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Is The LifePreneur Launch Really Happening ? Or Is This Another False Start by Chris Record?

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Mark my words! There is going to be a lot of buzz around the new Chris Record LifePreneur Launch happening this Friday May 8th at 3PM EST! I have already registered for my seat in the webinar and I am sure it will be a packed house.

But the question is really. Will Chris Record actually be ready to launch LifePreneur this time.

Who Is Chris Record?

Chris Record is an online marketer who learned how to build websites and rank them on google back in the day. When he started making money other people wanted to learn what he was doing and that is when he found his passion. Teaching.

He made his first online course and started selling it for $100 bucks, he sold 5000 copies of his course. That is $500,000!

Chris Record then went on to start Tecademics with Jim Piccolo, Chris record being the face of the business while Jim was to run the business side of Tecademics.

It was during this time in 2017 that Chris Record created the 90 Day E Com Challenge, which actually generated the largest ever commission cheque paid out by Shopify!

However, because Tecademics was growing too rapidly that they ran into some financial issues, a private equity firm eventually bought them out, and turn it into a real college for aspiring digital marketers, and that’s when it clashes with Chris Record’s vision of Tecademics, and he wanted out.

Long story short Chris Record left Tecademics because of a difference of opinion on teaching styles and went on to create LifePreneur with his partner Peter Sorrenson.

The First LifePreneur Launch by Chris Record

On February 6, 2018, Chris Record announced the launch of his new company LifePreneur in partnership with Peter Sorenson. Then it was supposed to be launched in June, and then they extended the launched date to October.

It never happened but some people did come in as Founding Members during the early days of the launch. Those people have been patiently waiting for 2 years now

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LifePreneur 2020 Launch

It is finally happening, below you will find an exert from an email Chris Record sent me the other day! This email explained a little about What the new LifePreneur Launch was going to look like and how LifePreneur Affiliates will earn income.

This Friday at May 8th 2020 at 3PM EST Chris Record will be sharing the entire vision for the LifePreneur Launch!

LifePreneur is a dual-income opportunity, meaning that can EARN while you LEARN how to be a successful internet marketer!


LifePreneur will feature weekly masterclasses that will help you level up your marketing skills, and show you how to generate more traffic, leads, and sales, using cutting edge strategies for 2020 and beyond. You can use these strategies to promote your existing business, and/or you can use them as a LifePreneur affiliate to generate monthly commissions as well!


As a LifePreneur Affiliate you can promote our “masterclass funnels” which will help you generate hard-coded leads to your LifePreneur list, and those leads will start receiving automatic emails promoting several top affiliate offers every single day – all coded back to your affiliate link!

Essentially, you’ll have the ability to refer members at no-cost, have them hard-coded to your account, then if they choose to upgrade to a monthly plan or purchase any of the affiliate offers in the marketplace, YOU will be the one earning commissions on those sales, every single time they purchase!

We’ve been working hard for months building you the most effective system that can both teach you how to become a professional online marketer, while at the same time providing you with a side-hustle earning affiliate income helping us to promote this amazing launch!

My Personal experience With Chris Record

There is no denying that Chris Record is a brilliant marketer and an amazing teacher. He articulates things into lessons that are easy to follow and entertaining.

Chris Record is actually quite the Rapper and if you have a chance Nothin but a CBD Thing on YouTube if you get a chance.

As for my experience with Chris record, I was not part of Tecademics and I was not involved with the first LifePreneur Launch but in between the first launch and the new LifePreneur Launch Chris Record built the 90 Day CBD Challenge.

cbd affiliate programs

I was a part of that. (I am still a member of Hempworx/MDC)

The 90 Day CBD Challenge was basically a marketing system Chris Record and Peter Sorrenson built for their team inside of HempWorx/MyDailyChoice . It was awesome.

Join The CBD Revolution!!

But like all things Chris Record…. Something Happened.

The 90 CBD Challenge was turned into The Power Team System I’m gonna say around June of 2019! It was still OK, but by September of 2019 we started to notice that it wasn’t being updated and by October it was DONE!

I couldn’t even tell you if Chris and Peter are still involved with Hempworx/MyDailyChoice but last I checked they were 100K Affiliates which is no small feat!

Personally I think if Chris Record has his shit together and all of his ducks in a row, he is unstoppable. But if he continues to waver on what he is actually focusing on he is just too all over the place to make LifePreneur the Legacy Company he wants it to be.

LifePreneur 2020 Vision Webinar

Ok, so I attended the LifePreneur 2020 Vision Webinar on Friday May 8th and I feel as though I have a better understanding as to what actually happened back in 2018 and leading up to this new LifePreneur Launch.

He gave this outline as to what happened:

  • Pre-Launch
  • Obstacle
  • Team
  • Vision

So we all know that Chris Record left Tecademics back in 2017 and planned to launch his LifePreneur company during 2018.

