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The 10 Best CBD MLM Companies to Join for 2020

CBD MLM Companies

CBD MLM companies distribute their products and/or services using independent affiliates who do so while earning a commission determined by some sort of compensation plan. In this post I am going to go over my 10 Best CBD MLM Companies to Join in 2020, feel free to comment below the post with your top choices when it come to CBD MLM Companies.

CBD MLM Companies are a great way to earn income while maintaining an independent lifestyle and essentially be your own boss.

MLM companies distribute all kinds of goods and services, from cosmetics to cheaper utility services to kitchen supplies, health supplements, and now CBD Oil products.

The Multi-level marketing industry is responsible for over $ 186 Billion worth of sales wordwide with over 100 Million Independent Affiliates participating in those sales.

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Over the last couple of years year, CBD oil has become a product that is high in demand due to its all-natural ability benefit people with many conditions and ailments, such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, inflammation, cancer, and more. Current research on its therapeutic properties is limited but promising, leaving experts to believe that the value of the CBD industry may surpass $22 billion within the next couple of years, making CBD oil distribution a promising opportunity.

There are many CBD MLM companies in existence that you can join, but it is important to ensure that you choose a company that is reputable, offers high-quality product, and is positioned to grow and continue to be successful.

Here is a list of The 10 Best CBD MLM Companies of 2020 which I will elaborate on more thoroughly below.

  1. HempWorx
  2. Zillis
  3. Prime My Body
  4. Kannaway
  5. Bocannaco
  6. Hemp Herbals
  7. Total Life Changes
  8. Changing The Future Outcome

#1 CBD MLM Company To Join in 2020 is HempWorx

cbd mlm companies

HempWorx may not have been the first CBD MLM Company to the party but they are by far and away the biggest and the best CBD MLM Company to Join in 2020.

Not only were they voted the #1 Fastest Growing MLM company of 2018 but also since their launch in 2017 they now have the worlds #1 MLM Income Earner in they world in Jenna Zwagil.

HempWorx CBD Oil is second to none when it comes to purity, testing and transparency.

HempWorx is on pace to do just over $300 Million in revenue in 2019 and is looking to break Half a Billion dollars in sales in 2020.

There is no doubt in my mind that HempWorx will be the #1 CBD MLM Company on the planet in 2020. You can take The Free Tour of HempWorx Here.

#2 Zilis

best cbd mlm companies to join in 2020

Zillis is my #2 Best CBD MLM to Join in 2020, I love their product line and the fact that there is plenty of room for growth for this company.

Below you will find a list of Zillis products

UltraDream: practically hemp free, powered by Mimetix™, enjoy a restful cap, absence of after effects.

UltraEdge: absence of hemp and GMO, Mimetic™ available, sharp mind, increased energy

UltraIce: complements ECS for homeostasis support, encourages body balance, Mimetic™ available, creates healthy weight balance.

#3 Best CBD MLM Company to Join in 2020 Prime My Body

cbd mlm company

Prime My Body comes in at #3 on my list of the best CBD MLM Companies to join in 2020. They have another great line of products however I do find some of their products to be over priced.

Lip balm: The extract and flavonoids combine together creating a unique product like this. Lip balm also known as hempening vanilla, with luscious and creamy appearance is fully organic. The seed oil which is a huge part of the extraction process is applied on the lips in circles. The shape of the lips and how this product is applied, leaves a vibrant sheen and allows quick absorption into the blood where you begin to see results.

Hydrate Pure: This is quite similar to the lip balm that is a plant-based extraction for handling dry lips. hydrate pure is a quite-extraordinary topical oil that is used as a moisturizer for dry and coarse skin. Applying this oil on your skin surface helps to increase cellular hydration so that you don’t worry about staying hydrated on hot summer days. This topical oil, cost only $119.00, is the best out there to handle rough skin, wrinkles and damaged skin.

Prime protein: This is a big dietary supplement that contains 15g of easily digestible plant protein. Housed in a recyclable bag, its plant protein is best enjoyed with water. What else? It is fully organic and cost $60.50.

Prime my pet: If your pet suffers discomfort and pains, Perhaps, it is usually anxious when you are gone for too long; try this magical oil that is free from GMO and pesticides. Apply this tincture directly under your dog’s tongue and watch the CB1 and CB2 receptors absorb the phytonutrients quickly creating spurts of energy in your pet companion.

