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Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI? 2021 is just around the corner and there are 2 Crypto MLM opportunities that are getting a shit ton of hype, Bitlocity with over 50,000 people registered with FREE prelaunch accounts and Daisy AI which is scheduled to launch on January 4th. In this blog post I am going to tackle the #1 question I have been getting lately, Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI which one should I join?

Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI

I’m gonna spill the beans right off the hop! When it comes to crypto MLM programs new ones spring up all the time (especially during Bullruns) and just as fast as they spring up, some disappear!

I don’t see this being the case with Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI. The marketing for both of these projects is phenomenal and they both have some serious leaders already in their organization I can easily see both projects being around in 6 months and maybe even this time next year.

My plan is to join BOTH!!

I like to hedge my bets and while most MLM Gurus will tell you that is not the way to achieve success, I feel as though both Bitlocity and Daisy AI have potential.

And this is CRYPTO… The Wild West…. and I’m a rebel so, Screw the Gurus!!

However….. If you were to ask me to choose one or the other right now at this very moment, Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI? I would have to say Bitlocity. The only reason I would say that is because with Bitlocity you can already get pre-positioned for the launch in 2021 and you can already start sharing your referral link and building a team inside of Bitlocity.

You can join my Bitlocity Team For FREE Here As a bonus for joining my team, I will be sharing my traffic with anyone who joins at the $75 level or above!!

With all that being said let’s dig a little deeper!!

Daisy AI

First of all Daisy AI is built on the Tron Blockchain. While I love how fast and cheap the Tron transactions are, there is a bit of a learning curve. If you are new to Crypto and have no idea what I am talking about here is what you are gonna need:

  • You are gonna need to buy some Tron
  • You will need a Tron Wallet (Preferably TronLink)

I am not going to go into detail on this, you can consult my two favourite Educational Platforms, Google and Youtube and just search, How to buy Tron? or How to get a Tron Wallet! I did it myself about 6 or 8 months ago and once you get setup its pretty easy to navigate!

What is Daisy AI?

Daisy crowd fund is a smart contract that is used to raise capital for technology companies. The 1st company that we are funding is Endotech, and the technology platform they are developing is Daisy, Decentralized AI System.

Daisy AI is the next generation of endotech’s trading technology, and will produce 4x the current trading performance.

The current ai systems have produced between 300% all the way up to 1000+% profits per year, depending on the strategies and risk. Endotech has never had a losing year, however past performance never guarantees future results.

With Daisy Crowd, every crowd fund contributor wins with stock equity and trading profit rewards, even if they never refer a single person. They can also earn on generations 1 and 2 of the 3×10 matrix spillover, also with no referrals.

50% of crowd funding packs 1-7, and 70% of 8-10 goes into high performance trading and profits can be withdrawn at anytime. The live trading accounts are used for the further development and testing of the Daisy AI system, and we will fund up to $500M into trading to fully prove the platofrms capacity before Endotech becomes a public company on the stock exchange.

46% of packs 1-7, and 27.3% of packs 8-10 goes into the referral plan, and pays out instantly through the smart contract.

70% of the trading profits go back to the contributor as profit rewards, and 15% goes to the referral plan as residual income.

The top position is the crowd funding position, and will give $10M to endotech for Daisy AI. In exchange for this 10M, 10% of stock equity will be awarded, 5% divided to the contributors, and 5% divided among the pace setter qualifiers.

Daisy AI is an artificial intelligence trading platform developed by a company called EndoTech, that has some pretty amazing ROI’s. I think their lowest APY is something in the 300% per year vicinity and their top performing strategy had a profit of over 2,200%

The Daisy Ai opportunity is split up into two components, Trading and Crowdfunding. The packages start at $100 and go all the way up to $51,200! Total cost to purchase all levels, a whopping $102,300!!

For the sake of time let’s just look at the $100 level. You decide to join Daisy AI and you purchase the $100 package…. The smart contract instantly takes like $46 and sends it to the Daisy AI trading and sends the other $52 to the crowdfunding side of things.

Will you make your money back based on the trading?? No guarantee but the odds are that if you leave your money in there long enough you will ROI. So really this platform is good for the normal everyday person who is not a powerhouse at recruiting other people.

