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Ok, lets face it! CBD is where it is at in 2018 going into 2019!  CBD is the equivalent of E-Com in 2015/16 and Crypto in 2017. So, you want to know, how to start a CBD business? Well, in this post that is exactly what I am going to cover.

Let’s forget about the red tape and legalities for a minute.  You are going to need a supplier, a cheap shipping source, (including an intricate series of ropes and pulleys attached to a rather large conveyor) a marketplace, payment processing and last but not least customers.

Done…. Articles finished, best of luck to you.

Just Kidding. However, I’m not sure I could fully sum up the complexities of an how to start a CBD business in a single post let alone a full length novel. But what I can tell you , is that there is a far easier and much more efficient way to start a cbd business and you can even do it from home in  your underwear, while sitting at your computer.

The answer is the HempWorx. Over the course of 90 days in this course you will learn step by step how to start a CBD Business and you could potentially start earning in your first 24 hours. (watch this video now to find out how)

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging, even if you didn’t watch the video above!  Now, you are probably wondering, “how much is this 90-day CBD Challenge going to cost me?”  Drumroll…. 

Nothing. That’s right, its free. The only catch is that, you only get access to one video per day. Trust me once you get inside this How to start a CBD Business system, you are going to be sitting next to your computer at 12:01 am everyday waiting for the next video to be unlocked.  There is an option to upgrade and have all the videos unlocked (which I highly recommend) but that’s your call!

Let’s have a look at what you get inside the 90 Day CBD Challenge. 12 different weeks of training, each week has 7 videos (imagine that!) plus a Bonus week! 

Week one is all about setting up your CBD store, week 2 ahhh forget it I could sit here and type out all the weeks , etc.  But, I think you are ready for a screen shot!

That is a ton of value right there, basically everything you could possibly need to start a cbd business. Whether you get it one day at a time or all at once, you can do this! For my full written and video  review of the 90 Day CBD Challenge click here

Register for The 90-Day CBD Challenge Now

Now, you are probably wondering how to start a CBD Business and actually start to make money just by joining this 90 Day CBD Challenge. The answer is pretty simple and we actually see examples of it everyday whether we realize it or not.

Affiliate Marketing, in this case CBD Affiliate Marketing. Basically these guys are masters in the game of Affiliate Marketing. Chris Record and Peter Sorenson created the 90-day E-Com Challenge a couple years back and referred thousand and thousands of people to Shopify netting the largest single month affiliate check ever issued by Shopify!

No conveyors, no intricate series of ropes and pulleys! These guys teamed up with one of the worlds leading CBD Companies HempWorx, so the products, shipping, and payment processors are all taken care of. All you have to worry about is finding the customers (which there is no shortage of).

Essentially the cost to Upgrade to a full on member of the 90 Day CBD Challenge is covered when you become and Executive Distributor with Hempworx and on top of all the CBD training, you get access to a crap ton of affiliate training videos, a whole bunch of lead capture pages, motivation, mindset training, the list goes on and on.

Register for The 90 Day CBD Challenge Here

I almost forgot about access to Chris Records Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course, which is 100 approx. 10 minute videos each detailing a different strategy or marketing lesson.  Ready for another Screenshot?

And that’s only 17 of 100!!!

Alright, that’s enough from me. The way I see it, you came her to learn how to start a cbd business from scratch and I have given you 2 viable options.  Join the 90-Day CBD challenge, or head to your local hardware store and stock up on ropes and pulleys! The choice is yours my friend.


5 thoughts on “How to Start A CBD Business from Scratch! 90 Day Challenge!

    1. Unfortunately the 90 Day Challenge is only available to members of our team, however….. if you are part of the Power Team in any way shape or form the 90 Day Challenge is going to be changing into the Power Team system and will be open to a whole bunch more Hempworx/MDC Distributors.

    2. Unfortunately the 90 Day Challenge is only available to members of our team, however…If you are any way associated with the Power Team, the 90 Day Challenge will soon be changing into the Power Team System and will be open to a lot more people.

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