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How to Excel in Network Marketing!

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excel in multi level marketing

In this post I am going to cover, how to excel in network marketing. I am going to outline exactly what you must do if you ever want to excel in network marketing. I am also going to go over a few things that you must not do if you ever want to excel at multi level marketing.

First things first, you absolutely have to recruit people into your network marketing business. Sure you could make a couple hundred bucks a month just by simply selling products but you will never hit Diamond, Double Diamond, Platinum Crown or whatever the highest rank is in your company unless you are recruiting other reps into your network marketing business.

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How to Excel in Network Marketing Chapter 1

excel in multi level marketingThere are 3 ways you can go about recruiting people into your network marketing business, each of them has there own benefits but there are setbacks with all three as well, lets dive into the three:

  1.  Belly to Belly.  This is how the whole network marketing industry started, good old face to face meetings.  I know, I know, its 2018 who the hell does anything face to face anymore. The bottom line is this method still works today. I always hear of people leaving home every morning with 5 pennies in their left  pocket. Each time they talk to someone about their products or business opportunity they would simply take one penny from their left pocket and place it in their right pocket. The goal being to have 5 pennies in your right pocket by the end of the day. If you want to excel in network marketing you could definitely employ this habit, talk to 5 people a day for 30 days that’s 150 people. If you have a  10% success rate that’s 15 new people into your business in a month.
  2.  The Phone.  Sam…..Hey cousin Bill, I just tried this new weight loss shake and not only does it taste awesome but you really need to lose some weight so you should try it too!                                                      Bill……  Well heck yeah I need to lose some weight and so does my wife, I will take a case of dem der weight loss shakes….      You get the drift! Except in this day and age we don’t even need to call anyone we could just text them.  If you want to excel in multi level marketing you  had best start texting your cousin Bill, aunt Harriet and even your 2nd grade teacher. Text or call your entire contact list, set appointments for a phone call and then follow up. I get it these examples are a little far fetched but I am simply trying to make a point. You will see shortly!
  3. Online  Did you know  that you can recruit someone into your business and never even have a conversation with them. Send traffic to a capture page, have automated emails go out to them and by message 17 boom you might have your first sign up.  Sound to good to be true, 99% of the time it is. You would not believe how many people on teams that I have built have emailed me saying, “Hey Jay, whats up man, I have had 38 hits on my link and I still have’t made any money… What gives?”  I then have to explain to them that a hit on your link is not even a lead it just means someone clicked on the link, saw the capture page and said, “piss off, I am not filling out another one of these.”  Send me a another message when you have had 6000 hits!  If you want to excel at network marketing online is a fantastic place to start but guess what? You guessed it, bust out your pennies again only this time start with 20 pennies in your left pocket. Connect with at least 20 people a day, a percentage of these people will engage in conversation and a small percentage will be open to a new business opportunity.

How to Excel in Network Marketing Chapter 2

OK, so we have a rough idea what we need to do if we want to excel in multi level marketing. We need to talk to a lot of people about our business. The problem is that 90% of people will never even do this, they still think that sharing a link is all they need to do.  Spamming your link into a million Facebook Groups, or plastering your wall with links will never build you a six figure network marketing business.

So, why don’t we all just go out and do what it takes to excel in network marketing? Fear! Fear! Fear! I am guilty of this as well.  I used to care what people thought about me, I still do. The only difference is that my passion has grown larger than my fear so I am willing to get out of my comfort zone. Fear is normal, we are human. When fear stops you from living the life you deserve that’s a problem.

Grab some pennies, put them in your pocket and go out and get some no’s! Most people are really polite about it, and even when they say, No! It doesn’t really mean, No! It means not right now, 6 months, a year down the road when you are still grinding away building your business some of those No’s will turn into Yes’s.

