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mydailychoice Review. Is My Daily Choice A Scam or Is It Legit

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Mydailychoice/My Daily Choice/MDC is a Network Marketing Company that was established in 2014/2015 by Josh Zwagil. In 2017 Josh’s now wife Jenna Zwagil had the vision that is now HempoWorx which is now part of the Mydailychoice business opportunity.

Mydailychoice/My Daily Choice/ MDC Ownership

Josh and Jenna Zwagil are the owners of mydailychoice aka MDC and HempWorx. They are both veterans in the Network Marketing Industry.

Jenna was the #1 Income Earner in Hempworx/MDC although I believe she has now switched over to the corporate side of the business. She is also the #2 Income Earner in the entire Network Marketing industry.

These are not your typical owners of a MLM company they have both tried and failed, tried and succeeded, and have successfully built a company from the ground up. They are both very transparent and extremely hands on when it comes to running their network marketing company.

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What is mydailychoice?

The idea behind mydailychoice is that they are not a one product or one ingredient company like most MLM companies. The “Daily” choice brand combines a unique combination of products and services so as to not be tied down to one niche, one industry or one product.

The product line currently consists of:

  • HempWorx CBD Oil Products
  • Mydailychoice Nutritional Sprays
  • Daily Cash Back Travel Rewards Program

One company 3 amazing products all under the mydailychoice?My Daily Choice/MDC Umbrella.

Get Started with MyDailyChoice Here

The Cost to Join Mydailychoice

Ok, so I could go into a lot of detail but for the sake of time I am just going to paste a couple images below.

The first image is the Hempworx product package, what you get and what it costs.

MyDailyChoice Products

The next image is the different My Daily Choice product packages you can get.

So, basically the cost to join as an affiliate is anywhere from $69 to $59. Obviously the higher the package you start with the higher the commissions you can receive.

My Experience with Mydailychoice

I am not going to lie, I am no stranger to Network Marketing. I have been involved in probably 10 or more MLM Companies.

I jumped into MDC in order to capitalize on the “Green Rush” that is going on. I saw other leaders jumping on the CBD Bandwagon and I did not want to miss that Train.

The first couple of months were horrible for me. I was busting my ass, generating leads and putting out content like crazy.

Could I have done more?

Of Course, I could have and should have.

In the first 3 months of being involved with mydailychoice I signed up a grand total of 1 customer, not even an affiliate, just 1 customer.

I was discouraged, I was ready to quit.

But I didn’t, I kept putting content out there, blog post after blog post. Video after video.

In my third month, I referred 3 people and these were actually affiliates.

I was finally getting paid.

In my fourth month I qualified for the Global Bonus Pool by referring 4 new customers or affiliates in one month.

And here we are today almost into month #5, I am generating real targeted leads on a daily basis, averaging 1 sign up per week and the best part is my team is duplicating my results.

If you want to know the secret to succeeding in Network Marketing, here it is…..

Don’t Give Up!!!!

And, take Consistent Daily Action.

Oh and having a Kick Ass Marketing System helps too.

MyDailyChoice and The 90 Day CBD Challenge

My Daily Choice Review

A couple of guys you may have heard of, Chris Record and Peter Sorrenson have created The 90 Day CBD Challenge, which is a marketing system for My Daily Choice/HempWorx.

It is literally jam packed with thousands of dollars worth of value in the form of training. Training that essentially teaches you step by step how to build your very own CBD Oil business with HempWorx.

Chris and Peter created a 90 Day E-Comm challenge a couple of years back. That challenge was a huge success and netted them the largest ever single month commission cheque ever issued by Shopify.

The 90 Day CBD Challenge is Awesome, I can actually attribute the Challenge with my success as all of my conversions have come from people who joined me through my 90 Day CBD Challlenge Link. You can check it out below.

This Is The Future Of MLM!!

For a full review of the 90 Day CBD Challenge Click Here

In Conclusion….

Is MyDailyChoice A Scam

My Daily Choice is anything but a scam, if you join MDC and do not have success the only person to blame is yourself.

If you are looking for easy money, look elsewhere. Your success in mydailychoice will be tied directly to the effort you put into building your business.

I know its harsh but anyone who says that mydailychoice is a scam probably just didn’t put in the effort required to succeed.

My Daily Choice has amazing products a more than fair compensation plan with ranks that anyone can realistically achieve. Its not jkust the leaders that are having success with this company. Complete newbies are making money, single moms, unemployed dads, anyone willing to go out and work hard can have success with mydailychoice.

Ok, sorry for that little rant, it just drives me crazy how many people refer to Network Marketing as a Scam, generally these people have a hidden agenda.

I will be completely honest with you. I am a Distributor with HempWorx /MyDailyChoice I work hard to build my business, but I take a no BS approach. If you want to work with me, I would be happy to have you on my team, but….. You had better be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

No One Builds Your Business For You but You! Although I reward my action takers with a little traffic!! You can join my team here!

MyDailyChoice Review
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