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Bellame Beauty Review, Amazing Beauty Products or Overpriced Cosmetics?

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Bellame Beauty Overview

In this Bellame Beauty review, I am going to attempt to answer all of your questions pertaining to Bellame Beauty.

Bellame Beauty was founded in 2016 by Melissa and Scott Thompson. The website states that Scott has 25 years of digital marketing experience, while Melissa has been a player in the MLM Industry since joining Avon back in 2009. Melissa has also been with Bellcorp, Shakelee, Mana, Avon again, and Stella and Dot.

In 2016 Melissa exited the industry and joined Scott in his company Astoria, A lead generation and digital marketing company as the Chief Marketing Officer.

In December of 2017 together, they launched Bellame Beauty.

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Bellame Beauty Products..

Bellame Beauty Review

Bellame Hydrating Cleanser

By pairing omega fatty acid-rich Baobab Oil with High-Powered Hyaluronic Acid, a blast of moisture 50 times more powerful than standard hyaluronic acid, expect a superior level of hydration alongside thorough cleansing.

Bellame Hydrating Serum

In addition to the hardworking Malachite, Marine Collagen, derived from seaweed and packed with vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, helps boost firmness and elasticity.

Bellame Hydrating Eye Cream

This eye-area wonder gets an added lift from a proprietary circulation booster that ensures capillaries perform at their best. The Milk Peptide Complex has a regenerative effect, delivering a significant uptick in firmness, smoothness and even skin thickness.

Bellame Hydrating Moisturizer

A secret weapon in every ACQUA LUMIERE formula, Soluxomes® – our patented, proprietary delivery system – really shine through here. The ultimate in “smart,” they carry ingredients subdermally, where they’re needed most. No wonder we call Soluxomes® our “White Glove” service.

Self care will always be a big niche in the MLM Industry but it is also pretty well saturated, if you are looking for the right opportunity at the right time, with the right tools plus a little free traffic, Check This Out!

Comp Plan

The Bellame Comp plan is split into two sections: retail and unilevel.

Bellame Retail Selling

Personal SELLING falls into two categories of customers, Retail and Beauty Passport. The BELLAME Compensation Plan allows you to boost those profits up to 40% for Retail Sales and up to 35% for Beauty Passport Sales.

SELL Retail Customers buy products from you at retail price. You earn a base retail profit of 25% of the price sold, this is paid every two weeks.

Beauty Passport Customers buy products from you at a discounted price and free shipping on orders of at least $50. You earn a Passport profit of 20% of the price paid. This is paid every two weeks. You can increase your profits for Personal Sales, by either selling more through our Elite Sales Bonus or by Mentoring your team through Sales Mentor Bonuses.

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Bellame Beauty Ranks

  • Partner – sign up as a Bellame affiliate and maintain $300 in retail orders over a rolling three month period
  • Senior Partner – generate 500 PV in accumulated sales volume and recruit and maintain at least one Partner
  • Executive Partner – generate 1000 PV in accumulated sales volume and recruit and maintain at least three Partners
  • Director – recruit and maintain at least four Partners and generate and maintain 500 PV and 3000 GV a month
  • Senior Director – maintain at least three personally recruited Partners and one Director, and maintain 500 PV and generate 3000 GV a month
  • Executive Director – maintain at least two personally recruited Partners and two Directors, and maintain 500 PV and and 3000 GV a month
  • Diamond Director – recruit and maintain at least four Directors and maintain 500 PV and 3000 GV a month
  • Platinum Executive Director – recruit and maintain at least six Directors, maintain 500 PV and 3000 GV a month and $125,000 in total monthly downline sales volume

Bellame Unilevel Compensation

Honestly I am gonna post an image below, I am personally not a fan of this comp plan but hey, to each their own. If you wanna see a kick ass comp plan, go here.

The comp plan requires you to recruit a lot of people in order to succeed.

Bellame Beauty Comp Plan

Bellame Beauty Review Conclusion

This is a relatively small and relatively new MLM Company in the self care niche. In my honest opinion, its a hard sell getting people to pay $100 bucks or close to it for a months supply of moisturizer when they can go down to any store and get a jar for 5 or 10 bucks.

With that being said, its not impossible, just look at Jeunesse Global! With the Bellame Beauty Comp Plan and the product line the way it is, I just don’t see this becoming a Big player any day soon.

You can check out my post on the Top 5 CBD MLM Companies of 2019, to see what’s Hott in Network Marketing these days. Or alternatively, if you are ready to get on the winning team, click the button below.

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Bellame Beauty Founder
Scott and Melissa Thompson Bellame Beauty
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    1. You’re an idiot!! lol I didn’t bash Bellame, maybe you should read the Policies. BTW after 3 years with MDC and Over 60 Personal referrals I left! Go troll someone elses blog to promote yourself Arsehole!

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