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MDC Power Team System Review! Automated MLM Marketing System?

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Let’s face it building out capture pages and autoresponder sequences for your MLM Business can be a long, complicated and tedious process. I have rarely found an easy capture page creator that was actually easy. The MDC Power Team System is a done for you automated MLM marketing system, that is super easy to use and is also the most robust MLM marketing system I have seen in my 8 year MLM career.

Test Drive The MDC Power Team Marketing System Here

I was one of the first people to have access to the Power Team System and have been going through it with a fine tooth comb for the last 3 days. In this review I am going to tell you what I like and do not like about it.

Lets start with what I don’t like about it.

Ok, this section is going to be short but there is one aspect of the Power Team System that I do not like.

The Power Team System was originally called The 90 Day CBD Challenge and I am not going to lie, I liked that name better. I was a little sad to see that they changed the name but I’ll get over it. All the training and content from the 90 Day CBD Challenge are going to be added to the Power Team System in the future so its a mute point. But if I didn’t put one bad thing in this review I’d hear about it in the comments. lol

Automated MLM Marketing Systems..

Up until about 5 years ago most network marketing companies frowned upon reps building their business online. For some reason they thought that hotel meetings and home parties were the only way to build a sustainable MLM business.

While some companies still frown upon internet marketing most have embraced it.

With that being said, many companies still think that a rep having a replicated website is a kin to a marketing system. Maybe in 2015…lol

Enter the automated MLM Marketing System.

The first marketing system I had for a mlm business was a couple generic capture pages that made outrageous income claims and a 7 day autoresponder sequence.

Automated MLM Marketing Systems have come along way since then, case in point… The MDC Power Team System.

I should also mention that most automated mlm marketing systems are not developed by the MLM Company but rather by team leaders inside of a MLM Company.

Lets be honest here if you had to choose between 2 different teams within a Network Marketing Company, one team has no marketing system and the other has a kick ass marketing system. Which team would you join?

The Team Behind the MDC Power Team System

mdc power team system

Long story short, Chris Record and Peter Sorrenson built The 90 Day CBD Challenge and launched it back in December which was when I joined. It was a huge success.

These two guys had built The 90 Day E-Comm Challenge a couple years before and ended up referring thousands of people to Shopify. The success of their system earned them the largest ever single month commission cheque issued by Shopify.

Needless to say these guy know how to build systems.

Now, originally the 90 Day CBD Challenge was supposed to be just for Chris and Peters team inside of HempWorx/MyDailyChoice. But, after conversations with their sponsors Andre and Tami Popa and the Popa’s sponsors Aron and Cathy Parker It was decided that more people needed to get their hands on this system. So, they rebranded it and opened it up to the entire Power Team from Aron and Cathy down to the newest member.

Get Your Hands on The Power Team Marketing System Here

Who Can Use The MDC Power Team System?

Unfortunately, you have to be a paid member of the Power Team in order to have access to this system. If you are already an Independent Distributor with HempWorx on a team that is not part of the Power Team you are SOL. Unless you create a new account.

What Do You Get with the MDC Power Team System?

Alright, this all depends on whether you are a free, paid or an executive distributor with Hempworx/MDC. I am going to break it down for you below.

One thing I should mention is that anyone who pre-enrolls through the MDC Power Team System and upgrades to Executive inside of HempWorx, automatically gets entered into The Power Team Rotator. Which means you get FREE Traffic.

Yes I want Free Traffic

Free Members

Anyone who fills out one of the capture pages from the Power Team System automatically creates a pre-enrollee account with Hempworx/MDC.

The Power Team System is connected to HemWorx/MDC via Api so the two systems communicate with each other. Thats the extent of my technical jargon, I am sure it is much more complex than that.

So after filling out the capture page and creating your account you are a free member of both systems. Free members get access to four areas inside the Power Team system: Industry, Company, Products and Opportunity.

There are 2 Intro videos and 4 videos all about the different industries encapsulated by Hempworx/MDC like

  • Hemp
  • Coffee
  • CBD
  • Network Marketing

Under the Company Tab there are another 6 free videos all about Hempworx

The Products tab is all about…… You guessed is the products! 9 Different videos showcasing the amazing products available from HempWorx/MDC.

The Opportunity tab is also pretty self explanatory but there are videos about the Comp Plan, the different ways to get paid, weekly cut offs, and lastly the CBD Sample marketing Strategy.

