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Crypto MLM Companies

In this post I am going to go over my picks for the Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021! Bitcoin crossed the $28,000 mark this morning and shows no sign of stopping. Make no mistake if you are involved in Network Marketing you are going to want to at least check out these Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021.

This post will not contain any, lotions, potions or pills! No coffee or Acai berries, No Shakes or wraps and definitely no CBD (CBD is sooo 2019/2020)! Mark my words Crypto MLM companies are going to flourish in 2021 as we side a wider adoption of cryptocurrency in 2021!

Just like the bull run back in 2017/2018 Crypto MLM Companies are going to start popping up all over the place, but just as fast as they pop up, many will disappear. While I always recommend doing your own research my list of the Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021 have either; solid marketing, a solid comp plan or a solid track record.

If you have never been involved in the crypto space, don’t worry. From my experience it is a heck of a lot easier than it was even back in 2017/2018 and a heck of a lot safer.

Without any further adieu, here is my list of the Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021, in no particular order:

Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021

  1. Bitlocity
  2. Bankroll Flow
  3. Daisy AI

While there will be No Referral Requirements for the first 48 Hours of the Daisy AI Launch, the requirements will kick in after that and if you do not refer people to Daisy AI it will be hard to ROI on the crowdfunding side of the opportunity alone even with spillover. That is why I have decided to launch my special Daisy AI Launch Bonus!!!I should also mention that my use of the word “companies” is not really accurate as some of these “companies” are actually smart contracts on the tron blockchain. But to keep things newbie friendly and for SEO reasons, I will be referring to these smart contracts as “companies”

Now let’s dive a little deeper into each of these Crypto MLM Companies

Bitlocity My Top Pick for Best Crypto MLM Company of 2021

I will start with Bitlocity. First and foremost because it is the easier of the three to get started in and the fact that you can already join the prelaunch for free. But even more importantly because it pays in Bitcoin and who doesn’t want to pump their Bitcoin Bags?

You can create a FREE account with Bitlocity here ***As a Bonus I will be sharing my Traffic with anyone who upgrades to the $75 level or above.

So What is BItlocity?

The Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021

Bitlocity is a Cryptocurrency Education and crowdfunding platform that has levels Starting at $25 in BTC and going all the way up to $100,000. Each level you purchase unlocks more and more training. Bitlocity is Not I repeat Not and Investment Platform!

Bitlocity is my Top pick for the Best Crypto MLM Companies of 2021, unlike Daisy AI you can already get pre-positioned for the launch coming up in January 2021. While there is no confirmed launch date they keep everyone constantly updated in their Telegram group and have already released the the beta version of the Bitlocity Mobile App. Over 55,000 people have already registered with Free Pre-launch accounts. You can check out their Telegram Channel here.

I highly recommend at least creating a free account so you can get pre positioned, the more people that join behind you the better, as you can earn $25 and $50 BTC payments over and over again in their company wide infinity line.

You DO NOT need to refer anyone to earn on the $25or $50 level. It doesn’t even matter who your sponsor is or isn’t. The earning is based on an infinity line.

You upgrade to the $25 level at 12;01 am the next person after you upgrades at 12;02 am you get $25 sent to your BTC wallet, congratulations you just broke even. The next person after you signs up at 12:03am you get another $25 but this time instead of $25 going to your Bitcoin Wallet the system automagically opens you up at brand new position at the end of the infinity line and the process happens all over again.. The same is true for the $50 level.

Yes, you can continue to receive $25 and $50 payments in Bitcoin directly to your Bitcoin wallet over and over again. You can join my Bitlocity Team For FREE Here As a bonus for joining my team, I will be sharing my traffic with anyone who joins at the $75 level or above!!

Bitlocity is going to be a monster and will definitely be in the Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021

The $75 level and above are not part of the infinity line and commissions are based on personal referrals. When you purchase the $75 level $10 is automatically taken for the Profit and Promotion fund. This $10 is used to keep the platform running as well as to reward the topp referrers each month. For a better understanding of all this you can refer to the video below.

The remaining funds are split equally between the unilevel and the High Speed one by 3 Matrix. If you only own the $75 package but you refer someone who buys the $100,000 package you will still get paid your share from the Unilevel side of the comp plan!! 

