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Is Bocannaco A Scam? Bocannaco Review.

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Ok so, is Bocannaco a scam? My honest answer is no. Bocannaco is a CBD MLM company that is kind of small and does not have a very big following. This is not necessarily a big deal or a deal breaker by any means.

However, I could not find any information about the owners or what type of marketing tools they provide their distributors with.

Anyways, below you will find an unbiased Bocannaco review that hopefully answer your question, “Is Bocannaco a Scam?”.


Bocannaco cbd is extracted by a chemical-free process where natural fatty acids, terpenes, flavonoids and waxes are retained in their natural state. This is an immense technology that does not pollute the environment due to low heat extraction of the oils. With a combination of MCG oils like grape seed oil, lemon oil and other phytocannabinoid rich oil, this oil is a package of wonder. Quality assurance derived from two independent laboratory tests gives you a peace of mind when you use their products. The most spectacular attribute about the BOCONACCO brand is how they grow their hemp plants. Hemp plants are grown using cultivar system where plants germinate having the same characteristics all the time.

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Bocannaco Products

There are only three products available viz Bocannacocine fast acting gel, 1000mg CBD oil, and Cannagize.

Is Bocannaco a scam?


This company is fredh out of the block and lacks comprehensive reviews from customers. But it remains an MLM company designed to create a community around their products. Just like any other MLM company, there is a compensation plan on ground designed to reward active players involved in this business. The active players are either distributors or recruitment. That is, you earn from the platform by selling products and as a customer who engages and maintains fresh participants.

You earn 15% as profit every time you close a sale. That means, for every transaction where you sell the products of the company, you have rewards that helps you earn more money. On the other hand, when you recruit new participants that decided to be a distributor like you, you have a right to additional commissions when they(new recruits acting as a distributor) purchase any boconacco product. The chances of earning keeps increasing where your down line keeps adding to your earning potential.

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These buying and selling becomes interesting from a bigger perspective considering the value created by all participants in your team. You enjoy certain percentages for all indirect sales recorded by your team as a residual bonus. In order to become a distributor, you pay a nonrefundable fee of $99 where you have access to some business tools. The kind of business tools here is quite ambiguous but you are certainly going to enjoy privileges that a recruit can only dream about. However, as a distributor, you are not authorized to sell in either retail quantities or units.


Is Bocannaco a scam? NO. You will probably like this CBD franchise with their reasonable business plan that is a good way of making some side money. Besides you are safe knowing that you have put your money where your mouth is. But…..

I am currently part of the fastest growing team in the fastest growing network marketing company in the world. Over the next 2- 5 years, we will be helping a lot of people change their lives. You are more than welcome to try out Bocannaco but, if you are truly serious about building a CBD MLM business why not have the best possible tools to help you succeed and some free traffic. Check out this killer marketing system we are using.

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