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Changing The Future Outcome was founded by brothers, Steve and Stuart Finger for weight loss, at least initially. It was formerly known as Chew the fat off. What a cheesy name! However, the company rebranded its scope putting other concerns into perspective. The extraction technique is based on carbon dioxide where the oil from the hemp plant is squeezed out with very low heat. This technique retains essential waxes and phytonutrients, keeping them in their natural state. In addition, the extraction is complemented with non-GMO  additives that soothe your body.

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Products are broad with tinctures and topicals available as well as dietary supplements that are free from psychoactive effects.

Changing The Future Outcome Business Opportunity

Changing The Future Outcome retailers purchase products at 20% discount on all orders and to really take part in the commissions and reward systems, you have to meet some requirements. To be part of commission beneficiary, you have to sign up for monthly autoship at $47.47. Compensation plan includes direct retail commissions where affiliates receive 20% from orders purchased from the website. This is quite good and serves as an incentive for participants to own and manage their online storefront.

The profits they earn is just straight up easy when you take into the equation the difference between earned commissions and the price attached to products on their websites or back office. Unilevel pay where commission is earned from 1st level recruits. Interestingly, there is no limit here as long as you put in work on your down line, increasing their numbers, you are safe.

The Changing The Future Outcome regenerating matrix plan allows you to earn 1% commission from all 21 levels. You do this by locking down the level 1recruits, nine level 2 members and then you take increments in multiples of three. To put it in proper perspective, there are eleven ranks available for the compensation program.

Changing The Future Outcome

Changing The Future Outcome Ranks!!

  • Affiliate: this here is the starting point where you sign up for free of course
  • Level 1 manager: here, you will recruit and manage one affiliate or retail customer who purchases products worth $47.47 per month.
  • Level 2 manager: you will find and manage two or more qualified affiliates or retail customers who has consistently purchased products worth $47.47 every month.
  • Senior manager: here, you recruit and manage three qualified affiliate and retail customers with an active purchase of products valued at $47.47.
  • Executive manager: you will find and manage four affiliate and retail customers that have purchased $47.47 worth of products over a 30-days period.
  • Vice President: you will manage five or more qualified affiliates and retail customers who have purchased $47.47 products in a month while generating $25,000 in down line sales over a 4-week period. This senior rank opens you to 4% infinity bonus rate.
  • Senior Vice President: you will find five affiliates and retail customers who purchase $47.47 worth of products in a month with $50,000 overall downline performance in 30 days. You are rewarded with 8% infinity bonus rate.
  • Executive Vice President: you will find five or more affiliates with a track record of $47.47 monthly purchase of products. Downline performance should hover around $100,000 recorded at 4-weeks interval. You are rewarded with 12% infinity bonus.
  • Presidential Director: you work with two qualified affiliates hammering a steady $47.47 monthly expenses on products. In addition, you take 3 active and passive executive vice president under separate unilevel team legs. 13.75% bonus is your infinity reward for the hardwork.
  • Senior Presidential Director: you earn 15.5% infinity bonus as your perks for being part of the highest rank where you manage 2 affiliates, 3 direct and indirect presidential directors on separate unilevel team legs. They all have to be consistent with monthly purchase of $47.47.
  • Executive Presidential Director: here, 3 direct or indirect senior presidential directors from separate unilevel team legs and 2 affiliates create 19% infinity bonus for you. They mist have good monthly performance of $47.47.
  • Top gun: two affiliates and three direct or indirect executive presidential directors occupying separate unilevel team legs bags 19% infinity bonus pool for you. The same requirement of $47.47 monthly value exchange exists across board.

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Retail commission is one of the reward system available where you enjoy 20% commission on retail orders. Both retail customers and affiliates are provided with an online storefront and website. This is a good one showing that disparities does not exist between both. To enjoy commissions, a beneficiary must spend $47.47 a month on any product or find new affiliates where retail customers also commits to monthly expenditure of $47.47.

On the other hand, Changing The Future Outcome residual unilevel commission is designed around a structure. The structure situates an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team with newer affiliates queuing up after one another. The unilevel under this category is capped to level 5 where an affiliate on level 1 earns 20% commission while enjoying 4% on other levels.

Changing The Future Outcome Residual matrix commissions are paid on a 3×21 matrix structure where an affiliate at the top of a matrix has three slots under for recruits and affiliates. As the upline continue to earn with new affiliates, the downline enjoy same privileges when fresh participants jump on the band wagon.

Top gun bonus is enjoyed by the number one affiliate earning a 6% reward of company-wide sales volume benefits. This commission is a parallel benefit across board to top gun affiliates but when they receive this benefit is not ascertained.


Changing the Future Outcome is probably # 5 on my list of The Top 5 CBD MLMs of 2019, I am not a fan of of the Comp Plan or the fact that so many people have commented on my posts complaining about losing their downlines, and not getting paid.

I hope that they have solved all the problems they were having a couple months back. After all we are all in this industry to make money, right?

My Team and I are having some pretty crazy success right now, we are not with CTFO but rather one of their competitors. We are actually part of the Fastest Growing Team in The Fastest Growing Company in the Direct Selling arena.

We have by far the best marketing system in the industry and if you join as an Executive through this link I can guarantee you FREEE Traffic!!! By this I mean free targeted traffic directly to your link from one of our 2 Team Rotators. Free Traffic means free pre-enrollees and potentially $200 commissions in your wallet!


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