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CBD MLM in Canada? The Little Known Loophole that is Making Canucks Major Money!

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cbd mlm in canada

If you are anything like myself, you have been looking for a way to capitalize on the “Green Rush” since last Spring.  Given my history in Network Marketing  I began looking for a CBD MLM in Canada. I was all set for October 17th 2018 (the day pot became legal). I had a top position lined up with arguably the # 1 CBD MLM on the planet, I had several people ready to jump on board with me and we were ready to crush it.

Then, as we drew closer October 17th, it became apparent that our Government would be the only ones allowed to sell pot and other products like CBD Oil for the foreseeable future. The company I had secured a top position with decided to postpone their launch in Canada indefinitely.

Back to the drawing board…….

***Warning*** This post contains Good and Bad News………….

Lets start with the Good News.  Its been about three months since October 17th came and went but my dream to build a team in a CBD MLM in Canada remained.  That is when I came across a little known Loophole that is making Canadians as well as people in up to 150 different countries a crap ton of money……. The 90 Day CBD Challenge.

I have been in the network marketing Industry for over six years and to this date I have never seen a marketing system the likes of the 90 Day CBD Challenge. So I did what any sane network marketer would do, I entered my name and email. Wow am I ever glad I did.

It turns out that there is a CBD MLM Company in Canada,,, get ready for the bad news……

cbd mlm in canada

We still cannot buy or sell CBD in Canada (get ready for the loophole). The 90 Day CBD Challenge is essentially a marketing system for HempWorx (probably the #2 CBD MLM online) Hempworx is owned and operated by the owners of My Daily Choice. 

Anyone in Canada can sign up as a distributor in MY Daily Choice by purchasing a product package of either  nutritional sprays or their Daily Cash Back Travel program.  Once you are a member of My Daily Choice you are allowed to promote the HempWorx business to anyone either directly or indirectly as stated above.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a video with instructions on how to join the 90-Day CBD Challenge.

Ready for some more Good News?

Remember the 90 Day CBD Challenge I mentioned above, our team marketing system for the HempWorx business opportunity? Well there are 2 options Free or the Upgraded, Unlocked version.  (this is where things get interesting.

If you are in the States and are a member of our team, in order to get the upgraded unlocked version of the 90 Day CBD Challenge  you need to be an Executive Distributor in HempWorx. (a cost of $599) Now this is still totally worth while and actually a bargain considering what we get as members but let me get to the point.

If you are in Canada and join The 90 Day CBD Challenge by becoming an Executive Distributor with My Daily Choice by purchasing the nutritional sprays the cost is only $299…  Boom….  just like that 50% off. This gets you access to the upgraded unlocked version of the 90 day CBD Challenge “marketing system” and the ability to build a CBD MLM in Canada by referring people from the US, UK, Australia etc. to HempWorx  and any of your Canadian friends who want to capitalize on the Green Rush can do the exact same thing.

Don’t believe me?  I have proof that this is working.

CBD MLM Canada
#3 is A Canuck!

So, above as you can see the top two on the leaderboard are from our team (CBD Challenge) and also from the states. #3 is the Waites family from good old Oh Canada!

I don’t know if you study comp plans like I do, but aside from joining our team and getting the best marketing system I have ever seen. Our team has decided to get rid of the binary aspect of the HempWorx/My Daily Choice Comp plan.  We all have our placement tool set to “the left”  (we are all only building one leg) so every person who joins our team goes under every other person already on our team.  Spillover for everyone!!!!

Register for the 90 Day CBD Challenge Now

I will show you some proof, I understand if you are skeptical!!

this is just over one week in!!

For a full review of the 90 Day CBD Challenge check out this post I did!

Alright, its time for bed for me and time for you to go register for the 90 Day CBD Challenge (if you haven’t already)  I hope you can see that the Good news far outweighs the bad news! Sure in the perfect world we would all be able to buy and sell CBD oil freely but, why not put yourself in a position to still be able to cash in on the Green Rush and prepare yourself for the day when we can freely buy and sell CBD Oil in Canada in the meantime.

I hope you enjoyed my post CBD MLM in Canada? The Little Known Loophole that is Making Canucks Major Money!

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