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he best new MLM opportunities of 2019 are definitely going to be in the CBD Oil niche, and of those if I had to choose there is one clear front runner. The Power Team System is far and away one of the best new MLM opportunities of 2019.

Now, I am going to get into some of the other best new MLM opportunities of 2019 but I figure I should tell you about the best before the rest. The 90 Day CBD Challenge is not a MLM company per se but rather a marketing system for one of the top CBD MLM’s in the world.

See, the Power Team system is connected to HempWorx via api so as soon as you fill out this form  you are automatically enrolled as a pre-enrollee in HempWoprx. You also have instant access to the 90 days of videos (dripped one day at a time unless you upgrade to Executive Distributor) that will essentially walk you through step by step how to set up and market your HempWorx business.

best new mlm opportunities 2019

To take this one step further, by becoming a distributor for HempWorx you actually create an account with MyDailyChoice (the parent company of Hempworx). Which is actually super beneficial because it allows you to build a CBD Business all over the world in over 150 Countries.

If you have a person in Canada who wants to build a CBD business but cannot, due to government regulations you simply sign that person up as a distributor for MyDailyChoice. That person is then allowed to refer people to the HempWorx opportunity if their referral resides in a country that allows people to promote CBD Oil, or the person can simply sign people up in the MyDailyChoice side of the business regardless where they live and so on and so forth.

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Its the best of both worlds and a huge reason why the 90 Day CBD Challenge/Hempworx are one of the best new MLM opportunities on the planet.

Now the marketing aspect of things is brilliant in my opinion because HempWorx/MyDailyChoice sends out emails on your behalf telling your referrals how many people are below them and how many people have upgraded. It then goes on to tell them that if they do not upgrade by Thursday night all the volume below them will disappear. Fear of Loss marketing at its finest.

The 90 Day CBD Challenge sends emails to your referrals as well however they use the carrot rather than the stick approach. They gently guide each prospect towards becoming an Executive Distributor with HempWorx in order to unlock all the videos and some killer bonus affiliate training.

These two strategies combined with a personal touch from you, the enroller is a money making, cash grabbing machine. Mark my words The 90 Day Cbd Challenge/HemWorx/MyDailyChoice will be one of the best new mlm opportunities of 2019.

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