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Is CTFO CBD A Scam? **WARNING** read before you join!


Ok so, its April 2019 and CBD is the shizzle, when it comes to online business and multi level marketing. You are probably Googling the crap out of it trying to figure out, is CTFO CBD a Scam?

I am not here to bash CTFO CBD, I am sure the products are great albeit a little pricey. In one review I read they claim their CBD sells for $59 but after further research I found that their CBD oil starts at $59 but goes all the way up to $210 per bottle. The problem I have come across with CTFO CBD is the business itself. and compensation plan.

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I wrote a blog post called The Top 5 CBD MLM Companies from High to Low and I have been getting a lot of complaints about Changing The Future Outcome. I had actually ranked CTFO # 5 on my top 5 CBD MLM’s to join and have seriously considered removing it from my list.

Here is a screen shot from my post….

Is CTFO CBD a Scam

This gentleman tells how they launched a new site , and he can’t find his downline and that it is showing purchases by his team that he never got paid for.

But it gets worse……

Wendy goes on to say that she was really happy with CTFO and their products but she too lost her entire downline and stopped getting paid. So she has already jumped ship over to HempWorx.

HempWorx has great products and a kick ass marketing system called the The Power Team System that converts like crazy.

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Is CTFO CBD a Scam?

I really don’t think CTFO is a scam but I do not think it is the best CBD MLM company on the market right now.

In my experience, when a company relaunches it means they were failing in some aspect and when they change the comp plan it is usually not good for the distributors.

Obviously there are a lot of unhappy distributors out there and based on what I have heard these people were having success in the company. Is CTFO CBD a Scam? No, they have a good product and as long as they are paying people we can’t really call it a scam.

However I do think they are experiencing growing pains and if they do not get a handle on these growing pains, they are going to lose a lot of CTFO Distributors to other companies like HempWorx. You can check out my Review of Hempworx here.


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