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Network Marketing for Couples! Win, Win or Lose Lose?

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network marketing for couples

network marketing for couples Does network marketing for couples work?  It most certainly can. I just looked up the 50 Worldwide Earners in multi level marketing and 20 of the top earners are couples.  With that being said it is safe to say that network marketing for couples works.

6 years ago right around now actually, my girlfriend at the time was not working. She had just left her own business and was taking a couple of months off to figure out what she wanted to do. I heard about a franchise show that was going on in Toronto and told her she should check it out. Well…..

She came home all excited and told me about an opportunity that she had come across at The Franchise Show. She then told me that there was going to be a meeting at a hotel in Toronto that we should attend, I reluctantly said, yes!

That was the first time I was ever introduced to network marketing. We signed up on the spot after that meeting.

We just fell in love with the whole concept of network marketing. The fact that you can be your own boss, set your own schedule and pretty much write your own pay cheque really sealed the deal for me.

I would love to say that we were a huge success and made a boat load of money but that was not the case. We did sponsor 3 people into that business and we were selling products to people but while network marketing is a simple business model, it is not easy.

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Network Marketing For Couples Pros

If you are looking for a way to test your relationship, try starting a network marketing business with your partner.

Vanessa and I had just moved in together and here we were starting a network marketing business from our tiny little apartment near Jane and Finch in Toronto. I don’t know if you know where Jane and Finch is but lets just say it’s not the nicest area in Toronto. Amazingly Vanessa and I were a great team, she is outgoing and can talk to anyone where as I am more of an introvert. She would print out flyers and I would hang them up at every bus shelter and laundry mat I could find. I would get leads online and she would talk to them. It was awesome, Vanessa and I could work really work well together.

network marketing for couplesI still remember, we had a home meeting, invited about 20 people. Most of them were family, and most of them thought we were crazy and told us exactly that. The gentleman who spoke at our meeting who was part of our upline, told us to go ahead and write ourselves a cheque for $1,000,000 and post date it for one year from that date.  We did get one sign up that night, my Dad. About a month later we were invited to her brothers house for some top secret reason and, sure enough he was getting into network marketing as well.  Its amazing how you can have never heard of something before in your life and then within a couple of months  notice it everywhere.

Unfortunately we never did get to cash that cheque, life got in the way. We got busy and eventually gave up on our network marketing dream.

We know that network marketing for couples can work, but why didn’t it work for us?

Network Marketing for Couples Cons

While Vanessa and I found out that we could definitely work together and actually complemented each others weaknesses with our strengths. We did eventually give up on our dream of network marketing as a couple. We were doing a lot of work, making signs, putting ads in the classifieds but no one was calling. We failed at network marketing as a couple because neither one of us was talking to people about our products and the associated business opportunity. We were just sitting there waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for people to come to us. We didn’t know any better.

It felt like our friends and family we’re laughing at us! The rejection hurt and we took it personally. That was mistake # 2.  I was just reading about a guy who prospected 42 people before he got his first sign up. If we had known then what we know now it would have been a different story. We had no idea how to approach people about network marketing.

****Golden Nugget***** Here is exactly what I would say to potential prospects now, courtesy of Esther Spina!

  • Just take a look,
  • See if it makes as much senses to you as it does to me,
  • I value your opinion.

The major con about network marketing for couples is that you may find out that you can not work with your partner. This is especially true if you are both bull headed and stubborn, it works better if only one of you is bull headed and stubborn. Another con about network marketing for couples is that it doesn’t take long to discover each others weaknesses (this could also be a pro depending how you look at it)

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 Network Marketing for Couples Today

Today, Vanessa doesn’t share the same passion for network marketing that I do, but she supports me 100%. We are still together, have two beautiful little girls and we still work really well together. We no longer live in that tiny little apartment at Jane and Finch, we live near Lake Simcoe in beautiful Innisfil, Ontario. Thanks to Vanessa I now get to do what I love everyday. Had she not invited me to that hotel meeting that I reluctantly agreed to attend, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now.

I have a call scheduled with the president of a network marketing company that is about to launch in Canada, I will be one of the first distributors for said company in Canada. When Vanessa is not busy being a mom, I know she will be there to support me.

Whether you choose network marketing for couples or network marketing on your own, its a wild ride. Thanks to the internet and cell phones you no longer have to drive all over your city hanging up flyers in bus stops and laundry mats. Webinars have all but replaced hotel meetings although hotel meetings still work if you can have one in your area. The bottom line is that network marketing is the better way, I would love to see your name on that top 50 Worldwide Earners in MLM.  You could be the next power couple in Network Marketing.

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