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HempWorx Vs CTFO. Which One Should you Join?

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I am not a CBD Connoisseur by any means so lets take that argument off the table right now. When it comes to Hempworx vs CTFO there is a clear cut winner and my reasoning is based purely on a business standpoint.

Let’s even take the compensation plan off the table, CTFO people say their Comp Plan is the best, HempWorx people say their Comp Plan is the best. At the end of the day the comp plan doesn’t matter if you are not making any sales.

What do you need to make sales? Well, it all boils down to marketing. Keep that in mind for a minute…. But first lets cover, the Owners..

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HempWorx Vs CTFO Owners

Ctfo and HempWorx both come from the same humble beginnings, neither started out as a CBD specific company.

Changing The Future Outcome was originally launched as Chew The Fat Off, a weight loss MLM, headed up by Stuart Finger.

Funny story…. one third of the Comp Plan is based around these Copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions that have never before been seen in the industry yet in Fingers last MLM Company, Guided BY God had an eerily similar pay plan called Copyrighted Phantom Matrix Positions.

Oh and $27 of every $49 product gets paid to the affiliates, but wait 100% of that $27 gets paid to affiliates.. This is just a fancy way to say that their comp plan pays out %54..

So far this company designed for the people doesn’t seem to be for the people but rather for the Owners…

I am not going to lie, I had CTFO pegged as my #3 CBD MLM Company of 2019 but after posting that to my website in my post titled, The Top 5 CBD MLM Companies of 2019, I received comments and emails stating that people were not getting paid and were “mysteriously” losing their DownLines. I have since moved it down the list to the #5 CBD MLM Company to join.

I hope they have sorted out their issues, the number of complaints I have received has went down.

HempWorx on the other hand is a subsidiary of My Daily Choice. My Daily Choice was founded by Josh Zwagil, who recruited and then married Jenna now Jenna Zwagil.

Jenna had used CBD Oil and proposed the idea of bring CBD under the My Daily Choice umbrella. Long story short, HempWorx was born and Jenna Zwagil became the #2 MLM Income Earner in the world!!

When it comes to ownership in the case of CTFO Vs HempWorx I would say that HempWorx definitely has the more transparent ownership and Jenna is in the trenches everyday helping everyone have success.

But Nevermind That…..

HempWorx Vs CTFO Marketing!

Remember when I wrote about the comp plan not meaning crap unless you are making sales. Well like my buddy Russel Brunson says, “in order to make sales you need an irresistible offer”

Every person I have come across marketing CTFO is driving traffic to their replicated Company website. Come on,,, Really?

When I googled CTFO Marketing Systems, you know what came up?

Postcards and some crappy lead capture page builder…..

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong in the comment section below this post, but in my opinion CTFO really needs to step up their marketing game if they truly want their affiliates to succeed.

Now lets have a look at the Hempworx Marketing system….

Ok, so inside the My Daily Choice back office there are multiple capture pages and each of those capture pages also pre-enrolls the prospect into the PowerLine for free.

Every time someone in the PowerLine upgrades and becomes an affiliate and email is sent out to everyone above said person telling them that if they do not upgrade by Thursday night at midnight they will lose out on all that volume forever.

The Fear of loss is a powerful thing. Then there is the Power Team System.

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Carrot and Stick Marketing

The MDC Power Team System is a marketing system that is unrivaled in the industry, top notch capture pages, tracking, autoresponder sequences. etc. In the case of that old adage about the carrot and the stick, the my daily choice marketing system would be the stick and the MDC Power Team System would be the carrot. The MDC Power Team System provides so much value and walks the prospect through the process of joining as an affiliate in the process. Win Win…

Now, if that wasn’t enough there is the Executive Rotator. Anyone who signs up to the MDC Power Team System through this link and upgrades to an Executive will receive free targeted traffic directly to their power team link. That traffic could turn into pre-enrollees and has the potential to put $200 Commissions into your wallet.

I am gonna throw one more carrot at you, anyone who joins as an executive through any link on this page will also be entered into our Team Inspire Rotator. You guessed it, more free traffic.

Team Inspire is a team inside of the Power Team with a huge focus on Internet Marketing. Not only will you benefit from the rotator but also the knowledge of one of the biggest Internet Network Marketers in the world!

HempWorx Vs CTFO

To Sum It Up

Now, I’m not sure but a pattern is starting to emerge her when it comes to HempWorx Vs CTFO. When it comes to ownership, would you rather CTFOs’ shady history or the transparency of HempWorx and My Daily Choice.

In the case of marketing systems HempWorx is the clear cut winner. Just remember if you want access to the MDC Power Team System (which I recommend) you need to join through a link like this.

Now I am not gonna lie, CTFO is a successful CBD MLM, regardless of any issues they may have had in the past. But when it comes to HempWorx Vs CTFO why not go with the company and the team that is going to give the average network marketer the best chance to succeed.

HempWorx combined with the MDC Power Team System does just that!

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