His DREAM for LifePreneur was to be a social network for Entreprenurs just filled with Masterclasses, training and the likes.

They had the PRE-LAUNCH, did a series of of MasterClasses all over the country, that took longer than expected but they had hours and hours of content for their LifePreneur Vault

But OBSTACLES came up…

At the same time that Chris Record was preparing to launch LifePreneur the FTC started cracking down on MLM companies like Digital Altitude

According to the FTC’s guidance, when a multilevel marketing company compensates its members based primarily on the recruitment of others rather than based on product sales, it’s likely to be defined as a pyramid scheme. The agency’s analysis of whether MLMs operate as a pyramid scheme also “usually involves a comprehensive analysis of a variety of factors,” according to the FTC.

Apparently LifePreneur was going to have a similar structure so Chris and his TEAM had to go back to the drawing board. Thus creating the brand new LifePreneur 2020 VISION

The New LifePreneur 2020 Vision

During the webinar Chris Record made it abundantly clear that the way for anyone to make money online, especially in these trying times, is to do these 5 things.

  1. Build A List
  2. Provide Value To Your List
  3. Promote an offer to said List
  4. Increase LTV (Life Time Value)
  5. Invest the Profits.

LifePreneur will be a way for people to do exactly this, for $99/month Chris will provide the value, the funnels essentially everything. Your sole responsibility will be to fill that funnel with targeted traffic.

That traffic will be given the opportunity to upgrade to a pro member for $99/mth, buy credits to unlock MasterClasses. These Masterclasses will promote tools that have an affiliate offer attached to them essentially allowing you to cash in on 3 different sources of income.

Keep in mind though that you will only be earning on your own efforts as per the FTC guidance there will only be one level of commissions on the fees, credits and affiliate programs.

Unfortunately, if you are reading this blog post you missed the opportunity to get in on the Beta Launch List, but this is how the launch is actually going to roll out…

This Is The Future Of MLM!!

The Roll Out

LifePreneur Launch

JUNE 1ST, 2020 DAILY TRAINING:  Chris Record Begins Daily Training on YouTube Chris Record will begin the process of releasing content that will eventually be embedded into the “free members” area in LifePreneur.  This is all content that you will be able to give away for FREE that is high value to help you generate leads and create a massive email list.  Plus the training will help you “Level Up Your Lifestyle”!

Chris Record Lifepreneur

JUNE 15TH, 2020 BETA TESTING:  Founders and Beta Testers get Early Access All LifePreneur FOUNDERS and BETA TESTERS will get early access to the new LifePreneur System on June 15th, which will be 2 weeks before everyone else.  Plus you will be able to reserve your custom username at this time as well.  We will conduct 2 weeks of user based beta testing and will get feedback to prepare for the launch.

Chris Record

JULY 1ST, 2020 PRE-LAUNCH:  We Open the Doors on an Invite-Only Basis This will be the first day you can login and get your affiliate links and start promoting LifePreneur as an affiliate.  This pre-launch will be “invite only” and will be exclusive which will create buzz and help you position an organization so that when we officially launch 3 weeks later you will be in position for a HUGE payday!

LifePreneur MasterClass

JULY 20, 2020 OFFICIAL LAUNCH:  We Open LifePreneur Virtual Doors to the Public! Chris Record’s BIRTHDAY is July 20th, so we felt this was the perfect day to officially open the doors to the entire public and have the Official Launch of LifePreneur!  Now, everyone can join and promote as an affiliate and access masterclasses, and this will represent the full launch.  Stay tuned for July 20, 2020 for an EPIC experience!

To Sum It Up

The LifePreneur launch has been a long time coming, I am actually really glad I wasn’t part of the original launch..

I would have been pissed, it was a heck of a lot more than $99 at the time!

But at least Chris record had the foresight to change the Vision for LifePreneur and keep it off of the FTCs’ radar.

I think going forward this is going to be an excellent side hustle for people who are willing to work and I mean work their asses off. Because of the fact that your results are only based on your actions (until you get to the level of Super Affiliate) you are gonna have to hustle to generate content and get eyes on that content which you can then lead to the LifePreneur Masterclass funnels where they will be then fed offers and content from the man, chris Record himself.

This is not a MLM opportunity or a Get Rich Quick Scheme, there are no Pyramids or Triangles. This is an opportunity for you to learn real marketing strategies from chris Record and turn those learned skills into affiliate commissions.

I think this whole Corona Virus deal has finally given Chris and his Team the time they needed and an actual reason to build and actually launch LifePreneur.

There will be normal, everday people like you and me that make their first commissions online because of the training and the masterclasses provided by Chris Record and his LifePreneur Launch.

There will be normal, everyday people that flourish under the capable teachings of Chris Record and go on to become Super Affiliates inside of LifePreneur.

The Question is…..

Will you be one of them?

While you are waiting for the LifePreneur Launch feel free to hop over here and have a look at the business I am Building!!

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