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Sales Vision Review.. Vincent Ortega Juniors Next Flop or Pure Genius?


In this SalesVision or Sales Vision Review I am going to be giving my honest and mostly unbiased opinion. I have not always been a huge fan of Vincent Ortega Junior but that was on me, not on him.

When I first heard of Vincent Ortega Junior he was already very well established in the IM industry… I was not. I guess you could say I was kind of jealous.

Then I ran into him at an event last year and my entire opinion of him changed. No I didn’t actually meet him but I did see him several times over the course of 3 days and let me tell you….

That man does not stop… he is a beast when it comes to work ethic and content creation and he deserves every bit of success he has. Anyways back to my SalesVision Review.

What Is Sales Vision?

Sales Vision is Vincent Ortega Juniors new Company which is supposed to help you to start earning a living online with ease, speed and pleasure by playing our SalesVision marketing and sales games, and while it seems to have been in the works since last year it just recently started to gain a lot of traction here in April of 2020.

If you join Sales Vision through this link as a Diamond Level Affiliate you will qualify for Free Traffic

For any of you who do not know who Vincent Ortega Junior is he is one of the biggest Internet Marketers on the planet, who got his start back in 2013 (I believe) in Internet Lifestyle Network under the mentorship of the late Mark Hoverson. He has since been one of the top affiliate in several companies including Online Sale Pro and NowLifestyle and even HempWorx/MyDailyChoice.

There is a lot of talk going around that Vince’s last business attempt called Elevated Legacy was a total flop but from what I can see so far, Sales Vision is off to a really good start.

The Main Players Behind Sales Vision!

So first and foremost we have Vincent Oretega Jr. then we have his mom and his dad Gillian and Vincent Sr as the Co-Founders (Similar to Elevated Legacy Pitch)

The man behind the Sales Vision Website is Mr. Clifton Hatfield who is not just a pretty face.

The other main Players that I can see are Asia Love which is probably not her real name but considering that Vincent Ortega Jr just created a new Facebook account under the name Lucky Love , we may have a Mr. and Mrs. Love (Just Saying)

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Sales Vision Review The Products!

So there are 4 different levels to the Sales Vision Game

  1. Free Games
  2. Apprentice Games
  3. Professional Games
  4. Diamond Games

Sales Vision Free Games ($0)

In the Free Games section of Sales Vision you will find 2 products Speed Wealth 360, which teaches you how to use Youtube to make money online by promoting Sales Vision and then there is, Mindset 360.

Mindset 360 is Asia Loves mindset course which covers setting up Instagram and Youtube, then helps you to dive in deep and figure out you Why or your Purpose for being in business online. I don’t want to give too much away but there is an awesome video by Mark Hoverson that is in there and much much more.

salesvision review

SalesVision Apprentice Games ($7/mth)

Limitless 360 is a course based around getting organized to get into business online, I only watched a like 2 videos so far and I already have a list of things to do.

To be honest I bought this level just so I could write a review about it and from what I have seen it is definitely worth the $7. Not to mention that just by purchasing this $7 per month product you are able to earn commissions of 10% on any level one and level 2 sales.

You also have the chance to win a Car or House Payment of $1000 loaded onto your SalesVision Black Card, one winner every month.

SalesVision Professional Games ($77/mth)

Limitless 360 + + +

With the purchase of this level you get access to more training which I cannot comment on but you also unlock 20% commissions on level one and 2 sales.

You also have the chance to win a Car or House Payment of $1000 loaded onto your SalesVision Black Card, one winner every month.

You also have the chance to win Vinces Custom Rolex valued at $54,000 on Vinces Birthday (not sure when that is)

SalesVision Diamond Level Games ($777/year or 6 monthly payments of $250)

Commissions of 30% on first and second level sales of Salesvision products. When you sign up as a Diamond Level Affiliate through this link you get entered into the Diamond Traffic Rotator which unlike many “rotators” in the industry actually delivers really good traffic even buyer traffic to your link.

  • Limitless 360
  • Mindset 360
  • Marketing 360
  • Sales 360
  • Legacy 360
  • Nutrition 360
  • Frequency 360
  • Access to Mark Hoversons Solomon CEO Course

You also have the chance to win a Car or House Payment of $1000 loaded onto your SalesVision Black Card, one winner every month.

You also have the chance to win Vinces Custom Rolex valued at $54,000 on Vinces Birthday (not sure when that is)

Lastly you also have the chance to win a $300,000 Bentley!

sales vision review

My Sales Vision Conclusion

I have a pretty good track record for picking winners and in this instance I feel as though …….. prediction coming…

Sales Vision will not Flop it just has too much going for it, first and foremost Vincent Ortega, then you have the whole Gamification which is pretty hot right now. Lastly the whole Corona Outbreak has got people signing up to anything related to make money online.

At the end of the day just like 99% of opportunities out there the higher the level you join at, the more value you get and you unlock higher commissions! So if you are a tire kicker, just grab the $7/ Month package have a look around and see if it is in your wheel house or not, but if you are serious about building a business online you will want to join at either the $77/mth or the $777 per year Diamond Level.

If you want to find out what it took for me to finally start making money online you can read all about it here.

There are no guarantees regarding the income from using the SalesVision software to start or grow your business. The success or failure of each Affiliate, like in any other business, depends upon each Affiliates’ skillset and personal effort. Earning levels for Independent Affiliates are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Affiliates business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors.

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