You can only earn in the 1 X 3 High Speed matrix on the levels that you actually own. and there is a pass up feature in the unilevel, but like I said watch this video and it will all make sense!

The main reason why I feel as though Bitlocity will be one of the Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021 is that there is something for everyone.

  • A way for normal people to earn passive crypto through the infinity line and upgrade to the higher levels of training using those funds.
  • A way for average Network Marketers to earn via the Uni-level and the one by three high speed Matrix
  • And incentive for Leaders to earn through the Profit and promotion fund.

Daisy AI

Daisy is a Crowd Funding/ Investment Opportunity and it will definitely be in the Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021 (remember not really a company but rather a Smart Contract)

Daisy AI is getting a ton of Hype and I love that part of your money is invested and the other part goes into the crowdfunding aspect of Daisy AI. With that being said, I feel as though this opportunity is better suited to people who can refer others to the opportunity.

You can join Daisy AI here

I mean, if you leave your funds in there for long enough I am pretty sure you will eventually ROI on the investment side but the crowdfunding side will really depend on your timing and your placement in the Matrix.

After January 4th I will have a link right here where you will get the best possible placement I can give you…

If you can refer others you will definitely make money on this but if you suck at recruiting you are better off to be conservative with your funds and only unlock the levels you are comfortable with.

The levels in Daisy AI go from $100 to over $50,000 in Tron.

Daisy crowd fund is a smart contract that is used to raise capital for technology companies. The 1st company that we are funding is Endotech, and the technology platform they are developing is Daisy, Decentralized AI System.

Daisy AI is the next generation of endotech’s trading technology, and will produce 4x the current trading performance.

The current AI systems have produced between 300% all the way up to 1000+% profits per year, depending on the strategies and risk. Endotech has never had a losing year, however past performance never guarantees future results.

With Daisy Crowd, every crowd fund contributor wins with stock equity and trading profit rewards, even if they never refer a single person. They can also earn on generations 1 and 2 of the 3×10 matrix spillover, also with no referrals.

50% of crowd funding packs 1-7, and 70% of 8-10 goes into high performance trading and profits can be withdrawn at anytime. The live trading accounts are used for the further development and testing of the Daisy AI system, and we will fund up to $500M into trading to fully prove the platofrms capacity before Endotech becomes a public company on the stock exchange.

46% of packs 1-7, and 27.3% of packs 8-10 goes into the referral plan, and pays out instantly through the smart contract.

70% of the trading profits go back to the contributor as profit rewards, and 15% goes to the referral plan as residual income.

crypto mlm companies

The top position is the crowd funding position, and will give $10M to endotech for Daisy AI. In exchange for this 10M, 10% of stock equity will be awarded, 5% divided to the contributors, and 5% divided among the pace setter qualifiers.

Daisy AI is an artificial intelligence trading platform developed by a company called EndoTech, that has some pretty amazing ROI’s. I think their lowest APY is something in the 300% per year vicinity and their top performing strategy had a profit of over 2,200%

Remember to join this top 3 Crypto MLM Company of 2021 as close to January 4th as possible to ensure you get the best possible position, Like I said on the 4th of January there will be a link right here!

Check out my Daisy AI Vs. Bitlocity post here

Last But not Least

Bankroll Flow

Bankroll Flow is a Beast and provides 365% APY on player deposits with passive play. When I joined about a month ago 1 BnkrX was worth 65 or 6 Tron today one BnkrX is worth almost 24 Trx.

You Can join Bankroll Flow here you will need to enter a Buddy Address Feel free to use mine and join my Team

Buddy Address TNbSjpqu6GWzyCDoBABoNW1N29efNmDgj5

The only reason I put Bankroll Flow as #3 on my list of the Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021 is because its not as easy to join as the other 3 and not really as newbie friendly.

