream of making money online.

If that person is you, you really need to check out Heal. It has completely changed my life and really began to help me transform into the person I want to be.

Take a chance and begin to heal.


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