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Bitlocity Review, Why I am Bullish On Bitlocity!

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In this Bitlocity Review I am going to go over What is Bitlocity, How to Join Bitlocity, the Bitlocity Compensation Plan and why I am so Bullish on Bitlocity!

Crypto MLM Companies will be the new norm

What is Bitlocity

Bitlocity is a Crowdfunding/Cryptocurrency Education Platform that has been blowing up my computer as of late. With over 59,000 people registered with FREE Pre-launch accounts, Bitlocity will be among the top Crypto MLM Companies of 2021.

You can create a FREE Bitlocity Account here ***As a Bonus I will be sharing my traffic with anyone who joins my Team at the $75 level or above***

The Bitlocity crowdfunding model is essentially Network Marketing through a smart contract that uses Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency that can be exchanged from peer to peer without a middleman.

While I am sure there will be the fair share of haters who call this a Ponzi or a Pyramid scheme, crowdfunding is completely legal.

Unlike past crypto projects like Forsage with each level you purchase you will be unlocking additional levels of cryptocurrency training.

Bitlocity also already has a Beta version of a mobile app that has been released, that you will be able to upgrade to have access to marketing funnels and other team building features.

Bitlocity Review: Cost to Join Bitlocity

Levels start at $25 and go all the way up to $100,000 and there is a yearly $25 membership fee.

Bitlocity Review

I would highly recommend unlocking the $25 and $50 levels as soon as Bitlocity launches in early January 2021 (no exact date as of yet)! So have at least $100 worth of Bitcoin ready for launch $25 yearly membership fee + unlocking the $25 level + unlocking the $50 level =’s $100 in BTC

Why do I recommend unlocking both the $25 and $50 levels?


Even if you NEVER Refer a single person to Bitlocity you can earn $25 and $50 Bitcoin Payments over and over again through the company wide Infinity Line.

Bitlocity Infinity Line

Let’s say, you upgrade to the $25 level at 12;01 am the next person after you upgrades at 12;02 am you get $25 sent to your BTC wallet, congratulations you just broke even. The next person after you signs up at 12:03am you get another $25 but this time instead of $25 going to your Bitcoin Wallet the system automagically opens you up at brand new position at the end of the infinity line and the process happens all over again.. The same is true for the $50 level.

You can create a FREE Bitlocity Account here ***As a Bonus I will be sharing my traffic with anyone who joins my Team at the $75 level or above***

I will get into the rest of the comp plan a little later on in this Bitlocity Review!

Why I am so Bullish On Bitlocity!


There is something for everyone! Even if you never refer a single person you can earn over and over again in the Infinity Line!

You can then take that money and unlock the higher levels, whereby unlocking higher levels of Cryptocurrency Education.You can then take that information and and use it to invest in other cryptos or start trading. Once you get into crypto it becomes addicting!

Or you can simply pump your Bitcoin Bag, and stack sats! Translation: watch your Bitcoin Wallet grow and grow. (Not Financial Advice but many people see Bitcoin pumping to $200,000 or $400,000 and I have even heard talk of $1,000,000 Bitcoin!


If you can refer people to Bitlocity you unlock a whole new way of pumping your Bitcoin Bag through the Unilevel and High Speed one by three Matrix! (more on that in a minute)

Lastly if you are a Top Recruiter, you can qualify to earn in the Top Recruiters Pool. The top 10 Recruiters each month will split a pool made up from a $10 Profit and Promotion fee, $5 of which goes to keeping the platform running the other $5 goes into the Top Recruiters Pool.

The $10 Profit and Promotion fee is automatically deducted from every purchase of every Pack from the $75 level and above, and then split once a month between the top Recruiters! ***Everyone starts at 0 referrals every month so it is fair for everyone***

Bitlocity Review Top Recruiters pool
Bitlocity Review Top Recruiters Pool Example

If you are still reading this, be sure to check out My Top 3 Crypto MLM Companies of 2021 or my Bitlocity Vs Daisy AI Blog Posts.

Bitlocity Review The Compensation Plan

Alright, we have already talked about the Infinity Line with the $25 and $50 Bitcoin payments over and over again through the company wide Infinity Line.

We briefly touched on the Profit and Promotion fee and how part of it gets paid out in the Top Recruiters in the Top Recruiters pool.

