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Can I get CBD Oil in Canada? The When, and How!

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CBD OIl in Canada

So there has been a lot of buzz around CBD Oil in Canda lately.  I personally had never given much thought to the subject, until recently.  I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and while chatting with a guy at work he told me about a friend of his who swears by CBD Oil for the treatment of his Restless Leg Syndrome. When I heard this I instantly started to research the subject, only to realize that buying or selling CBD oil in Canada is illegal regardless of the % THC it contained, for now!

The When…. + My Moms Story

CBD OIl in CanadaBecause we live in the beautiful country of Canada, as of October 17th, 2018 buying and selling CBD Oil in Canada will be 100% legal! Yeah! Only another month and a half!

My research was far from over! If CBD Oil helps people with Restless Leg Syndrome, who else can it help? In November of last year my mom was walking to the dentist in her home town of Cannington, Ontario all of a sudden she started to experience the worst headache she had ever had in her life. By the time she sat down in the Dentists chair she was throwing up and in serious amount of pain. The lovely people that work there wanted to call her an ambulance but being the stubborn woman she is, my mom convinced them to just drive her home.

A couple of hours later my mom was in the hospital.  My brother and I were at work when we got the call from her boyfriend Al. The Dr told her to contact her family because if she was having an aneurysm things could go south very quickly.  ( I will never forget that call) We raced up to the hospital to be with our mom. Later on that night the Dr came in and told us that our mother had not had an anneurysm (Thank you God) but rather a spontaneous brain hemorrhage. A spontaneous brain hemorrhage is not life threatening but is very painful and traumatic to the brain and requires a lot of time to heal.

It has been 10 months since that day and I hope my mom does not read this, but she is still not the same.  She gets tired easily, suffers from headaches and constant neck aches. My mom has always been a vibrant and outgoing woman but in the last year she has all of a sudden gotten old. I love my mom and I want her to get back to the way she was. Could CBD Oil be the answer?

Get Notified When CBD Oil Becomes Legally Available in Canada  by Clicking Here  


The How…. The Best Place to get CBD Oil

I found a video online from an episode of Dateline that says that CBD Oil can be an effective treatment for concussions, traumatic brain injury and CTE the disease that plagues a number of former football players. Well that did it, I was going to get my mom some CBD Oil (convincing her to take it will be a different story, she is old school lol)

I started researching the best CBD Oils, who makes them, and how I could get my hands on some. I just know my mom and she is not going to go to the Dr. and ask to get some so I am taking CBD Oil in Canadamatters into my own hands.  Time after time my research took me to one company, there are dozens of companies popping up all over the place claiming to have the best CBD Oils but after extensive research I found Kannaway. Kannaway is a sister company of Medical Marijuana Inc. one of the pioneers in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. They have been around the longest, have lab tested CBD Oils sourced from hemp grown in Northern Europe free of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

Then I got to work, seeing as Kannaway is a network marketing company as well as the worlds leading supplier of CBD oils, I started reaching out to some Brand ambassadors with the company and that’s when I got some exciting news, Kannaway is set to launch in Canada in the next 60 to 90 days. They already have all the logistics sorted out and have all the proper paperwork filed with our wonderful government so with any luck we will have CBD Oil in Canada sometime after October 17th 2018.

If you are interested in becoming one of the first Kannaway Brand Ambassadors  in Canada you can get more information here..

Or if you are in the US or Eu and would like to build a team in Canada Click here


CBD Oil in Canada Conclusion + My Aunts Story

When I first heard about CBD Oil In Canada I was at my aunts house, I had been doing a siude job down the road and decided to stop in for a visit. My aunt has fibromyalgia she has tried everything but until recently nothing had helped with the debilitating pain. She had progressed from Tylenol threes, to Percocet, to Oxycontin and then even to 100mcg/hour transdermal Fentynl patches. While the Fentynl seemed to help after over a year she found she was constantly vomiting. Thats when the Dr let her try CBD Oil.

Shortly after trying out CBD Oil my aunt noticed she was feeling better, she was no longer confined to her house. She was able to go out and help in the Greenhouse they owned. By no means was she cured but she was thrilled to tell me that she was feeling better than she had in years.

With so many stories of almost miraculous healing, we can no longer ignore the fact that CBD Oil somehow helps with certain conditions (for a list of such conditions go here)     I personally cannot wait to place my first order with Kannaway and get some CBD Oil in Canada.  Nevermind my Restless leg Syndrome I can live with that. My first bottle is going to my mom and no matter what it takes I am going to get her to try it because I can’t live without her!

Jay Otter

I am currently not a Brand Ambassador with Kannaway but you can bet I will be! I am on a short list of people to be one of  the first Kannaway reps in Canada and I would love to have you on my team! Feel free to comment below if you are interested in joining me. The Cannabis Industry will be one of the fastest growing markets in 2018 and beyond and this is your chance to not only profit from it but also your chance to help someone you love by sharing Kannaways life changing products. To learn more about my MLM journey go here







14 thoughts on “Can I get CBD Oil in Canada? The When, and How!

  • Thank you for sharing your personal story with your post. I have seen CBD oil work for many people, it truly is amazing. I didnt know it was about to be legal in Canada, thats great news!

  • Hi Jay! I’m so glad to hear that CBD oil is legalizing in Canada! that is very exciting news to help so many people! It’s still hit and miss state by state in the US as I understand it, which is unfortunate as it has the potential to be such a benefit to many in pain. As a Pilates instructor, I deal primarily with people who have a lot of pain in their everyday movement and those who have been able to try CBD oil report a marked improvement. I’m so glad you are bringing to light a great company and program that will no doubt come to the aid of many! Keep up the great work!

  • This seems to be a very promising business venture. I never knew much about this product itself. But I will continue reading your articles so I would learn more as time passes by. Will surely get back here!

  • Hi Jay, I have heard many great things about CBD oil, it seems to offer help for a wide range of problems. I can understand people wanting to try it if their prescribed medication isn’t working for them any longer. Even though its legal here in the UK GP’s won’t prescribe it, and it still have a bit of a ‘stigma’ hanging over it, but I’m sure in time this will decrease once people become aware of the help it offers. Good luck with your business venture with CBD oil, hope it is a success.

  • Wow, your story is very inspiring. I have heard of CBD Oil and what it can do to help people with their pain. I’m glad to hear, Kannaway is a sister company to Medical Marijuana and free of harmful chemicals. That gives much credibility to CBD Oil.

    My Dad, years ago, was in horrible pain for many years and doctors had no idea what was causing it and they had him on marijuana pills. It did take the pain away for about 4 months but with his other meds it eventually was not effective. This was many many years ago and I’m sure this CBD Oil is more effective.

    I look forward to hearing how it works for your Mom and I wish her well. I hope it helps you too.

  • This is an amazing guide for getting access to CBD oil in Canada, especially because it’s going to be accessible very soon. I have friends in Canada (I’m a worldwide traveler) and think they will find this article very useful. A couple of them know the great benefits it provides so I’m sure they’re going to jump on the wagon asap! Cheers for the help.

  • Very interesting article. Never knew about CBD oil so in a way it opened my eyes. Thanks for sharing this info through a personal story of yours. I will definitely read more of your articles.

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