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First of all thank you for checking out my Finish Line Network Review. In this review I will be outlining what you get, what it will cost you and how you can make money by joining Finish Line Network. I am going to try to give you an unbiased opinion of this company however I will not be promoting FLN for reasons I will elaborate on below.

What Is Finish Line Network?

Finish Line Network ReviewOK so Finish Line Network aka FLN is a brand new direct sales/network marketing company. The company is planning to launch on or around September 13th 2018, so as of the time I write this post there are currently 22 days 2 hours until launch. FLN was brought to my attention by Mack Mills who is a huge online marketer and probably the master distributor for the company. I created my pre-launch account so I could dive a little deeper into what Finish Line Network actually is as I have been hearing about it since mid July.

Now I must admit upon creating my account I was instantly confused, the conformation email took me to the Traffic Authority website, Traffic Authority is a lead generation solution for marketers with an affiliate program attached to it. I am going to assume that Traffic Authority is going to be a part of Finish Line Network.

Fast Forward a couple of minutes and again I was a little confused, the first step we are to take upon joining Finish Line Network is to download the FLN app. When I hit the Google Play download I was taken to the Online Sales Pro app. Online Sales Pro was really popular a couple of years ago and while I was never a fan many marketers did use it successfully.

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The Finish Line Network Leadership Team

Joel and Kitty Kellman (Online Sales Pro Owners)

Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, Chad Stavely (Traffic Authority Owners)

Paul Counts (Digital Marketer) (Company unknown)

How Much Will Finish Line Network Cost Me?

Silver Membership ($47 per month) you get access to Online Sales Pro

This is why I won’t be joining FLN, OSP lost a lot of their clients and last summer in an attempt to rebuild started offering OSP lifetime access for $27 on JV Zoo with a $1 trial, how can they turn around and expect people to pay $47 a month again.

Gold Membership ($130 per month or a 3-year subscription for $2,997) you get access to a monthly virtual live event, a complete suite of internet marketing and traffic conversion training.

I wouldn’t do the 3-year option in fear that the company is still not around.

High Ticket Live Events Digital Domination Jan 2019 ($997)

Flagship Series ($1997) Email Profits on Demand

FLN ReviewAll In ($????) includes 3 year silver and gold membership, email profits on demands, ticket to Digital Domination

Finish Line Network Review Comp Plan

This comp plan is set up in such a way that in order to maximize your earnings you really need to own all of the products, otherwise your commissions will be passed up to the next person or 2 people that have purchased said product. Not only that but in order to increase your profit maximizer rank you need to sell 6 packages in each of the tiers (as shown below). Considering most distributors recruit an average of 1.2 people you had better get to work.

Profit Maximizer: every time a sale is made 2 people get paid. The higher your rank the more you get paid, the ranks are.

  1. 1 Star – sell 6 silver packages
  2. 2 Star- sell 6 Gold Packages
  3. 3 Star- sell 6 Digital Products
  4. 4 Star- sell 6 Event Tickets

Bonus Pool

awards shares to any qualified affiliate (I am far too confused to write about this, lol)

Residual commissions split either 50/50 or 80/20 depending on your rank on Silver and Gold Memberships

In the video it states you do not need to purchase anything to participate in the comp plan however if you don’t own a product and someone you refer purchases said product the commission gets passed up to the 2 people above you (I personally do not like this kind of Comp Plan)

I apologize for my interpretation of the comp plan but I have watched the video 2 and a half times and I am dizzy!!

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Finish Line Network Review Conclusion

In my opinion FLN has combined 3 floundering companies (Online Sales Pro, Traffic Authority, and Not Sure??) and added some live events and high ticket training.

The comp plan is as such that you will be pressured into going “All In”  with the fear of missing out on commissions

They claim to have a secret traffic sources you can purchase traffic from (Traffic Authority) and claim that they will even buy your traffic back from you! This seems too good to be true.

At the end of the day there is no easy way to make money online and if you do not take massive action, you will never succeed online. The days of just driving traffic to an offer are done, sure you might get the odd signup but essentially people join people. Even if you are not currently a network marketing professional people will join you if they like, know and trust you especially if you have a vision that aligns with their beliefs.

I have said it before and I will say it again I am not in network marketing for the fame and fortune. I don’t need a Lamborghini or a massive mansion.  I am in network marketing so I can provide for my two young daughters, so I can afford to send them to college or university.  My short term goal is to make enough money so I can fence in my backyard so I can provide a safe place for my kids to play as they get older.

I personally will not be joining this company but if you do I wish you all the success in the world. Enjoy paying $47 a month for a product that you could have got lifetime access to just last fall for $27. I am sorry but that really bugs me.

Check out my video version of this  Finish Line Network Review below


Jay Otter

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