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89 Days To 5K! One Dad, One Mission!

90 Days to 5K

Current Business Volume 240 — — — 4760 to go

Near the end of my drugging and drinking days: I was single, broke and depressed.

All of my friends were getting married, buying houses and having kids.

I was seriously running out of people to party with. Technically I wasn’t really even partying, heck the only time I really celebrated was when I would wake up to a dry bed (too much info, sorry).

I was failing. Failing at life.

Aside from God, my supportive family and rehab, that book (How to Make Money Online for Dummies) is really what kept me on track.

For Crypto MLM Degens ONLY!!

Even though I went from one online business failure to the next, I had a purpose.

I tried everything: selling supplements, shirts, trinkets, etc. PPC, CPA, EKG, Wait isn’t that a heart test? I tried building websites, blogging, then vlogging!

Oh and don’t get me started on social media, I spammed more people on Facebook than you can imagine.

My heart was in the right place, I just had no idea what I was doing.

One day I was building a scaffold when I had my Aha moment, I was going to build a “porn” site and I was gonna call it When I told the guys at work they all thought I was a genius (bricklayers are so supportive). I did my research and found a guy who would help me get started (thank you Google) all he wanted was 3 grand up front.

I had about -$43,000. Next……

When I first heard about Bitcoin it was at $0.08. This was it, this was how I was gonna make my millions. I was gonna invest like the last $85 bucks I had and ride it straight into my private jet.

I went home and I researched how to buy Bitcoin on Google but, I just couldn’t figure it out!

Instead, I bought the Domain or something good with Bitcoin in it, but after a year nothing really happened with Bitcoin and I couldn’t justify the $14 so I let it go. Stupid, stupid!

Anyways, today I am no longer single, broke and depressed. I have two daughters Maeve and Wren who are 3 and 1. I am getting married this labour day weekend to my Fiance of 5 years, Vanessa. I know, I know we are doing it ass backward! Seriously though, without Vanessa I don’t know where I’d be. She has stuck with me and supported through all of my recovery ups and downs for the last 6+ years.

I am far from depressed, my kids make me so happy! Although we aren’t rich we aren’t broke. We have a house and a mortgage cars and car payments but, hey that’s life.

Oh and speaking about Vanessa, she actually introduced me to Network Marketing but that’s a whole different story!

I am going to be a 5k Affiliate in the next 90 days and I am going to document my journey right here. More on the Network Marketing part to come.

My Girls!

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