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Where was I? Oh yeah. Network Marketing and my lovely Fiance Vanessa.

Vanessa and I had been dating for about six months or so when we decided to take the plunge and move in together. we got a tiny little apartment near Jane and Finch in Toronto. If you don’t know Toronto, let’s just say it isn’t the most affluent area.

As I mentioned before Vanessa and I started dating at the very end of a relapse in my recovery from drug addiction.

After being clean for 11 months, I got some mortar in my eye while I was at work and ended up at emerg because I literally couldn’t see.

The Dr. basically put a suction cup on my eye and dripped water in it for like half an hour or 45 minutes three different times. It was like torture and by the time I left the hospital I had a migraine and a prescription for 6 perks.

Being an irresponsible recovering addict I was all too happy to test myself. I promised myself I would take 1 every two hours or until the pain went away, then I would throw the rest out.

That was the plan.

Unfortunately by the time I got the prescription filled the pain was so unbearable that I started with 2 and then took 2 more a half hour after that. Within 2 hours all six perks were gone and I was in my car driving to my old dealers house to get fixed up.

I was off to the races, right back to where I left off, spending $200+ a day on drugs. My relapse lasted just over a year. A year of living a lie, sneaking around and hating myself everyday trapped in the same vicious cycle. 
 This time treatment wasn’t an option I couldn’t find the courage to tell my family that I had been lying to them for over a year. So I made an appointment at the methadone clinic and since the day I started the program I have been clean. 
 It’s funny how things work out because it was right at the tail end of that relapse when I was in the middle of detox and withdrawals for the last time that I officially started dating Vanessa. After a couple of months I told Vanessa everything and she stuck by me and supported me for over 2 years while I was on methadone and then suboxone and then nothing at all.

Anyways, Vanessa had recently just got out of a business that she owned with a partner and was looking for something else. I told her to check out The Franchise Show in Toronto.

So, she did.

She came home so excited. She had met some people there that told her about a coffee business she could start from home. It just so happened that they were going to be doing a presentation at a hotel a few days later and Vanessa wanted me to see the opportunity for myself.

I reluctantly agreed.

I was sold from the moment the guy in the three piece suit stepped onto the stage.

This was it, this was how I was going to make my millions. Network Marketing was going to buy me my 9,000 square foot Mansion on the Beach.

A couple of weeks later at a “Team Meeting” for our Network Marketing company, the gentleman in the three piece suit told Vanessa and I to go home and write ourselves a cheque for $1,000,000 and post date it for 1 Year.

He told us that if we did exactly what he told us to do, we would be able to cash that cheque.

We have yet to cash that cheque, 7 years later!

That is how I was first exposed to Network Marketing.

But the dream is not dead. Over the last 7 years I have learned so much, studied the leaders in the industry, made so many mistakes, but I never quit.

I will not give up!

I have had plenty of Ups and plenty of Downs.

But my Passion remains, My Determination strong!

I am going to be a 5k Affiliate in the next 90 days and I am going to document my journey right here.

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