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Being one of the first people in a new mlm company in Canada can be really beneficial to your business. It’s like the first movers advantage: A: there is no one else or very few Canadians promoting it, and B depending on the comp plan you can benefit from a crap load of spillover.

In this post I am gonna cover the best new MLM Companies in Canada. To be honest one of these is a New MLM Company in Canada and the whole world, but it is a long shot. The other isn’t a new MLM company in Canada but rather a new marketing system for a MLM company that has been in Canada for a couple years but has very few Canadian distributors.

Whether you are looking to be one of the founding members of a new mlm company in Canada or just looking to finally have success in the MLM industry this post will give you 2 options. Like I said one is a long shot and the other well, I can honestly guarantee you free traffic to your link…. but more on that later.

Without any further adieu,,, here we go.

If you want to skip the rest of this post and get to work Click Here.

The Best New MLM Companies In Canada……

The Long Shot… Lock Your Position

I get a ton of offers come across my desk but this one new MLM Company in Canada piqued my interest.

The name of the company was Lock Your Position or so I thought. It turns out that Lock Your Position isn’t the name of the company but the name has yet to be announced. Lock Your Position is just the name of the system that they are using for people to pre-position people.

Anyways the name had the desired effect on me, cause I locked my position for research purposes of course.

Lock Your Position isn’t even in pre-launch yet, currently only 493 people have been pre-positioned in the lock your position system.

Up until a week or so ago I had no idea what the company is or will be but after a little digging I found out that,

One of the big issues in the world of health has always been doing whatever you can to support healthy blood pressure. High blood pressure increases your risk of heart attack, heart failure and sudden cardiac death. Over time, the strain on your heart caused by high blood pressure can cause your heart muscle to weaken and work less efficiently. It also puts you at risk of having a stroke.

Lock Your Position will be launching a new brand and suite of products based on a remarkable, little-known superfruit, that has amazing health properties. One study on this powerful superfruit found that it elicited significantly lower diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, among other benefits of enhanced mood and cognition.

While this is a long shot, the one thing I will say in their favour is that I have seen multiple ads on FaceBook driving people to Lock Your Position. Also, I just received an email saying,

” We are launching our first brand with two products, and the first product production run is completed, and heading to our warehouses. That’s exciting because this product is powerful and will potentially change millions of lives! Our second product production run is this week, and upon completion, we are a giant step closer to our official soft launch, where we begin to ship products! “

Lastly Lock Your Position has completed renderings of both products, completed Smart Sheets for both products, and completed a pay plan sheet. and we will be releasing them shortly!

You Can Lock Your Postion Here.

Here is a Video review of Lock Your Position I just did…

The Sure Thing….. The Power Team Marketing System.

So, as I stated above technically this is not a new MLM Company in Canada but it is by far the best opportunity I have seen in a long time.. Great niche, global business, free traffic. It jus doesn’t get any better.

Ok, The Power Team System is a marketing system designed by Chris record and Peter Sorrenson (the geniuses behind the 90 Day E-Comm Challenge a couple years back that netted them the largest single month commission cheque ever issued by Shopify).

new mlm companies in Canada

The Power Team system is essentially a marketing system for HempWorx/MyDailyChoice. However, the only way to get your hands on the Power Team System is to be a part of the Power Team.

Remember how I said I can guarantee you Free Traffic well as of right now if you join the Power Team, in HempWorx/MyDailyChoice as an Executive you will be added to the Power Team executive Rotator. The rotator drives traffic to your capture page for free just for signing up with Hempworx/My Daily Choice as an executive.

This traffic has the potential to become a pre-enrollee and possibly even a paid member, putting money in your pocket.

To Top that off if you become an Executive using one of my links I can guarantee you even more free traffic as we have our own traffic rotator within our Team inside of the Power Team.

Targeted traffic to your link potentially putting $200 commissions in your wallet.

Join The Power Team Here

Now, if you are a negative Nancy and you are sitting there saying, “But I cant sell CBD Oil in Canada!” You are right. But….

As a Canadian you can join My Daily Choice with their nutritional sprays and still have the ability to promote HempWorx in any country that it is available in plus you can promote the sprays literally anywhere in the world.

Global Domination……..

The best part about being Canadian is that, joining MDC with the sprays as an executive is way cheaper than joining HempWorx with the Executive CBD Pack and you still get the same benefits as any other executive in the company.

Free Traffic,, Save money, Win Win….

You can check out my full review of The Power Team system here

I hope you got some value from my post about the best new mlm companies in Canada, if I were you I would lock your position in both opportunities do your own research and go from there.

The power team system has helped me go from a struggling network marketer to one of the top producing affiliates on our team, in the matter of a couple months.

Opportunities like this don’t come along very often.

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