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Recovering Alcoholic/Addict Reveals How to Make Money Online in 2019 Selling “Pot”!

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make money online 2019

Want to know how this recovering alcoholic/addict makes money online in 2019  selling “pot”?  Well, here we go.

First of all, I should elaborate. I do not sell pot, well technically I don’t sell anything! What I do is I promote a 90 Day CBD Challenge and get paid, but more on that later…..

Learn to Make Money Online in 2019

I will start with a little background info.  I got clean and sober almost 9 years ago. When you give up your ‘best friend” in the world you end up with a lot of time and energy on your hands. We all know what they say about “idle hands”!

About a year into my recovery, I was out on the town one Friday night. Like any sane recovering alcoholic/addict I was slamming a coffee from Starbucks (a Caramel Macchiato actually) and strolling through Chapters  (nice little Friday Night) when I came to the Business section.

After about 90 minutes of blissful searching I settled on How to Start an Online Business for Dummies. The rest is history…..

I didn’t make a dime for the first 4 years!!!

Then I struggled for another 3 years! I tried everything!  T-shirts, Adwords, Surveys, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook, InstaGram, MLM, Direct Sales.  

make money online 2019

I was making the odd commission but I was spending about 100 X more on traffic and training!  If you are still reading this you are either laughing at me or empathizing with me!

Anyways, back to how I make money online in 2019  (if it is still 2018 don’t worry its just a keyword, damn SEO courses)  So, yeah I found this 90 Day CBD Challenge and I did what any sane “internet marketer” would do……  

I entered my name and email… then I scraped together enough money to upgrade and become an Executive Distributor for one of the top CBD MLM Companies in the world.

Within 48 hours I made my first commission.

So many of the Gurus teach us that you can succeed in any company if you just do the work and talk to people, develop relationships and do your follow up.  To a point I agree, but…..

Sometimes, a hot opportunity combined with a brilliant marketing system does the trick! That is how this recovering alcoholic/addict is making money online in 2019 (damn you SEO). The 90 Day CBD Challenge is a brilliant marketing system (that only our team has access to) for a CBD MLM Company called HemWorx.

So, the process goes something like this, you create a free account with the 90 Day CBD Challenge. The CBD Challenge is connected to HempWorx via API so as soon as you opt in for the Challenge instantly become a Pre-Enrollee with HempWorx.

HempWorx then starts sending you emails a cpl times a week telling you how many people are below you and that the cut off day for upgrading is coming up.  (Fear of Loss marketing is super powerful) 

As you start going through the 90 Day CBD Challenge videos you are told of all the advantages of being an Executive member plus rather than receiving 1 video a day for 90 days you can unlock all the videos by upgrading.  (another brilliant marketing strategy.

So, all this combined with the fact that CBD is the hottest niche in the make money online space. Kind of like E-Comm in 2015/2016 and Crypto in 2017, CBD is where it is at for 2018 going into 2019.  

Cash in on the Green Rush by Registering for the 90 Day CBD Challenge

For anyone reading this that is currently tisk tisking me for promoting CBD considering my sordid past, I should add that CBD is not a drug and does not get you high and in many studies has been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal from certain drugs.  CBDis available in 0% THC and also Full Spectrum which contains something like 0.03% THC which will not get you high but in some rare cases could show up on a drug test. ***Disclaimer***  If you haven’t figured it out yet I am not a Doctor so do your due dilligence.

I am going to end this post by saying thank you for reading how this recovering alcoholic addict makes money online in 2019.  I am so happy that I am clean and sober, aside from the fact that I would have probably never picked up that copy of How to Make Money Online for Dummies and never fell down the make money online rabbit hole. I also would not own my home, have a wife and two beautiful daughters and I should also include that I would probably still be driving a 1998 Sunfire as opposed to my F150 FX4!

Alcoholism and Addiction are real issues, if you know someone who needs help let me know, or find a local AA or NA meeting.  There is no such thing as a lost cause!

For a Full Review of The 90 Day CBD Challenge Click Here


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