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Kannaway Launch in Canada, Not Another CBD MLM

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Unfortunately Kannaway will not be launching in Canada anytime soon, thanks to our government.  However I have found a loophole that allows us to start a CBD MLM in Canada.  In my opinion, the company that has this loophole is  definitely in the top 3 CBD MLMS, but the marketing system is easily the best CBD marketing system I have ever seen. It may be the best marketing system I have seen period.

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While we still will not be able to purchase CBD products, thanks to this companies parent company we can sign up as distributors for another product and freely promote the CBD products and biz opp to basically anyone in 150 countries thanks to this loophole.  Win, win..

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P.S  The link above is totally free to check out and IMO TBH it is well worth checking out!

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the upcoming Kannaway launch in Canada. While the launch date has not quite been nailed down s expected to be on or around October 17th 2018 which will coincide with the legalization of Marijuana in Canada. There are many reasons to get excited about the Kannaway launch in Canada but I feel the main one is the fact that Kannaway is not just another CBD MLM. Kannaway is actually  pioneered the whole CBD MLM phenomenon that is sweeping the multi level marketing industry as I type.

Kannaway launched April 20th (fitting) 2014 in the United States but has seen exponential growth over the last 2 years growing by over 40 times. This has been in part due to the decriminalization of recreational marijuana use in many states, legalization in others and the addition of Kannaway UK and soon to be Kannaway Canada.

As the buzz of the cryptocurrency market slowly fades the buzz around the Cannabis industry is flourishing with the Legal Marijuana industry market value expected to reach 146 Billion dollars in the States by 2025. While the current value of the Marijuana Industry in Canada is already at over 31 Billion.

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Why is the Kannaway Launch in Canada Exciting?

kannaway launch
Kannaway Launch

Simple, Kannaway offers arguably the best CBD Oil in the world! Not to mention that as a Brand Ambassador for Kannaway you can potentially earn a full time income simply sharing Kannaways products with others.

Like I said before Kannaway is not just another CBD MLM they are by far the best CBD  MLM. Many of the CBD Multi level Marketing companies have not went out and created their own products but instead have just slapped a label on a far inferior product. In many cases successful and floundering Network Marketing companies have hoped on the CBD bandwagon and added a CBD Oil to their list of products, trying to capitalize on the popularity of  CBD Oil.

The Kannaway Launch Business Opportunity in Canada

Not Just Another CBD MLM

Kannaway is the original CBD MLM and as such when it launches in Canada you will have the rare opportunity to be one of the first CBD Oil Distributors in Canada. You will have the opportunity to earn a full time income simply by sharing the Kannaway products with others knowing all the while that you are helping people live a healthier lifestyle.

If you live in Canada or heck even if you just know someone in Canada now is the time to reach out and contact me  so that we can get your position locked in so you can build one of the first teams of Kannaway Brand Ambassadors in Canada. You can email me at

Kannaway is a sister company to Medical Marijuana Inc. which is a publicly traded company and as a Brand ambassador you have the chance to earn stocks in Medical Marijuana Inc. now I am no financial advisor but imagine what will happen when the stock price hits 10, 20 or even $30. Now imagine you had 100, 1000, or even 10,000 shares.  The numbers add up quickly! How many othe CBD MLMs give you the option to earn shares in their parent company.

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If you would like to learn more about the diferent benefits of CBD Oil feel free to check out my article Can I Get CBD Oil in Canada

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