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It seems everywhere you look today, there’s some kind of “make money” opportunity out there. Someone trying to sell you on a “system” or a “secret” for making money from home in a home business, and maybe you’ve fallen for this before. And once you pay your $199, or $699, or however much the package is, what then? You might have a lot of training, and some systems, and complicated things to figure out. But when you actually need help, where are these people? Where are these gurus that got you into this in the first place? “Oh yeah, we forgot to tell you, if you want real help, if you want real personal attention, and coaching, and mentorship, its an extra $9,999.” I mean do these guys really make their money from doing what they’re teaching you, or do they make their money from convincing you that they’ve got the “secret,” and keeping you addicted to the next training, and the next level, and the next mastermind? You see the reasons that most people fail in a home business is not necessarily because the product’s bad, or because the system’s bad, or because even the training is not there.

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It’s one of two things, it’s either they’re just not willing to do the work, let’s face it, success takes hard work in anything, and if you’re just looking for a get rich quick, or you’re lazy, you’re probably one of those people who’s gonna keep buying the next system, and the next system, because you’re looking for the easy way. You’re an easy target for people who are just looking to sell systems to people, okay. But if you’re truly somebody who understands that hard work is willing to put the effort in, and wants to have real success in a real business, what you may be missing is a personal connection to a real mentor and coach who’s gone before you, who’s built the exact kind of business that you’re looking to build, and is willing to invest their time, effort, and energy to help you achieve those levels of success.

See, if coaching is even available in most of these programs, the person that you thought would coach or mentor you is either totally inaccessible, or they’re gonna charge tens of thousands of dollars for direct access to them. Or the good old disappearing Upline trick! The guy or girl who was all over you while getting you to sign up and then, POOOF! Gone!

See if you want to succeed in a home business, there’s three key elements that are non-negotiable. So the first thing you’re gonna need is an offer. You’re gonna need a product or service that’s viable, or better yet, a collection of products and services, that’s viable in the marketplace, that people want and will desire, and will be willing to exchange their money for. Digital products were all the rage a couple of years back, however the trend seems to be heading back to physical products and the traditional Network Marketing model.

You also of course need the systems and infrastructure to support delivering that to the marketplace, marketing it, handling customer service, all those sorts of things. The second thing you’re gonna need is training and education, preferably through a community atmosphere, where you can exchange ideas, or you can learn and grow as you develop your business. Now you can reinvent the wheel, or you can tap into an existing platform, which is wonderful, too. But the third thing you’re gonna need, regardless of what you choose to do, and it’s the thing that I think is sorely missing, and that we’re talking about here, is a personal relationship with a coach or mentor who has gone before you, who has created success doing exactly what you’re looking to do, and is willing to invest their time, effort, and energy in helping you achieve your success, too.

Now you take those three ingredients, and you put ’em into this big oven that we’ll call hard work, and that’s where success comes from, okay. Now of course investing in yourself is always gonna be a requirement of success to some level, there’s no free ride, but what if we could make that kind of coaching and mentorship that we’re talking about, that personal connection, available to everyone? It would normally cost five and six figures, it would be totally inaccessible to most people. What if we could make it more available? Well we can, and we have, through our Team Inspire team…

We have a product in the hottest niche on the planet, we have a system that is unlike anything seen in the industry. With our 90 Day Challenge Marketing System combined with the suite of marketing tools our company provides we get the best of both worlds with good old Carrot and Stick tactics. Pain and Pleasure.

Lastly, we have coaching and community. Group Coaching from two 8 figure income earners! Two Facebook groups : one focusing on belly to belly relationship marketing, the other focusing on hardcore internet marketing. The two s are led by our Upline who are both 7 Figure earners who make themselves available to us basically 24/7.

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  • It seems everyone who has been on the internet for awhile has been victim to the bait and switch when it comes to joining unreputable online programs .These programs crank up the hype about earning potential and videos of big cars and houses.Then soon as you join you are left in alone in shark infested waters .With no paddle or do not even know how to swim .Wealth Affiliates is the best program with ethics and help

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