Just go out and start talking to people, belly to belly, on the phone,or even online.  You can make videos on Youtube, message people on Facebook and Instagram, communicate via your blog like I do!  (Shameless plug…… This is where I learned How to create a Blog)

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How to Excel in Network Marketing Chapter 3

excel in network marketingBy the way this will be my final chapter.

Me….  ” Hey Rick, how many books did you read this year?

Rick….  ” I read 30 books last year”

Me…     “Wow Rick, that’s fantastic. How many people did you recruit into your business this year”

Rick…..  “Two”

Me…..  “Hmmnn only two…  Rick, How many books are you going to read next year?’

Rick……  ” Fifty”

Me…..   (eye roll)

Reading is awesome, reading is fantastic, but if we are not implementing what we learn from these books, reading is pointless. The same goes for training’s and webinars. It doesn’t matter how many webinars we attend or how much money we spend on training’s. If we are not implementing what we learned they are pointless.

It is so easy to fall into the personal development trap, book after book, course after course! Sure, they make us feel good but at the end of the day its a trap.  If we are stuck in a trap we are not doing the income producing activities that actually get us paid.

At the end of the day nothing of what I have said here is new! Its common sense, unfortunately common sense goes out the window when it comes to building a network marketing business. That’s why there is such a high percentage of people who quit before they even make back their initial investment.

How to Excel at Multi Level Marketing Conclusion.

To sum it up, if you want to excel at network marketing you need to recruit other reps or distributors into your business. To do this you will need to actually build your network.  To build your network you actually need to go out and build relationships. You can do this the old fashioned way or online, it doesn’t matter. But if you are not connecting with people and sharing the opportunity with them you will not excel in network marketing.

You have probably heard the saying, Some will, some won’t, who cares? Next!

This is so true, If you want to build a team of people that actually duplicates you will probably need at least 3 people on your team that excel in network marketing! Guess how many people you will need to recruit into your business to get those 3?

Well, 30% of people will do nothing, zero, zilch, nada..  30% will do something probably buy a couple products once or twice, 30% will do well for you, which means those 30% people will be average in network marketing terms which means they will personally sponsor 1.2 people.  The last 10% will be above average and if you are lucky 3 of those 10 will be Rockstars. So you basically need to recruit about 100 people to really excel in network marketing.

I know, 100 people may sound like a daunting number but…… do you know the only way to eat an elephant?

One Bite At A Time!!

Happy Hunting…


9 thoughts on “How to Excel in Network Marketing!

  • This is a great post on the break down of whats needing to be done while building your Network Marketing business. I’ve personally always considered myself to be that 10% that is the Rockstar. Even though it’s not always easy to get up off your butt and do what’s needed to be done, you have to no matter what keep pushing yourself toward your goal. Like you said who cares if they don’t do anything. It’s just one step closer to someone who will. The Rockstar! Move out of your fear and always keep in mind your end goal. Great info! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Zach, I love hearing from other RockStars! At the end of the day we determine our own success and the only way to get success is through consistent daily action!

  • Jay, great post. You have captured the essence of MLM marketing. Initially it is the fear of going out and networking with people. What will my friend/relatives think; What will people think of me?? These are the thoughts that run through the mind. I liked the concept of carrying pennies and measuring your hit rate and conversion rate and beautifully summarised into the 3 steps – Belly to Belly, Phone, Online and using social media to its fullest. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  • I like this. I love multi-level marketing. I’ve been wanting to know how to do network marking WITHOUT meeting people face to face. This is good info. Is there more?

    1. Thanks Lane, MLM is the better way and I will be doing a post all about network marketing online! There is a right way and a wrong way and more often than not people are doing it the wrong way! Thanks again for the comment.

  • This is a very exhaustive article about network marketing. I had joined one before but as you said I am not so comfortable meeting people inviting them to join or buy my products. Obviously I did not succeed and I left. I see others succeeding but I think I was doing it the wrong way. As you had pointed out, to be successful in this type of business you need to overcome the fear of rejection or what others would say about you. It is also a skill that needs to be developed and applied.

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