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So, I have been in the home based business arena for almost eight years now and, I have always steered away from discount shopping clubs. The reason why I have never paid much attention to these discount shopping clubs is because they really aren’t very sexy. I am always looking for that next hot product that, that next fad  or that next infamous Unicorn business opportunity  that is going to pay me for the next 10, 15 or even 20 years.

Discount Shopping Clubs generally offer first and foremost discount shopping but generally there is some sort of cashback or referral program attached to them.  These reward programs are hyped up and promoted to no end but when you dig in you realize that you either have to spend a boat load of money or refer a boatload of people. The cashback is usually right around 1 or 2% mark which is really low and equates to you having to, like I said spend a lot of money or refer a ton of people.

Anyways, to the point of my post I had never ever considered joining one of these discount shopping clubs until……  I was recently searching the top earners in the Network Marketing Industry and low and behold 3 of the top 25 income earners are from one of these shopping clubs. For an invitation to this exclusive discount shopping club simply fill out this form

The Best Discount Shopping Club

This virtual grocery store boasts incredibly over 400 products, has been in business for over 30 years and sells over $2 Billion dollars worth of products per year. Did I mention it is by invite only, so if you want to know more simply comment below and I will send you an invitation. This discount shopping club, aside from having over 400 eco-friendly and health conscious of their own products  has teamed up with over 300 different retailers like Home Depot, Macys, and, giving you up to 30% loyalty shopping dollars that you can use inside the online store immediately.

discount shopping clubEverything I do is for my kids, they are my life. My kids are also very young and very curious. I love knowing that they can rummage through our cupboards without worrying about them getting into some poisonous cleaning products, or worry about having to call poison control because they decided to eat half a tube of tooth paste.  This discount shopping club cares and they don’t mess around unlike some of the competitors like Johnson and Johnson, just check out this article about baby powder.

Now lets just look at a few of their product aisles, if you will: Vitamins and Supplements, Food and Weight Loss, Hot Beverages, Medicine Cabinet, Cleaning and Laundry, Skin Care, Hair Care and Essential Oils. Like I said over 400 products, eco-friendly and health conscious.

Oh and during your first 2 months as a preferred member you can purchase a home conversion pack for just $299 the mind blowing part is that the value of this home conversion pack is upwards of $900…

Remember how I was talking about the 1 and 2 % rewards or cash back, well when you refer someone to this discount shopping club you earn between 7 and 20% of what they order depending on how many people you have referred. Unlike most business opportunities I have seen online where you sign up a bunch of people only to find most people quit before they even start with this discount shopping club the average customer life is 66 months.  They also have a 96% reorder rate or retention rate if you will.

This company has paid out over 5.1 Billion dollars to their reps and in 2016 sent out over 200,000 cheques to normal people just like me.

Needless to say my opinion of these discount shopping clubs has definitely changed and I cannot wait to show you more. If you would like an invite simply fill out this form

This is by far the best discount shopping club I have come across in my years online, if you would like to know more about me and my journey feel free to check out my about Daddo page here

or you can watch the video below to check out just one of our amazing products.




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