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4 Hour Hand Sanitizer! Is This the Best Way to Start a Hand Sanitizer Business?

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It was only a matter of time until people started to ask, “What is the Best Way To start a Hand sanitizer Business?” Well, in this post I am gonna tackle whether or not 4 Hour Hand Sanitizer is a viable hand sanitizer business.

The video that I watched started off by saying, “What is the one thing that 400 Million people need but cannot get?’

Answer: Hand Sanitizer

So they came up with an alternative to Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer..

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What is 4 Hour Hand Sanitizer?

4 Hour Sanitizer is the latest in attempts by a MLM company called Savings Highway. More on this later!!

Its obvious to me that Savings Highway is just trying to capitalize on the massive shortage of Hand Sanitizer caused by the whole COVID-19 pandemic. The real question is whether or not 4 Hour Hand Saitizer is the best way to start a hand sanitizer business. You will have to read on to find out what I think about this whole deal.

But first, What is 4 Hour Hand sanitizer?

4 Hour Sanitizer is a non alcohol based hand sanitizer made by Germ Tech. They claim that:

“We have a unique ingredient in our sanitizer that makes it far superior to alcohol-based sanitizers. Alcohol-based sanitizers quit working after about 2 minutes when they dry. Ours lasts up to 3 to 4 hours, until the outer layer of your skin cells die.”

They do not however elaborate on what that key ingredient is they jsut say that it has been used as a pharmaceutical preservative and antimicrobial agent since the forties!

4 hour hand sanitizer

4 Hour Hand sanitizer Vs. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

The maker of 4 Hour Hand Sanitizer says Alcohol Sanitizer kills germs while it’s wet, only about 2 minutes! You need something better. Our safe, non-toxic Alcohol-Free Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs up to 3 to 4 hours! It’s also a wound cleaner and has many great properties!

It has been around for some time and has been constantly improved through repeated advances in formulations with surfactants that help it stick to the skin better and other components that work in conjunction to help it fight against germs and other infectious organisms for up to 4 Hours as opposed to the 2 minutes of protection Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers provide.

Another distinct advantage to their 4 Hour Hand Sanitizers’ active ingredient, not shared by alcohol-based antiseptics or hydrogen peroxide antiseptic, is that it does not cause a burning sensation when applied to broken skin. Instead, it is actually used as a wound cleaner.

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So Is This the Best Way to Start A Hand Sanitizer Business?

To be honest, I don’t think so.

I mean I think Savings Highway has the right idea and I am sure they will sell a lot of their 4 Hour Sanitizer.

It’s no secret I am a huge advocate for the Direct Sales Industry but when it comes to wishy washy companies like Savings Highway I just can’t put my seal of approval on this.

Based on my research they haven’t really had a product since their Travel Membership back in 2019 called My $1 Business or My $20 Business or something like that.

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Also the back office looks pretty lame! You would think in 2020 you would have a decent back office for your distributors, not one that looks like it was made in 2014!

Hand Sanitizer Business Opportunity!

A Timely Opportunity!
How many people do you know who might want to buy a better hand-sanitizer?

Let’s face it, with what’s going on in today’s world, people are more interested in getting a quality hand-sanitizer.  Now they can. With our new 4 Hour Hand Sanitizer!

Refer others in our “FIVE TO THRIVE” program and potentially change your finances for the best while helping people to receive a better product!

There is no personal purchase required to earn unlimited potential income.

If you live in the USA, you can order the product when available.

If you live outside the USA, you can still join and refer people inside the USA and you can earn commissions!

How Much Can I Earn If I Start A Hand Sanitizer Business!

Step 1: Join as an Independent Representative for FREE.

Step 2: Order your product if you want it for you and your family (optional).

Step 3: Refer others to 4 Hour Hand Sanitizer who do the same and earn commissions on their purchases.

Weekly Pay – It takes about 3 weeks for your first commission.

Then you can get paid weekly provided you are earning weekly commissions.

Recurring monthly orders are also paid weekly.

Ok this is where things get a little out of hand.. The whole 5 to Thrive, 4 for More and 3 To Be Free idea is so far fetched that it blows my mind companies are still employing these tactics.

Just recruit 5 people that, recruit 5 people, that recruit 5 people, that recruit 5 people, and you will make $97K a month I will paste their Comp plan images below but I am sure you get the point!

how to start a hand sanitizer business
5 to Thrive
4 For More
4 hour sanitizer
3 To Be Free

Is 4 Hour Hand Sanitizer the Best Way To Start A Hand Sanitizer Business?

Conclusion….. I think that this product under another company could be a game changer and I am absolutely sure there will be more Hand Sanitizer MLM companies pop up in the near future.

In my opinion and I could be wrong I can’t see Savings Highway hitting a home run with this 4 Hour Sanitizer.

Yes I created a FREE Account but No I will Not be promoting this Company I am extremely Happy with my current MLM company and I think CBD will still be bigger than Hand Sanitizer going forward.

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