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***Breaking MLM News*** HempWorx/My Daily Choice Launches New Brand!

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If you feel like you missed the boat on HempWorx or the CBD Green rush (you haven’t) but, you now have the chance to be at the forefront of another Billion dollar business. In a recent Facebook Live that I was privy to, Jenna Zwagil announced that HempWorx/My Daily Choice is launching a new Brand/Company under the My Daily Choice Umbrella.

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For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last couple of years My Daily Choice is a network marketing company that is not tied to one specific flag ship product, allowing its distributors the choice to promote one of their products.

Originally it was just My Daily Choice back in 2015 but then Jenna Zwagil came up with the idea and branding for HempWorx and in 2017 HempWorx launched and is currently the fastest growing network marketing company in the world, and to top it off Jenna Zwagil is the #2 income earner in the world in the network marketing arena.

HempWorx My Daily Choice Announce Launch of New Brand

So anyways this is what Jenna had to say after Josh Zwagil had pitched her the idea while sitting around their kitchen counter,

“We came up with the next billion dollar brand idea. And I say billion even though we haven’t hit a billion yet because hemp works will be a billion dollar brand. Mark my words. It’s just a matter of time and maybe not even that much time.”

HempWorx/My Daily Choice New Brand

Originally Jenna was rather skeptical about the whole idea but she said,

“It could work but it has to be really super hot branding like, the marketing has to be on point. It has to have a killer name killer brand. And that’s the only way to really make it work like basically”

Personally I think Josh and Jenna have the Midas Touch and no matter what they do it will be Golden. These two Entrepreneurs are geniuses and with their track record whatever it is HempWorx /My Daily Choice launches it will be a huge success.

Take A Free Tour Of HempWorx/My Daily Choice

Now, back to the HempWorx/My Daily Choice New Brand..

The New Brand and Products….

Drumroll…. Please..

Ok, so Jenna was a little vague about the new brand and products but what she did have to say was,

“We came up with the next billion dollar brand idea and this is going to help us quickly mobilize in many many countries, it is going to be able to be international. It’s going to be able to be translated very quickly into many different languages. It’s going to be able to help a lot of people around the world not just in the US. It’s a no brainer product that anybody would sign up for because the price point is amazing and it’s something that people will use every single month. especially if you are killing it in HempWorks already you’re going to like, definitely love what we’re going to do next”

So let me just recap a little:

  • A new Brand under the MDC Umbrella
  • Killer Name and Marketing
  • An Amazing Price Point
  • Available in 200 Countries
  • A “No Brainer” product that people will use every month.

Who Will Benefit from this New HempWorx/My Daily Choice Launch

I am just going to dive into what Jenna said, and then I will put my two cents in. Jenna said,

“You do not want to miss this. If you’ve been stagnant in your HempWorxs career I don’t know how this is possible. Don’t get me started on that I’ll go off on you. But if you’ve been stagnant with your HempWorx career so far this will take you to the next level. This is going to create many Super Affiliates. It’s going to create many Master Affiliates. It’s going to take out a lot of competition, in the industry.”

****Now, Pay Attention to this****

“If you’re in another company you should Join Ours or you should be very scared because we’re about to disrupt the entire network marketing industry. Mark my words and I’m not saying that from an ego. I’m saying that because I’m a visionary and I can see it right now. I just know what I know and you might as well just join us now because you’re gonna wish you did. A year from now you’re gonna wish you did. That’s how hot this is so I’ll leave it at that.”

Essentially if you have been on the fence about joining Hempworx/My Daily Choice, the best time to join would have been last year or yesterday. The second best time to join is right now.

Get Started with HempWorx My Daily Choice For Free Today

With HempWorx/My Daily Choice launching a brand new Brand/Company under the MDC umbrella. If you join today you will have the ability to get in on the absolute biggest MLM Pre-Launch of 2019.

When Will HempWorx/MyDailyChoice Launch This New Brand

So of course this announcement was just a teaser video, but it is still exciting. The official announcement of this launch is going to take place at the MyDailyChoice 3rd Annual Convention in Las Vagas, October 3rd to 5th.

I will be at the convention and if you decide to join us now, you are more than welcome to come to convention to hear the official announcement of the HempWorx My Daily Choice new Launch. Tickets are still available.

Not only will you hear the announcement, you will also get to hear from world renowned speakers and trainers like Les Brown, Bob Proctor and Todd Falcone.

Josh and Jenna Zwagil do not mess around when it comes to taking care of their distributors. This convention/launch will set into motion, the making of many many millionaires. And you could be one of them.

Get Started today

Check out my post about the MDC Power Team Marketing System here

HempWorx My Daily Choice New Launch
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