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newest mlm prelaunch

If you are searching for the newest MLM prelaunch odds are this isn’t your first time doing so. I know I used to do the exact same thing.  From what I have seen lately a lot of big online marketers do the exact same thing. Lets have a look at why so many people are always looking for the newest mlm prelaunch.

Here is the Hottest MLM Opportunity Right Now!

MLM Prelaunches are sexy, there is no denying that. It is exciting, in most cases you can build a team for free.  So, what I used to do was send massive traffic to my prelaunch link and think I was just the cats ass.  I would be on the leader board every week.  Every time, I was sure I had hit a homerun.  I was finally going to be rich…  the company hadn’t even launched yet and I already had a team of 100, 300 or even 500 people. I would check my back office every couple of hours and every time I saw someone below be duplicating my results I just knew, this was it! My time had finally come I was going to be the MLM Rockstar I had always dreamed of.  Then came Launch Day…..

I probably checked my back office every 15 minutes….. Nothing…

15 Minutes later……Nothing, my teammates must all be in a different time zone…

15 Minutes later …. Email to Team sent, still nothing!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock!!!

I always upgraded or paid right away whatever the case, just to make sure my spot was locked in. Out of those 100, 300 or 500 people on my team the most I ever got to actually pay was 1….. 1 out of up to 500 people.  Countless hours spent,  hundreds of dollars on solo ads spent, thousands of emails sent, hundreds of links sent out… Nothing.

On to the next newest mlm prelaunch. lol

Today, I don’t chase the next big thing. I do still create an account with the major prelaunches but mostly for either my curiosity sake or to do research for a review article I may write. But the one thing I have noticed as of late is that the same top marketers are on the leader boards in all of the different pre-launches. It is like they are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.

Lets face it, generating traffic is not as easy as they make it sound, and contrary to what they would have you think peppering your timeline with your prelaunch link will not make you a good network marketer, even if you post 19 times a day. Yet time and time again shiny object syndrome prevails and people continue to look fro that ever elusive unicorn money.

newest mlm prelaunchThe reason why I stopped chasing the next newest mlm prelaunch is….. It doesn’t work.  There is a reason why the Direct Selling News Global 100 is generally made up of older established companies and not last years pre-launches. Most pre-launches fail, generally about 95% of them. Do you want to fail 95% of the time?  I don’t think so.

So what should you look for?

Simple, a company that has a product you are passionate about. A company that has a vision for the future that aligns with your beliefs. Lastly, a company that has been around for a couple years that has already experienced the usual growing pains and avoided bankruptcy.

Here is the Hottest MLM Opportunity Right Now!

Success doesn’t come easily especially with network marketing, being first to the party  isn’t always a good idea and trying out a business for a couple months will never get you one of those ridiculous cardboard checks. Finding a company you are passionate about, putting your head down and doing the work will over time get you to where you want to be.

Stop searching for the next newest mlm prelaunch, ditch that shiny object syndrome, roll up your sleeves and get to work.  The image above is from the DSN Global 100, you will notice names like Amway, Avon and Herballife. Not one of those companies had a prelaunch, and they are still thriving today, 20, 30 even 50 years later.

I recently found a company that has been around for 30 years, has paid out over $5 Billion dollars to its reps,  and has an arsenal of 400 eco-friendly and health conscious products.  At first I wasn’t sure, I mean its not the sexiest company I have been involved with but, after seeing the residual income people are making I went all in. Plus the average customer life is 5 and a half years and their month to month reorder rate is 96%.  The products are such that we use them everyday and we have to buy them anyway. No more $200 auto-ships and closets full of products I will never use. I have found my home, the only caveat is that it is by invite only! If you fill in this form, I will send you a personal invite ASAP!

I know its not the newest mlm prelaunch of 2019 but, for a little more information about the company I mentioned check out this post!

Now my sleeves are rolled up and I am banging out another blog post with the hopes that even one person will read it and actually stop searching for the newest mlm prelaunch.


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