Will you make your money back on the Crowdfunding aspect of Daisy AI? Again, No Guarantee but if you are early enough and get a sweet position in the matrix, Maybe! But if you can recruit people its almost a given. The majority of money made by people in this opportunity will be from recruiting others and filling those matrices!! Millionaires will be made with the Daisy AI opportunity!

Just have a look at the chart below, but keep in mind if you don’t own the pack you can’t earn on that matrix. So if you refer someone who purchases all the packs, but you only have the hundred dollar pack, all those commissions are going to pass up to the next qualified member!

Check out My Post about the Daisy AI Launch here

Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI

Now lets move on two the Second half of Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI


First things first Bitlocity accepts and pays out in Bitcoin and who in their right mind wouldn’t love to get their greasy little hands on the OG itself, Bitcoin. I know I want more of it!

The number one thing I love about Bitlocity is, it is inexpensive you canm get started for $50 in BTC. That $50 pays your $25 up front yearly membership fee and it unlocks the $25 level.

The levels start at $25 and go all the way up to $100,000. Each level unlocks a new level of cryptocurrency education. Bitlocity is an education and crowdfunding opportunity, Not I repeat Not and Investment Platform.

Key point….. Star…. Asterik…… Exclamation Point. You DO NOT need to refer anyone to earn on the $25or $50 level. It doesn’t even matter who your sponsor is or isn’t. The earning is based on an infinity line.

You upgrade to the $25 level at 12;01 am the next person after you upgrades at 12;02 am you get $25 sent to your BTC wallet, congratulations you just broke even. The next person after you signs up at 12:03am you get another $25 but this time instead of $25 going to your Bitcoin Wallet the system automagically opens you up at brand new position at the end of the infinity line and the process happens all over again.. The same is true for the $50 level.

Yes, you can continue to receive $25 and $50 payments in Bitcoin directly to your Bitcoin wallet over and over again. You can join my Bitlocity Team For FREE Here As a bonus for joining my team, I will be sharing my traffic with anyone who joins at the $75 level or above!!

Speaking of the $75 level. This is where things get a little more complicated. You will want to start referring others at this level or above.

When you buy the $75 level you unlock a unilevel compensation plan and a One by Three High Speed Matrix. Essentially the system automatically takes $10 off the top for every package $75 and above sold. That $10 goes to keep everything up and running as well as to a bonus pool for the top recruiters each month.

Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI

The Bitlocity system then splits the remaining funds and 50/50 and pays it out in the uni-level and matrix component of the platform. I am not going to go crazy explaining all this because I’m a shitty explainer and you are probably better off just watching the video I post below!

But first I should mention that if you only own the $75 package but you refer someone who buys the $100,000 package you will still get paid your share from the Unilevel side of the comp plan!! Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI, advantage Bitlocity!

You can only earn in the 1 X 3 High Speed matrix on the levels that you actually own. and there is a pass up feature in the unilevel, but like I said watch this video and it will all make sense.

Bitlocity Vs Daisy AI?

This is not Financial advice and There are NO Guarantees but this is what I am going to do..

When launch comes I am going to instantly unlock the $25 and $50 levels and pay my $25 yearly membership fees. There is a good chance that I will also unlock the $75 level in case one of my referrals goes crazy and joins at the $100,000 level.

Then I am going to kick back and watch my back office and my BTC wallet like a hawk! If I start getting $25 and $50 payments over and over again I will be using that money to unlock the higher levels. Plus I will be going through the actual training and doing a review of that aspect of Bitlocity.

My advice to you would be to at least create a FREE account and then take the next week or so to DYOR and decide whether or not you want to upgrade. Once you setup your free account here just start building a team you can check out this post as it outlines one of the best places online to learn about building a team in Network Marketing.

As for my approach with Daisy AI. I am going to be a little more laid back. With this opportunity its all about positioning and seeing as though I really can’t pre build a team I need to have a good position, so I will probably instantly sign up under one of the top dogs and I will purchase the $100 package.

Then I will kick back and watch my backoffice and my Tron wallet like a hawk and if I see money flowing in I will start to unlock some of the higher levels and work on recruiting more people.

Either way January is going to be really interesting and I think towards the end of January, beginning of February we will finally have a definitive answer to that good old question, Bitlocity Vs. Daisy AI Which one should I join?

Welcome to Crypto MLM Degens Check out my Youtube channel here

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