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Thanks for checking out Millionaire Ascent. I recently did a search of the top 100 MLM blogs and I was shocked to see that a: when I clicked on the links to the various blogs, there was nothing there, and b: all the people or leaders have gone the way of consulting and coaching. I don’t know about you but I want to get tips and advice from someone who is actively building a business in the multi level marketing arena.

Who is Daddo

My name is Jay Otter and the “name” Daddo was given to me by my oldest daughter Maeve (she is just over 2 and a half). Not sure why or where she picked it up but the name Daddo has stuck. We live about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario and I have been asked several times (mostly at her daycare) if we are from another country because they had never heard a child refer to their father as Daddo.

So aside from Maeve I have a 3-month-old daughter named Wren. Yes, two girls! I know I am being punished for past. My wife Vanessa and I are also the proud parents of our American Bulldog/Mastiff Bosco.

I got into network marketing thanks to Vanessa who dragged me to a hotel meeting in Toronto about 6 years ago. After sitting there for an hour, mesmerized by the presenter I was hooked. I knew this was the business for me! I was going to be a millionaire, I even went home and wrote a cheque to myself and post dated it for the following year.

I still have’nt cashed that cheque…

It doesn’t matter I am still here, I am not in this for the fortune or the fame. I just want to make enough money to put up a fence in my back yard, so my daughters (and Bosco) have a safe place to play. I want to build them the baddest ass playhouse with a library and an art studio (OK maybe not for Bosco). I want to be able to pay for their education and just provide them with the best chance for success.

What I Can do for You!

In my first 2 years in network marketing, I probably made a total of $500. Not bad! Except I probably spent $5k lol.

It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I started having $500 and $1000 days but still something wasn’t right those days were sporadic and I was still spending a lot of money on my business. I knew that the multi level marketing business model works, I see success stories everyday. I quickly realized the problem didn’t lie in the network marketing industry but rather the problem was me!

Hundreds of hours of research, dozens of courses, and thousands of dollars later I figured it out.

My goal here at MLM Daddo is to save you countless hours of time, and a boatload of money by streamlining your path to success. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. I am not going to sell you another useless course that you will probably never finish. I am not going to over promise and under deliver. I will just deliver straight up information that I think will help you on your journey.

What I am NOT

I am not a Guru

I do not wear a suit

I am not polished and professional

I don’t make fancy videos with really cool intros

I am not Flashy. (I prefer my FX4 over a Lambo any day)

What I am

I am a loving father

I am a hard working construction worker (with a dream)

I am a recovering Alcoholic and Addict

I am Honest and Transparent

Lastly, I am currently building a multi level marketing business so in my posts you will see my #1 Recommendation. Anytime you see that you will be able to click it and it will take to a page where you can join my team. That’s how I get paid, lol.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jay Otter

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