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90 Days to 5K! One Dad, One Mission!

90 Days to 5K

Without giving away too much info and scaring you away before you even start following me. I am going to start this series about a year into my recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

I am even going to omit the little part about my year long relapse with drugs! I have now been sober for almost 9 years and clean for almost 7.

Anyways, about a year into my recovery I was out on the town one Friday night. I was hitting all of my hot spots. I mean, who doesn’t love StarBucks and Chapters. lol!

For Crypto MLM Degens ONLY!!

Strolling through chapters, sipping on a Grande Caramel Macchiato I stumbled across a book in the business section. It wasn’t any book, it was The Book!

The book that would forever change my life. The book that would catapult me into a private jet, perhaps a Ferrari and a 9,000 sq foot beach house.

The book was called, wait for it..

Starting an Online Business for Dummies.

I consumed every word from that book, meticulously went through each chapter highlighter in hand.

I just knew! I had a feeling deep inside my being! That, this was it! I had found my Destiny. I was going to have my very own multi million dollar online business.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. The universe conspired against me and catapulted me right back where I was, up on a scaffold, slugging 10 inch concrete blocks with my trusty shovel leaning beside me glimmering in the mid day July sun.

It didn’t matter how many times I read that book, or how many more books I bought. I just couldn’t get my empire off the ground.

We have all heard the saying about Genius and Insanity and the fine line between them. You would think that after 9 years of trying, 9 years of stopping and starting, 9 years of failed attempts one would just give up.

Not me!!

So, why haven’t I quit?

The answer is simple, I have a story to tell and my story isn’t finished. I am going to be a 5k Affiliate in the next 90 days and I am going to document my journey right here. More on the One Dad, One Mission part to come.

Stay tuned!

Current months business volume is 100, 4900 to go.

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