Nanoenhanced Hemp Oil: This is a full spectrum oil in citrus mint. It is also an evidence of high-force frequency extraction technique used to create the wonderful oil across board.

#4 Best CMD MLM to Join in 2020 is Kannaway

cbd oil mlm company
Kannaway Launch

Kannaway is the original CBD MLM Company, they started way back in 2014 and have been known as the pioneers in the CBD MLM niche.

With that being said Kannaway really needs to step up their game if they want to compete with the likes of HempWorx.

Not only are their prices really high, their marketing materials are crap and they insist on people building their business the old school way. This is why I have placed them at #4 on my list of the best CBD MLM companies to join in 2020.

In 2018 when HempWorx was just blossoming they made over $100 million while Kannaway only brought in $60 MIllion.

Kannaway has some really great high quality products but if you are looking to actually make money in this industry, I would seriously look into HempWorx.

#5 Bocannaco

bocannaco cbd oil

Bocannaco is a CBD MLM company that is kind of small and does not have a very big following. This is not necessarily a big deal or a deal breaker by any means.

Bocannaco only has 5 products at the time I write this post but those who use them love them. Below is a list of their 4 products.

  • Excalibur 1500mg Active Driven Terpenes
  • 1000mg Active Driven Terpenes
  • BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel
  • Macy Mask
  • CannaGize (energy drink)

So Bocannaco is my #5 best CBD MLM to join for 2020 based on the fact that they do have great products and like I said those who use the products are pretty die hard.

I would have probably ranked it higher on my list but, it is difficult to find a Bocannaco Compensation Plan Document anywhere on their beautiful website.

#6 Best CBD MLM to Join in 2020 isTotal Life Changes CBD

I am putting Total Life Changes CBD as my # 6 best CBD MLM Company to join in 2020 for one reason and one reason only.


Huhhh… I have a lot of followers on Instagram well like 20,000. That’s a lot to me. Anyways there are some serious people seriously pushing Total Life Changes on my Instagram feed.

I know they have their CBD Infused Tea called Lazo or something and they may have a CBD Tincture or two. But look out, this company is going to grow.

I personally wouldn’t go out and join for this reason, but you gotta give credit, where credit is due. Total Life Changes has some real Hustlers and I wish them all nothing but the best.

#7, #8 and #9 Isodiol and My Club8 and Laguna Blends.

My #7 and #8 Best CBD MLM Companies to join in 2020 are My Club8, Laguna Blends and Isodiol and they are together for a reason.

My Club 8 launched in 2017 and one of their brands was Laguna blend. Apparently Isodiol bought My Club 8 so I put them all together.

I personally would steer clear of all of these and just go ahead and Take the FREE Tour over at HempWorx

#10 Changing The Future Outcome CTFO

Click The Image To See Who Wins

Coming in at #7 and slowly working its way off my list is CTFO. This sis definitely not the best CBD MLM Company to join in 2020.

I am just going to put a list of reasons why I personally would not join CTFO.

  • Poor Ownership (Shady)
  • Comp Plan Changes (never a good thing)
  • Disappearing Downlines
  • Unrealistic Comp Plan (Matrix)
  • Distributor Complaints

The only reason this is still on my list is because I know they have a lot of good people over there and I hope that CTFO has all of their issues worked out so their distributors don’t get shafted!

Should You Still Join A CBD MLM Company in 2020??

Honestly, I feel as though we have just scratched the surface on the whole CBD phenomenon. I personally feel as though we have a solid 2 to 5 years of a window to get in, get established and make some dolla dolla bills.

Do you know when the best time to get in the CBD MLM market was? around 2017.

Do you know the second best time to join a CBD MLM Company. Right Now!

Jump on over here and Take The Free Tour, anyone who signs up with our CBD MLM Company via this link or any link on this page could potentially qualify for FRee Traffic!

Free traffic can turn into free per-enrollees who could potentially upgrade and become paid affiliates. In our CBD MLM Company a paid affiliate could net you up to a $200 commission.

I am currently putting together a post on the best existing MLM companies with CBD products. You can bet that My Daily Choice will be on that list.

My Daily Choice is the parent company of HempWorx and just a couple weeks ago at their 3rd annual convention, i personally witnessed them launch a new HempWorx Hemp Haircare line of products as well as Mantra Essential Oils and even the High Life Travel Rewards program.

You can take the Free Tour Of My Daily Choice Right Here

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