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Live The High Life with The High Life Travel Rewards Program.


The High Life Travel Rewards Program solves the #1 problem with Travel MLM Companies…..


You sign up with another travel MLM, you are looking at anywhere from $199 to $300 in upfront costs, not to mention the $30 to $60 it will cost you a month.

Ok, now lets say you use your travel rewards program to actually get a discount on your trip once a year. (only once because you have to travel with other people from your “company” oh and only on certain dates)

And you save $250..

Is it worth it?

Check Out This Travel Rewards Program

Now lets factor in the amount of money the average “distributor” makes in one of these travel mlm companies.

$325 per year, not including business costs, oh and 71% of people never make a dime, so that average is actually more like $30 or less.

Anyways, you see where I am going with this.

Travel Specific MLM companies suck…

The concept is good its just the average person is dead in the water. You can’t put a BV on travel savings so the only way to pay distributors is through money collected from the start up and monthly costs to be active.

Customer retention sucks because their is no consumable product and lets face it, the average person goes on like one vacation every 2 years.

What if there was a Travel rewards Program that was actually linked to a company that had a product driven opportunity attached to it.

The High Life Travel Rewards Program Difference..

high life travel rewards program

First of all, the cost is $29/month or $299/year.

Boom, end of post…..

No but really, the cost for one year is less than the competitors start up cost. never mind the extra $500-$700 you would pay in monthly fees.

The High Life Travel Rewards Program difference comes from the fact that it is really just a perk for affiliates of My Daily Choice.

Travel only MLMs suck but, I never said that MLM sucked..

My Daily Choice Launches High Life Rewards Program!

My Daily Choice is the #1 fastest growing Network Marketing Company in the world.

HempWorx is one of the companies under the My Daily Choice Umbrella and we all know what is going on with HempWorx.

HempWorx is the Bomb, it is literally blowing up right now.

Well, last weekend at the My Daily Choice convention in Las Vegas they announced the launch of their new Hemp Haircare Products, their new Brand called Mantra Essential Oils and they also announced the launch of the High Life Travel Rewards program.

I could honestly go on for days but, when you join the High Life Travel Rewards Program you become a customer of my daily choice.

Pay the one time $20 Affiliate fee and you can go ahead and start a global business, promoting High Life Travel, Mantra Essential Oils, HempWorx CBD and Hemp Products and last but not least the My Daily Choice Nutritional Sprays.

High Life Travel Rewards Program

The High Life Travel Rewards program is just one of the tools inside of My Daily Choice arsenal that you can use to build your global empire.

Travel Only MLMs don’t really work, not long term anyways. And why tie yourself down to one niche, when you can be a part of something so much bigger.

I am gonna go out on a limb here and invite you to have a look at the High Life Travel Rewards Program Presentation, check out the savings on hotels and such.

Then, think about it for a minute or two and sign up here once you have done that, I will be in touch.

That’s when we can talk about getting you free traffic to your My Daily Choice Business!!


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