The beauty about this system is that while educating prospects they are constantly being encouraged to upgrade to a paid affiliate. Every page has a button to unlock the CBD opportunity and earn up top $200 per referral plus residuals.

Paid Members

I want to be clear here, the MDC Power Team System is completely free. When I say “paid member” it just means that you are an active affiliate inside of HempWorx/MDC.

Essentially the system knows when you go from being a pre-enrollee to a paid affiliate. It even knows if you come in with a Builder, Director or Executive Pack. As soon as you upgrade inside of My Daily Choice your MDC Power Team System unlocks and opens up a whole suite of marketing tools and trainings. Plus you still have access to all of the free member content.

Capture Pages

Inside the system you will find a boat load of Capture Pages. Rather than go into detail of what each one is I am just going to post a couple of them in the list below so you can have a look for yourself.. There are capture pages featuring:

  • CBD Rap Videos
  • CBD Benefits
  • Joe Rogans Thoughts on CBD
  • THC Vs CBD
  • HempWorx Business Opportunity (of course)
  • Chris Record on Selling CBD on Social Media
  • plus many more, and more being added.

Each Capture page comes with tracking options for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, your website, email and for all you serious stat trackers the custom option.

All of the capture pages are extremely high quality with videos and long form sales letters.

By the way you can opt in to any of the pages above to lock in your free position with HempWorx/MDC,just saying!!!


Currently there are only six videos in the training section of the MDC Power Team System but that number is going to go up, way up.

Eventually there is going to be Executive only trainings that are unlocked when the system recognizes that you have in fact upgraded to the Executive level or higher inside of Hempworx/MDC.

I have only been through 2 of the six videos as the system is quite new and I have a full time job plus a Fiance, two really little girls and a crazy dog that I love to pieces. However I can honestly say that the videos I watched are jammed pack with valuable content and plenty of liitle gold nuggets that will help you succeed as an independent distributor.


Ok, this is one of my favourite sections. Remember all those tracking links I mentioned earlier?

Well this is where you can take a look at all the hits to your links, which links are getting the most hits, which links are getting the most pre-enrollees and most importantly which links are making you the most money.

This helps you figure out what is working for you and your business and what isn’t. If you are running ads, you can figure out which ads are getting the best conversions and scale up, alternatively you can pull the plug on ads that aren’t converting.

What is working better, Facebook or Instagram?? Check your stats…

Power Team System Conclusion

I could keep going but by now if you are not convinced or haven’t already bounced, you might as well just go ahead and test drive the system for yourself.

On top of all that I have already told you about, you can also view your team inside of HempWorx. Separated into free members, paid members and 5K and above members or if you want you can also check out how much money you have made in the last month or all time.

Crap, I forgot to mention the autoresponder sequence the system sends out on your behalf to your pre-enrollees encouraging them to become paid members.

If you are considering becoming an independent Distributor with HempWorx/MDC you will definitely want to join the Power Team so you can get your hands on the MDC Power Team System. It is by far the most robust Automated MLM Marketing System I have seen in my 8 years of Network Marketing.

If you still need more info I wrote a post on the top 5 CBD MLM Companies that you can check out here

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2 thoughts on “MDC Power Team System Review! Automated MLM Marketing System?

  • This is more a question than a comment:
    I was (and am) the executive in MDC and the executive member in 90 Day CBD Challenge. So, I followed the courses of CBD challenge as the executive. In the middle of 90 Day CBD challenge, there was a time that no new tutorial videos were launched. The next time I did hear that Chris had “sold(?)” the team to Power Team. Now (a long time after the changeover), I logged in to 90 Day CBD Challenge.

    I was not able to log into the executive site. The system asked me to upgrade (eventhough no upgrade was needed). Then I pushed the button “Check your rank” (or corresponding): Nothing happened. Then I tried to open the ticket: There was no ticket system, only an”async chat” for the questions. Does all this mean that the system is in the process to be run down and not anymore supported?

    I have presented this question also to Chris but not received the answer yet. I’d like to know, what is the situation and why the system does not recognize me as Executive anymore


    Erkki Kivela

    1. Yes Erkki unfortunately Aron Parker did not want to continue supporting the system which really sucks for those of us who used it everyday! At least MDC did just roll out their new and updated marketing system . I absolutely loved the 90 Day Cbd Challenge and I was disappointed when it changed over to the Power Team System and now we don’t have either option.

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