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Big Home Business Review! You Want Me to Pay How Much??

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So I was trolling through my Spam box on the weekend when I came across an email from a gentleman inviting me to have a look at Big Home Business 2.0 or 1.5 or something. Anyways you will have to read the rest of my Big Home Business Review to find out what I thought of the opportunity and how much they wanted me to pay for it…..

This is How I make Money Online

The Owner of Big Home Business 2.0

First of all, I should state that I was unaware that there ever was a Big Home Business 1.0.

Big Home Business is headed up by Mr. Michelangelo Lopez a Bible Thumping, Pew Jumping, Charismatic Preachers kid from Ohio.

Big Home Business Unified Duplicatable System!

I guess his tagline is, “Just Get’em in Church… And we’ll Get’em Saved.”

After doing some research I found a ton of testimonials for Angel or Michelangelo Lopez and Big Home Business on, I mean like 589 of them dating back to 2014.

He believes and has proven that ‘Clicking the Mouse to a Bigger House’ is simply a lot easier and less frustrating and even more duplicatable than Ra Ra hotel meetings, approaching your ‘warm’ market, or the traditional MLM 3 feet rule. While hotel meetings, and passing out brochures and approaching an already beaten up ‘warm’ market may work for the ‘hotdog salespeople’ of this world it simply does not work for the masses.

I actually only found 1 post online saying that he ripped someone off for $1000 bucks, but if you are a top internet marketer and only have one complaint against you, that is pretty good.

big home business review

Lastly I should mention that Angel claims to be available 22/7 aka 22 hours a day seven days a week for his members. This seems to be verified based on my research.

What is Big Home Business 2.0

Angel states in his video on Big Home Business free area that, ” You might not be where you want to be in six weeks after upgrading in BHB but I can promise you this, You won’t be where you are today!”

Big Home Business is Angels’ proven unified duplicatable system, its not MLM or a get rich quick scheme.

Big Home Business is an E-Learning Platform with an Affiliate Program, Big Home Business affiliates get people to take a look and join under the E-Learning Platform and the affiliate gets paid. Pretty much standard procedure.

Big Home Business Affiliate Division is about one thing, monthly predictable residual income snowball, (multiple streams of income)

“Get them in the Church, get the Hell out of the way, and we’ll get them Saved” Angel states that if you just follow his Groupon Method of collecting emails and getting people in Church by sharing your affiliate link, his system will do all the closing/converting. No sending emails, group text or follow up necessary for the affiliates!

My Problem with BHB

I will tell you straight up that my biggest problem with Big Home Business is the price tag…. Oh and the fact that the site isn’t very attractive. For the price that they are charging I would expect a little bit better.

Oh and did I mention after 3 Days there is no chance in Hell that you are getting a refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that apparently there is more programs to join after upgrading!!

This is How I make Money Online

Yes there is an Affiliate and as an affiliate you make $100 per sale per month, so naturally….

  • 10 Sales is $1000/mth
  • 20 Sales is $2000/mth
  • 30 sales is……. well I think you get the point
  • btw Angel goes on for 8 minutes explaining this comp plan!!

Ok. So How much does BHB 2.0 or whatever cost? Hold on, I have to drop an image below so you can just see the “Value” you would be receiving if you joined….

big home business

Yes, that is $49,068 worth of value for only $197 /month, oh and angel says he doesn’t want any Jerry Springer type people who don’t have at least 9 to 12 months of “Capital” to build their business.

$197/month, a hundred and ninety seven dollars per month for a site that looks like it was built by an eighth grader.

And lastly if you are being paid $100 a month for every affiliate that joins your business that means Angel is getting $97 a month. That is a sweet deal for Angel. Your Big Home Business would be a Really Big Home Business for Angel…

I think the comp plan needs some work or maybe I missed something.

Anyways, thanks for reading my Big Home Business Review… I am going to PASSSSS.

If you would like to check out the business I am building click here

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2 thoughts on “Big Home Business Review! You Want Me to Pay How Much??

  • If you actually look up Angel you would find out that he scammed plenty of people and did dine and dash on several businesses. Angel lopez is someone who should be investigated , oh thats right he is by the ohio attorney General, and several other government agencies. Don’t believe me look him up Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez for your self.

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