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Is Prime My Body A Scam: Prime My Body Review

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So recently I have been hearing a lot about Prime My Body and many people have asked, Is Prime My Body A Scam? In this unbiased Prime My Body Review you will find out exactly what the company is and whether or not it is a viable CBD mlm company.


This oil is broad spectrum derived from the best nanotechnology process of extraction available. Administered through liposomal means under the base of the tongue where it takes effect immediately attacking your ECS receptors while providing relief to your pains. Using high- force frequency extraction technique where a nano-sonicated technology creates nano liposomes measuring 20nM. These insignificant nano oils are enriched with photo cannabis kids and terpenes that gives phytonutrients to your cells and ECS. The hemp was ethically cultivated in Colarodo in America.

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There are five products available under this prime my body franchise.

Lip balm: The extract and flavonoids combine together creating a unique product like this. Lip balm also known as hempening vanilla, with luscious and creamy appearance is fully organic. The seed oil which is a huge part of the extraction process is applied on the lips in circles. The shape of the lips and how this product is applied, leaves a vibrant sheen and allows quick absorption into the blood where you begin to see results.

Hydrate Pure: This is quite similar to the lip balm that is a plant-based extraction for handling dry lips. hydrate pure is a quite-extraordinary topical oil that is used as a moisturizer for dry and coarse skin. Applying this oil on your skin surface helps to increase cellular hydration so that you don’t worry about staying hydrated on hot summer days. This topical oil, cost only $119.00, is the best out there to handle rough skin, wrinkles and damaged skin.

Prime My Body

Prime protein: This is a big dietary supplement that contains 15g of easily digestible plant protein. Housed in a recyclable bag, its plant protein is best enjoyed with water. What else? It is fully organic and cost $60.50.

Primemypet: If your pet suffers discomfort and pains, Perhaps, it is usually anxious when you are gone for too long; try this magical oil that is free from GMO and pesticides. Apply this tincture directly under your dog’s tongue and watch the CB1 and CB2 receptors absorb the phytonutrients quickly creating spurts of energy in your pet companion.

Reception hemp extract: This is a full spectrum oil in citrus mint. It is also an evidence of high-force frequency extraction technique used to create the wonderful oil across board.

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You earn from this virtual account that allows Prime my body to manage affiliate commission payments through payment preferences and flexible options to receive funds via a check or prepaid card. Beneficiaries are required to be active, which means you have purchased at least $100 worth of product in a single order that generates volume. Commissions are received two weeks in arrears with $25 minimum payout.


This opportunity to earn is Open to all affiliates for participation. New affiliates must generate a minimum of $2,500 reward points from sponsorship after bringing 4 new affiliates. With $5,000 up for grabs at the rookie starting point each month, each qualifier stands a chance to win $500 where only 10 affiliates can qualify for this reward. However, when there are more qualifiers, other criteria like total reward points, purchase log including dates, and speed come into the equation sieving off the rest, leaving the best.


There are 8 ways to earn with Prime My Body but first, you have to; enroll and become an affiliate for $39 nonrefundable fee, a paltry sum of course, become an active affiliate, and become a qualified affiliate. An active affiliate is that person that made a purchase of $100 worth of product in a single order that generates volume either through a back office or one of their customers. To become a qualified affiliate, you have to sponsor two active affiliates and put them on your group, one on the left and the other on the right. Commissions are paid two weeks after commission week ends so you won’t have to be concerned about late payments.

prime my body comp plan
  1. Retail customers: Active affiliate members can only be retail customers. The affiliate earns the difference between wholesale and retail price. Points generated by the retail purchase goes to the “pay leg” side of the affiliate’s TBR of the rewards plan. To earn from this reward plan, an affiliate must be active which means that you must have purchased about $700 worth of product that generates volume consistently over a period of time.
  2. Preferred customers: Great for family and friends who enjoy discounted prices where they must meet some standards. They have to be active affiliates with monthly shipping agreement. The first order placed by a preferred customer generates a 25% customer acquisition bonus for the sponsoring affiliates while continuous orders earn residual rewards commission.
  3. Fast builder rewards: You have to be an active affiliate to qualify for this grade. This system is created for affiliates to enjoy profits that will cover their membership costs as they hit the ground running. Prime my body assists them in creating a profitable business in a short time where sponsors are offered 25% incentive on initial-product package purchased by their down line. However, it is interesting to note that profits does not roll over after new orders have been placed.
  4. Team building rewards: This opportunity is open to active and qualified affiliates alone. Each affiliate has two teams; a left and right members where sponsored affiliates interact on the down line. When a member from either branches purchase a product, they generate reward points for the respective teams. Reward points up to 50% is quite a charitable incentive for your team building efforts. A group with more points, is called “power leg” while the other less performing is the “pay leg”. When both teams generate standard reward points, the affiliate hamster cycles resulting into a earned commission. Therefore, focus on improving reward points from your team members all the time. Reward points boost volume potentials and attracts a bonus when there are 4 active affiliates on your team. You also enjoy a boost of 30% to 80% of any product purchased in terms of profits where minimum payout stands at $20. However, the TBR is an unlimited cycle window operating on daily or monthly basis recording your performance. After each cycle, the points generated that earned your commission are deducted and returned to default.
  5. Group volume: Every affiliate in your down line and others below them are in groups. The reward points generated in these groups allow you to achieve the group volume requirement for a particular rank and level. For bronze, silver, and gold, a single group contributes up to 50% of the total group volume required for that rank. Emerald, diamond, double diamond, triple diamond and black diamond in single groups contributes 50% of the total group volume required for that rank. Single groups contributes 40% of the group volume required for any rank. Therefore, focus on building your groups to achieve your benchmark and move to the next rank on time.
  6. Residual rewards: This takes into account all product purchase made by affiliates and customers on the down line of an active affiliate. 20% of all product purchases enter the rewards plan apart from orders that generate FBR and CAB profits creating a chain of 7 levels that reflects customer and affiliates combination. The 7 levels also known as unilevels, refers to the team below an affiliate’s own. As bonus in percentages garnered from initial product purchase from new affiliate or customer goes round the 7 levels, the 7 unilevel employs a dynamic compression to efficiently manage rewards.
  7. Matching bonus: To enjoy this opportunity, you have to be an active and qualified affiliate where 50% of the team-building rewards from your sponsored groups are distributed as benefits to your 7 unilevel levels from the transactional center. In clearer terms, if you are a Gold affiliate, and you sponsor an affiliate that makes $500 TBR, 50% of that is allocated to your matching bonus which means you earn 20% from $250. A whooping $50 is more than beer money. Rank achieved by an affiliate is a relevant factor which determines how some benefits are derived and enjoyed. Matching bonus utilize dynamic compression that optimises maximum amount of your commissions.
  8. Leadership bonus: This bonus is a percentage of group volume in a month where an affiliate receives huge bonus for maintaining a top rank, usually for a month and beyond, from diamond hierarchy upwards.
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Prime My Body has proven to be customers favourite with a wide product selection that offers relief to users and even animals like your puppy and cat. It is non-THC which means that employees that perform random and routine drug tests can use it too. Overall, Prime My Body is not a scam however, there are many other better choices when it comes to CBD MLM Companies.

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