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The Best Leads for MLM and How to Get them in 2019!


If you want to generate the best leads for MLM there is a lot of misinformation out there. Your upline has probably told you all you have to do is buy solo ads or make a list of 100 people and invite all of your friends and family to look at your opportunity.

I hate to break it to you but these so called gurus have been lying to you and actually holding you back from the success you are so desperately looking for.

The best leads for MLM are not found by buying solo ads or pitching your “warm market” the best leads for MLM are generated through hard work and adding value to the marketplace.

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Where to Find the Best Leads for MLM in 2019

The obvious answer is Social Media, providing value on social media is a great way to generate leads for your MLM business. But, a lot of people skip the first step.

Building relationships and providing value before ever throwing out your referral link. You absolutely need to cultivate some sort of rapport with your potential prospect before pitching them otherwise you are basically just spamming the poor person.

I had a gentleman who had asked me for more information about my business about a month ago, he did not join but we had spoke on the phone. Then just the other day he sent me this…. (my reaction might not have been very professional) but at some point enough is enough.

the best leads for mlm
best leads for mlm

I get messages like this all the time, like I said in my response this may have worked 5 or 10 years ago but not anymore. It gets frustrating getting messages like this all the time and honestly it feels like people actually think they are providing value when really they are just pissing me off, sorry about the language.

So, we all know that social media is an excellent tool for generating the best leads for MLM, many 6 and 7 figure earners have built their business using Facebook, Instagram, etc. So lets move on..

What if I hate Social Media

I am an introvert and I am really horrible at small talk so, social media really isn’t the best way to generate leads for my MLM so I took a totally different approach. Blogging and Youtube.

As you can probably tell I will never win a Pulitzer for my my writing ability, I will probably never write a best selling novel, but I can blog and thanks to Google and a couple SEO videos on Youtube I have figured out how to rank my posts on Google.

I love Network Marketing and I love helping people find what they are looking for so I write about it and in a relatively short period of time I have managed to grow my website traffic to the point where I am generating some of the best leads for MLM that I have ever gotten. This is the post that is generating me the best leads for MLM that I have ever gotten and those leads are converting like crazy thanks to our brilliant marketing system, check it out here

I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on solo ads and every other gimmick on the market to generate leads for my business. Not anymore…

Now, I just find a search term that people are looking for and write a post about it ( in this post that term is best leads MLM) I provide some value about the given topic and then I throw in a button like this one….

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When someone clicks on that button and enters their information, I get a lead and while this post is a little generic some of the search terms I go after are very specific to my niche and therefore generate me laser targeted leads for my MLM business.

Once I finish a post I shoot a screen share video about the post I just wrote and optimize it for Youtube. I really suck at video so I do screen share videos where people just see a little box with me in it as opposed to a ful screen video of me in all my inglorious glory. II then throw a link in the description and people click it.

If all you take away from this post is that Solo ads suck, I have done my job. Solo ads are like lottery tickets, some times you win a little but in the end you always spend more. Save your money! If you really want to generate the best mlm leads you are gonna have to work for them.

If a shy, introvert like myself can still build a solid MLM business, so can you. Get creative, build some relationships and provide value by cranking out content. You are only one post or one video away from success in Network Marketing.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post or what is working for you, comment below with your opinion.

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