First of all there are no referral links to share instead we have to share our Buddy Address (which is actually your Trx Wallet Address) and your referrals will have to manually enter your Buddy Address in the Buddy address slot on the Bankroll Flow website. (refer to image below)

The other reason why I put Bankroll Flow in the #3 spot is because there is a bit of a learning curve when getting started:

  • You need a Tron Wallet
  • You need some Tron
  • You need to swap your Tron for BnkrX using
  • Toggle The Swap Enabled Toggle to enable swaps
  • Enter the amount of Tron you want to swap to BnkrX
  • Once you have your BnkrX you need to go to
  • Enter this Buddy Address TNbSjpqu6GWzyCDoBABoNW1N29efNmDgj5
  • Toggle the Deposit Enabled Toggle to enable deposits
  • Then Deposit your BnkrX into the Bankroll Flow Contact

You instantly start generating your 1% Daily for 365 days which you have the ability to either Claim and Swap for TRX using SwapX or you can Roll your BnkrX back into the contact and essentially compound your daily gains.

Bankroll Flow could potentially be the #1 Crypto MLM Company of 2021 with over 18,000 “Players” and over $11,000,000 in locked Liquidity it shows no sign of slowing down. Below I will paste a little blurb from the Bankroll Flow website that explains the referral rewards plan.

Flow will never drain and operates very similar to farms, minting BNKRX rewards for participation over time.

By getting direct referrals and building teams players can accelerate how fast they ROI on initial deposits. Every direct referral by a player provides 10% income on deposits. An individual player can have an unlimited amount of direct referrals. Each direct referral becomes the head of a team chain, so a player can have an unlimited amount of team chains. This is true for EVERY player.

A player has one and only one buddy/upline and many teams/downlines. Each team chain earns additional rewards as withdrawals are made from up to 15 players in the team/downline.

A downline is a team of players linked by buddies/uplines. Each direct referral you have is the head of a downline in your team, so focus on organic referrals. Rewards in each generation of your downlines are as follows: 1st: 30%, 2nd – 5th: 10%, 6th – 10th: 8%, and 11th – 15th: 5%.

My Crypto MLM Strategy for 2021

Like I said at the beginning of this post, Crypto MLM Companies are going to pop up like crazy in 2021, the key is going to be picking the ones that offer the best rewards and the ones with the best chance of being around for longer than 6 months.

I got into Bankroll Flow and my plan is to just keep Rolling everyday until I get to the point where I can withdraw $50 or $100/day I am already at about $12/Day completely passively with no referrals and I may have invested about $200.

I had never considered starting a Team before but now that I see the potential that Flow has I am going to start referring others through this blog and my Youtube Channel. To join my team you can Enter this Buddy Address TNbSjpqu6GWzyCDoBABoNW1N29efNmDgj5 when you join before making your initial deposit.

With Bitlocity, my current #1 pick for best Crypto MLM Companies of 2021 I am going to pay my $25 registration fee and unlock the $25 and $50 levels to capitalize on those Recurring $25 and $50 BTC payments. I also plan on unlocking the $75 level to open up my unilevel position as well as the one by three high speed Matrix.

Then I am going to use my commissions to unlock the higher level packages. Remember, As a bonus for joining my team, I will be sharing my traffic with anyone who joins at the $75 level or above!! You can create a FREE Pre-Launch position here

Lastly with Daisy AI I am going to be conservative and just unlock the $100 level to start (I have been burnt before getting a crappy position in Matrix programs like Forsage) I am going to get in as early as I can and try to get the best position possible under a Top Leader! (I have been in direct contact with a couple)

I am not going to put too much faith in the “investment ” part of Daisy AI and rather focus on the crowdfunding aspect but, if payments start rolling into my Tron Wallet I will definitely be upgrading to some of the higher levels.

After January 4th I will have a link right here where you will get the best possible placement I can give you… as well as some other Team Benefits like free traffic, etc.

Crypto is the wild,wild West. So be careful! Never invest more than you can afford to lose. None of the above information should be taken as financial advice and there is absolutely no guarantee of success. DYOR before joining any Crypto MLM Companies

If you find another Crypto MLM Company you would like me to review feel free to drop it in the comments and I will check it out! This is My list of the Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021 and its based solely on my opinion, if you don’t agree, by all means let me know what your favourite Crypto MLM Company of 2021 is in the comments.

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