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87 Days to 5K! One man, One Mission!


So, what is this Mission? The whole 90 days to 5K thing?

Well, in the last story I told you how I was introduced to Network Marketing by my now Fiance, soon to be wife Vanessa.

I also mentioned the cheque for $1,000,000 we have yet to cash.

Well, it turns out I am actually the worlds worst Network Marketer. Since that first coffee MLM we joined back 7 years ago, I have went on to attempt at least a dozen different MLM businesses.

I have had a few wins, but I have also had a lot of loses.

Until recently.

I joined a network marketing company back in December. This time it was going to be different. This time I would not fail. This time it will be Caviar and Oysters in my beach front Mansion. This is it, my last ditch effort.

You see, I never realized how much of an introvert I was, until I quit drinking and using. Sure, I remember being shy early in grade nine. But once I started slamming a beer or two in the morning before class, and stealing my dads beans (he was a long haul truck driver) I wasn’t shy anymore.

And so it continued for over 15 years.

I could talk to anyone when I was high or half drunk (when I was really drunk I couldn’t even talk).

Me, minus the drugs and alcohol.. Not so much.

Anyways, 5K is the next rank in the company I am with now and I have given myself 90 days to get there.

In my first 3 months with this company I recruited 1 customer, not even an affiliate. Just a customer.

But, I didn’t give up! I would not quit! I doubled down, blog post after blog post. Video after video.

Month 3, I recruited 3 distributors…..

Month 4, I qualified for the Global Bonus Pool!

Then my team started duplicating. Time to sit back and cash cheques?

I don’t think so. Time to buckle down, and so I started this 90 Days to 5K Mission that I am on.

The mission is to prove to myself that I am good enough! That I deserve more. That I can succeed. My mission is to not have to work weekends all summer doing side jobs so I can actually spend some time with my daughters.

I may not be the most eloquent person in the world. I may not be the most refined but I know I can out work nearly every person I know, except maybe my 65 year old dad (he’s a bit of a beast when it comes to work which is probably where I get my work ethic).

Anyways, I am going 5K Affiliate in 90 Days and I am going to document my journey right here.

Current Business Volume still 240 BV — — — 4760 BV to go!

The Millionaire Ascent

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  • 71 days now, if my count is correct 🙂 Hello, I just signed up yesterday and was placed on your team. Hoping to get inspiration from your journey.

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