So, now let’s dive in to the last aspect of the Bitlocity Compensation Plan, the Dual Sided Maximum Leverage part consisting of the unilevel and the high speed one by three matrix.

Both aspects of the Bitlocity Comp Plan apply to all levels from the $75 package all the way up to the $100,000 package, minus the $10 Profit and Promotion Fee.

You can create a FREE Bitlocity Account here ***As a Bonus I will be sharing my traffic with anyone who joins my Team at the $75 level or above***

The Uni-level

Once any of your direct referrals upgrade to the $75 package or above they are instantly placed on your front line and the Bitcoin is automagically sent to your Bitcoin Wallet, regardless of the size of the payment or the level that you currently own.

ie. you own the $75 package and one of your direct referrals purchases the Sapphire package for $1000…. You instantly get a payment of $495 worth of Bitcoin to your wallet!

The only exception to this rule is when your third or tenth referrals upgrade, those purchases are passed up to your sponsor.

So, you miss out on those payments but….. it actually works out in your favour because, all of your direct referrals will pass up their 3rd and 10th sales to you!!!!

High Speed 1 by 3 Matrix

You can only unlock a Matrix if you own that package, ie. you own the Gold $75 package you unlock the Gold Matrix.

Every time one of your direct referrals upgrades to the Gold Package for $75 the fill up one slot in your 1 by 3 Gold Matrix and you get $32.50 worth of Bitcoin sent to your Bitcoin Wallet.

They spent $75, $10 was instantly subtracted for the profit and promotion fund leaving $65. That $65 is instantly split, $32.50 to the unilevel and $32.50 goes into the Matrix.

So that is 1 slot filled in your Matrix, when the next person upgrades to the Gold package they fill the second slot in your Matrix and you get another $32.50 sent to your Bitcoin Wallet.

When the last slot gets filled in your Matrix, that $32.50 is passed up to your sponsor and a brand new Gold level Matrix is opened up so you can essentially repeat the process over and over again.

I know these pass ups suck but they actually help you build leverage because just like you pass up to your sponsor, all of your direct referrals pass up their third Matrix slot to you. Filling your matrix even faster!

You can create a FREE Bitlocity Account here ***As a Bonus I will be sharing my traffic with anyone who joins my Team at the $75 level or above***

Last thing about the Bitlocity High Speed Matrix. If you own the $75 Gold Package and one of your direct referrals decides to purchase the $100 Platinum level….. you don’t get shit from the Matrix because you have not unlocked it yet. That payment will go to the next person in your upline qualified to receive it.

The key is to unlock as many levels as you are comfortable with, then use your earnings to unlock higher levels as you go. (Not Financial Advice) For a better understand of the Bitlocity Comp plan than I can give you in this Bitlocity Review Blog Post watch the 6 minute video below.

Bitlocity Review Conclusion

Bitlocity has something for everyone, whether you are a Beginner, Experienced or Professional Marketer.Even if you only want to get $25 or $50 payments over and over again without referring anyone!

Bitlocity has some pretty slick marketing and a really professional team that does all the selling for you through their webinars. The team at Bitlocity keeps all of the members updated with a steady stream of updates on their Telegram channel!

My advice (and that’s all it is) would be to create a free account with Bitlocity and have at least $100 worth of Bitcoin ready for the launch in Early January, I am going to be unlocking 3 or 4 more levels and then using my earnings to unlock additional levels after that.


I almost forgot to tell you about the Bitlocity Mobile App. First of all anyone can download the free version by by simply creating a free Bitlocity account here then finding the Mobile app Download button on the Dashboard.

There is also a paid version built by Business Glu (the creators of Online Sales Pro, you OG’s will know what that is) that members can currently purchase for the low, low pre-launch price of $25 for a year! It has a full contact manager and will eventually have marketing funnels with an autoresponder sequence.

The price won’t be 25$ for long so if you need some help marketing Bitlocity you had better hurry up and create a free account, download the free version and then upgrade by visiting and then logging in using the same email and password you used to create your Bitlocity account.

Last but not least what Bitlocity Review would be complete without adding in a Disclaimer, there are no guarantees of success with Bitlocity and the amount you earn if any will be directly tied to the effort you put in. Yes it is possible to earn without referring anyone, but I don’t have any control over that as an Independent business owner.

Cheers to a good year, 2020 was Shit!!

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